On a day of intensity, when mental embankments, formed of dark mass mind soils, blocked the view of the horizon, there came a season not incidental or superficial of nature that stormed down most every good day. Nevertheless, there were survived moments of contemplation touching spiritually stellar places which gave birth to a renascence of remembrance… I remembered my heart. I remembered how my heart so often sails to faraway places. And additionally, I could remember my mind in recounts of times and experiences of omni-happenings without quick end. Yet in a life of accomplishment, there is not time to count the pebbles mixed in the sand.

Sometimes in certain polarizations there are restrictions of vibrations in a certain plane. But most mortals thinking in their mental plasma of living cells, as an unintelligent ooze of one thought to another, often live unaware of the real purpose of life and, as such, really don’t know one polarization from another. Of course, the secret is to find an accounting system that allows the dust but COUNTS and credits only the grand actions of faith as over and above all other actions and thoughts to the extent… that only the grand acts and thoughts of faith are COUNTED to one’s credit. In the language of spirituality, this Divine Accounting is called the blessings of Grace.

There is a promise of the Spirit (Galatians 3:14 KJV), where a person’s faith is COUNTED for righteousness even though nothing yet has been acted upon, (Romans 4:5 KJV), and where the cursed ground, (Genesis 3:17 KJV), upon which mortals walk, warps their heart-beats and electrical circuits of mind, to the extent that the old curse could be called a major environmental influence. Yet nevertheless, by this promised reckoning, even a person’s resulting sins are NOT IMPUTED as sins, (Romans 4:8 KJV). Amazingly, this whole contour of thinking is inspired by God.

An ancient prophecy says: There will be a bringing forth in which a nation will be born in one day. (compare, Isaiah 66:8 KJV). Is not this the real born-from-above-again effect, collectively, and suddenly, coming into elect minds as a RENDEZVOUS AT HEARTBEAT? Further, it is said: A seed shall serve the Lord and be ACCOUNTED to the Lord for a generation. (compare Psalm 22:30 KJV). Perhaps a word is speaking that serious individuals should stop trying so deeply to enter perfection by their own works and should instead turn their hearts and minds over to trust in God… for AM’s promises of suddenly as a mighty rushing wind, according to the ACCOUNTING system of God, in one stroke of the wand they will be instantly ACCOUNTED perfect.

Remember your heart… Remember your elect Rendezvous with your heartbeats. There is something beautiful courting you of the Holy Spirit that waits your acknowledgement so you can be set free of worry. Hear thee well, O’ precious seekers,,,,, wake up to the deja-vu of the ancient Melchisdec mind who is the One without beginning or end: what an accounting system! Such a system can be applied to you when you are shown how to slip through one gate, then another, using a name passport that is not even yours. And this is all spiritually legal when the name of Jesus Christ is used.

The days of the scroll are here! Let your innermost being say yes! Remember this heart beat: And to Seth (son of Adam) was born a son; and he called his name Enos: (which means: man, Genesis 4:26 KJV), then began men to call upon the name of the Lord. Sometimes knowing what you are also tells you what you are not. These are the moments for RENDEZVOUS AT HEARTBEAT. Learn the message of your heartbeats. Understand, you are in a mortal condition and, as such, you cannot cross the Great Divide in your own shoes. Allow Jesus Christ to wash your feet and shod you with a pair of His shoes. This is spiritual ACCOUNTING and it will allow you to cross the line. Let this Word cause you a happy day!


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