What I am about to say is not basic thinking, nor mainstream thinking, nor is it an intrusive tap to draw you into special interest bounding-s involving dumb ideas that only vibrate in gravel. What I have to say will be relevant to persons seeking personal security, safety, healing, and protection of self and love ones.

The navigation I intend to lead you in belongs to an overture of a spiritual wave front that is now in the happening. This presentation is not a priced or for sale item. It is free for the reading. As I put together the threads of this insight, I ask your patience and perseverance to understand these opening words may be a little hard going for you.


There is a major spiritual erosion creeping upon the religious establishment in the form of a diversity of disinformation about what is actual and a censorship and scorn of revelations that regard the Holy Ground Moment. Many churches, societies and world speakers choose to insult and demean subjects that endorse the reality of angels, miracles, prophecy, and signs and wonders from God.

Much of the religious world has grown a dark heart. Almost every horse on the race track belongs to extreme unctions, extreme of their nays and extreme of their yeas. The equilibrium for truth is out of balance.

I guess all of this splutter and scorn drives me to search for authentic hearts. I want to lead those authentic hearts into a confidence and courage that will give them assertiveness of faith beyond their past experiences and even beyond their genetic lattice of limited expression. I want them to be able to make a wish that can be raised to a level of Manifest Power so expressively bright that angels will camp on their doorsteps.

I desire to see sincere uninhibited persons who have such clear and understood intentions that their own deliverance through the Holy Spirit will develop them in their own abilities of leadership and the gifts of influencing skills.

Dear friend shake off all thoughts that belong to a lack of believing, because there is something superbly tailored and ready for you. You have associated to the muzzled legions of the masses of humanity long enough. It is your time to trans-send a conduction from your own inner-most-being of a creative flow of thoughts that will power you in how you pray.

Train to express yourself with an openness that makes allowance for other persons to also express themselves. You will spiritually write in your heart a virtual Masters Theses with the greatest of ease, because the Holy Spirit will be your teacher.

You will learn that words have a different interpretation to one hearer in comparison to another hearer. Your ability to detect things in a very clear discerning way will rise from your immersing into a new mind of thought. Your true identity of the ancient person you really are will suddenly come to you in a super spontaneity.

But not only the power to speak will be with you but also the power of love and endurance. The healing that you and your family will receive, will make healers out of you. There is A PLACE IN THE WORLD FOR YOU…and God wants you to know that.

The Lord has revealed to me a revelation that is to be a Holy Ground Moment. The spiritual wave front is coming here right on this blog site. There will be special healing, deliverances, and lattice changing empowerment to lives who come by comment-proxy on this blog in representation of their-self and family to voice their presence on this blog.

Your proxy-comment needs only your email-name printed and saying “I am on” beneath this blog.

In my heart I feel the out reach for help. There are so many severe hurting in their emotions, and fearful to make a move persons. It is an edge these people of whom I refer to, have come to stand.

I don’t speak lightly of this. I have been in the forefront of spiritually deep times of healing, deliverance and major miracles before. I have spoken discerning and prophecies in moments like these of which I speak. So prayerfully understand, God will raise up this blog site as a Holy Spot for that Holy Spot Moment I speak of.

If you can’t believe me because it seems too good to be true, you will believe when the power of the Lord comes down in your life. Lord’s willing I will be doing discerning for sign-on individuals and their families.

Some healing will be instant the second I announce that the Holy Spot Moment is quickened. Other healing and lattice changing, will enter initiation and begin to grow from that day on.

THERE IS A PLACE IN THE WORLD FOR YOU… THIS IS HOLY GROUND/SPOT MOMENT PART ONE! Be sure your email name is written in as stated above for this blog you are now reading.

Don’t miss this Holy Spot Moment. We will send out notices of this blog but first timers are also welcome!


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  1. Erwin Wiebe says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog entry! I am grateful to God that He is still and forever doing it – being concerned about the Spirit Souls that each of my loved one are.

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