Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these you have done it also unto me (Matthew 25:40 KJV paraphrased). So said Jesus thus revealing a remarkable revelation!!

I the Manifester have been called to be a messenger of Love. Many of the Love messages I write I write on the curve (compare Isaiah 40:32 KJV). We know from the Bible that the Ultimate I-AM God is invisible and no person in the mortal body has ever seen the Invisible God.

Also on the subject of the Father Yahvael’s higher presence Jesus (Yahavel) said: To see the Father you must see the Father through Me (St. John 14:7-11 KJV). Now that Jesus has ascended Earthlings generally have to visualize Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

I call the kind of Love expression given that is not a direct person-to-person communication to the person subject of first presence a Love expression of an on-the-curve message. However we handle our relationship with others who belong to the family of God is how we are handling our relationship with God. Furthermore however we love others who belong to the family of God is how we are Loving God.

For years and years I’ve been told not to use certain words and terms because of their association to false religions or cults. They would say Don’t use the term ‘crystal or ‘rainbow because that’s New Age terminology…. Don’t talk about ‘stars other than parallel to their scientific terms or otherwise people will think you are into astrology. Oh and the subject of sex has been taboo to mention in Christian teachings for generations except in its most confined or refined form.

The Bible says we humans are wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14 KJV) but religious edits interpret that Scripture to say we are nastily made. They say don’t use terms like ‘lips’ ‘kissing’ and ‘hugging when referring to God. And on and on….

I don’t need the Jack in the Cracker Jack Box to pop up as a reminder that I should be limited in my use of words and terms. I refer my readers to page 523 of the Manifest Chronicles….. I wrote that I’ve given my pen freedom from language bound to tradition from language conformitys language confinements and language dictatorship.

In my Love blogs I talk about Love and incorporate lips touching holding hugging and feeling. This language use is many fold:

A. To reclaim the original intent in addition to natural and functional uses for our bodies and body parts to be wonderfully made by God.

B. To not allow any one to rob us of the rainbows beautiful crystals stars and suns of the heavens and the love that humans have potential of expressing with all their bodies and minds and spirits as a proxy and metaphor to God.

C. To no longer allow the the forces of darkness to steal and covet from the people the freedom of expression which belongs to the Way to the Tree of Life which is the way to God.

D. To use words and terms to draw in strangers and common human masses bound heretofore in mis-guidance. (My Love blogs have been proven to touch hundreds of readers who are not even seeking God but are getting exposed to a new way of seeing God through our Love of one to another and our love of our neighbor as we love ourselves – Mark 12:31 KJV).

E. To overcome the sterile approach of tradition to salvation which Jesus never endorsed advised or desired to be taught.

F. To bring a Sanctus to the Holy Holy Holy regarding the Holy Kiss (Romans 16:16 2 Corinthians 13:12 1 Peter 5:14 KJV) of the Bible to a level that will transform and transcend the dry desert minds of persons and ministers who have never learned how to go to the City of God (Ecclesiastes 10:15 KJV).

Take notice that I the Manifester was born free and I have given my promise to never quench the Spirit of God’s Holy Spirit which may in its movings appear as tongues of fire (Acts 2:3-6 KJV) free to speak all language of the world and the language of angels (1 Corinthians 13:1 KJV).

In the holy Dove of these words may you by this blog better understand the heart-pen that the Manifester writes with and that his EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE ON THE CURVE are sincere with meanings that belong to the treasures of the Love mind of Jesus.

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