I saw You standing there bidding the whole world come. Honey cones were about Your feet; and all the prayers that You ever prayed were marching throughout infinity fluting Your words over and over again.

And then I heard as though it was Your very crown jewelery wondrously speaking a moment in time of Your pilgrimage on Earth: You gave Me no kiss! (St. Luke 7:45-48 KJV paraphrased).

I cried when eternity played back those words. I wanted to run with all my might and strength and to fall at AMs feet and give upon AMs precious being the Kiss Forever!

I reached my hands to my mouth and I felt my trembling lips. O my Lord and My God: I Love You; I love You; I love You. You gave me no kiss rang like the chimes of a bell ringing from towers of holy risings far above.

Let me never be branded among those who gave AM no Kiss. I prepared my lips for a journey among the Stars: Go and find AM no matter how near or how far. Find AM and give my kiss of forever to AM.

O precious Jesus Christ of all that lives in the name of Love: Give me this day this grant that I may Kiss upon Your feet the Kiss Forever.

In the spirit of my mind I crossed vast space; and there was nothing there of which I sought. I sojourned upon sound lanes where I could hear the thumping of thousands of hearts. I whizzed through dream fields thick with thoughts and hopes; I passed on and beyond until I came to a broad band of holy mist I could hear a waterway of the sound of many living waters. I trembled; soon I came to the rivers-of-Love waterways that flowed from the throne of God.

Suddenly I saw AMs feet shining like polished diamond fire. I ran and ran; and kneeling down kissed AMs feet with the Kiss Forever. My mind rose 10000 leagues. Love found the way; love was the key. Love formed the lips for the Kiss Forever!


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