On a day like today as I watch the time go by, there be those who are writing love letters in the sands. There be those who are lost in the memories of relations. There be those who are found in a loving, living, and breathing,

My God, O My God, why does love forsake love? Skies full of clouds roll like shifting sands. Memories bleed; keys to destiny are not found; and searchers sail the seven seas to find lost hearts. A searcher sees a fallen star and reaches for it….. not knowing it is too hot to hold!

Why do hearts grow swords that wound one another? Why do hearts breach the rules of caring love? Why do points of shifting sands become stretched to the point of no return? Go to now, and find love; she is walking in the lonesome valley. Go to find love, for he is sick; his heart cannot decide the discernment to make.

Come to the garden alone while the dew still wets the flowers; talk to God who is Love; walk with AM and talk with AM that the Lords of Love guide you. They will show you the colors of Love, and though love has many colors….. it always returns to red.

Loyal Love belongs to the Kings and Queens of Love. They rise morning by morning and light up the lives of their loves. Their breaths are sweetened by heavenly things; their hands are made smooth by stroking angel’s hair. Their Love is a God-thing that is too great to be explained.

But sadly, there be those who guard their puddle of love….. knowing not they are called to be a fountain and not a puddle. They give in trade for what they are given and exchange for the degree of exchange. The hounds of Woe and Lamentations follow them, waiting for a chance to strike and they know it not. They are sensitive, flowing with passion, but brittle when their anger rises. O voyage into empty space, cannot you see there are no stars there?

Some will say: I go off to war, my Love; if you love me, really love me, you will wait for my return. If you do not wait for me….. it will not be because I didn’t love you….. it will be because your love for me was too thin.

Oh, love of a deceitful heart, you can be a many splintered thing. Let the voice of the prophet rise and say: Whosoever will hold the hand of Love, never let go! Let a voice in the wilderness cry: The city of Love is descending from heaven; whosoever entering there need not ever look back.

Tomorrow’s tomorrow will be be a day of the healing of Love’s Lost and Found Regions of the Mind.

Whosoever seeking to know love and to love another, learn to love all others through the Love of God; for then you will come to know true Love.

I Love you,

The Manifester

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