Clear the table; trash the rituals; leave the tentacles of folly behind. Everything that self-edifies….. make carpet. Stomp the jaws of lust to pieces, and feed it to the sewer. Get out of the trap, and go to the other side.

The trap is to believe everything is alright as is; but, in fact, everything is not alright as it is. The trap is to have so many things to do that there is barely any time to devote to God. The trap is to be in a rut of thinking, a rut of living, and a rut of criticism. The trap is to set yourself aside to teach the faith as your own program by saying that is God’s plan when, in fact, you have other motives not mentioned.

The trap is to believe your marriage is a trap, your children are a trap, and your job is a trap. The trap is to confer upon yourself to make a family decision without the family’s share of consideration. The trap is to feel more sorry for yourself than you feel sorry for others.

The trap is to believe you are superior when, in fact, you are inferior. The trap is to love your style of trap. The trap is to trust in offset income….. income that is always coming but never materializes. The trap is to not be able to admit or realize the trap. The trap is to want loyalty for yourself but to not have a clue or a care how loyal you are in your obligations.

The trap is to blame yourself for all the wrong in continuum without asking God to forgive you, and without then believing God has forgiven you, and without then once and for all dumping the blame thing. The trap is to covet what is not yours, never was yours; but want it, and seek it anyway.

The trap is to use the God-given talent of another person to climb up on, while at the same time denying you are doing so. The trap is to need someone you, to an extent, are leery to give full credit to because of what someone else may think….. yet at the same time using that talent in your own name and still refusing to admit….. that is what you are doing.

The trap is to despise what certain faiths believe, but to love their money. The trap is to believe you are advertising God when, in fact, you are advertising yourself in God’s name.

The trap is to be a fake, and so much so, you are even fake to your loved ones. The trap is to think you are a lover of lovers, when, in fact, you have to engine yourself in odd ways just to get turned on enough to last a few seconds worth.

The trap is to speak so hard, think so hard, that when others are speaking, you don’t even hear them because of your own thoughts. The trap is to not remember what others have said because your ears are so full of your own thoughts.

The trap is to serve God as a side course (if you still have room) and the last course to be the time God’s course comes up. The trap is to worship God only in the Omega trend….. with the last of your strength, the last of your time, and the last thing at the last of the day.

The trap is to think you are in love with someone else when, in fact, who you are really in love with is yourself. You love to be edified, and if that someone else does that, then you think you love that person. The trap is you have a need; and you are willing to send your own kids, flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood, on the road to confusion and dissolution to not have interference to that need.

The trap is doing the right things the wrong ways. The trap is “giving to the poor” by first giving to your poor self. The trap is interpreting ” loving your neighbor as yourself” to mean loving your own clan.

The trap is the trap; and there is more, but that is enough for now.

So get out of your traps, and go to the other side!!!

The other side of your anger? No! No! No! The other side opposite of your traps. If you think in your trap thing you must do a must thing….. don’t do it.

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