HELLO! HELLO! anybody there? Operator: This number has been disconnected.

When a connection that is a life line or a love line gets disconnected it creates a loss that can cause fear or and deep hurts.

Sometimes relationships for reasons not even understood fall into a separation of communications and consequently a disconnection of one-to-one sharing. Sometimes circumstances are allowed to become a causation for change of a person’s flow of their greetings. People say: I’m just so busy or I’ve got so many negative things going I just don’t feel like saying ‘hi Or ‘hello or ‘I love you – ‘I don’t feel like a conversation; ‘I don’t feel like writing; ‘It’s not my fault; I can’t help what has happened! My situation is just what it is.

So goes the life-wire to the line of connection. In comes gaps of silence moods deep and despairing disconnection to Mom and Dad disconnection to son and daughter disconnection to your wife disconnection to your husband disconnection to friends disconnection to love and caring disconnection to obligations disconnections creating spaces of indifference and doubt and leading to a feeling of rejection anger and disapproval or at least just plain procrastination.

As such disconnections grow it ultimately leads to a disconnection to God and family and a disconnection to oneself. You are not exempted from love so quit acting like you are and making dumb mental statements to yourself.

Don’t spend away your prerogatives by a choice of giving into your hurts and moods. Don’t wall up yourself into mental entanglements that are imponderable and too shadowy to understand or accept in your state of hurts. In Jesus Christ all impasses and deadlocks can be flecked away as if brushing off a piece of lint to the ground.

Don’t become moored at the riverside when you are only a streaming and flow away from a breakthrough. Bestow upon yourself the faith to believe that the best and better things are coming your way. Don’t become a bed partner with dilemma; always know that solution is a dead-end street.

Sometimes anger at a person’s own self is allowed to write the script of disconnection. Don’t give in because you feel like it. Get over junk for once and all. Stop programming your brain that you can’t do it. Crown yourself with an anticipation of attending the funeral of impossibilities.

Impress yourself into a yieldingness to flexibility. Take possession of your good dreams and stamp them OK it’s a go!

Ring ring….. oh there you are; for a minute I thought we were disconnected….. Hi how are you……………..

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