The journey of suffering knows no limits of bounds. The tools of despair are vast in number. But the sorrow of the saddest tears in the world, are the tears that tell the story of Faces..Taken Away From Us by starvation.

To never get to meet those children who may have grown up as apostles of Love, Who even though from the dregs of poverty, may nevertheless, have grown up to be come scientists who would have solved the most dreaded diseases in the world, or solved some great unknown and thereby launched humankind into a great advance of life.

My God, My God, Why are these Faces Taken Away From Us?

A few morsels of bread, a bowl of rice, and some clean water could have turned back the planned surge by the thief of souls, so why were these Faces…Taken Away From Us?  The mothers cannot breast feed their babes any longer they have no strength and no substance of nourishment left.

Across the world droughts have come to many lands.  Crops will not grow in these land because water is scarce.  In Somalia over eleven million persons face the quicksands of a hunger death.  Surely as Jesus said,. we will have the poor with us always and there will always be floods, famines, earthquakes, and eruptions and tribulations upon this Earth.

But when the Dark Horse of the balances of nature and the Pale Horse rider of famine and death come,  (and they have come before), and there will always be cycles of their coming….all mortals must stand together to help and to pray and stand in the gap of proxy.  For one day these horses of terror will visit most of the lands of this world.

It is said that every 3 1/2 seconds someone starves to death of which 3/4ths are children under 5 years of age.  A billion children go to bed hungry every night.  As the population of the world keeps expanding world hunger is increasing with numbers of chronically hungry.  However, hunger is not a new trend, there have been thousands of famines over the last several centuries.

It is said that half of the world’s population lives on less that $2.00 a day.   There are so many people moon-eyed over only the things that matter to them personally.  I am calling on thousands of souls to come into mind-expanding ranges of compassion.  I plead for a wake up call and a coming to a nearer point of reasoning that allows you to reach out beyond yourself.  There is an opposite number which is a  position on the other side of every situation.

It is said that in the past year food prices have risen 37% and in the years prior to that, food prices shot up in even greater proportions.  FEMA IS BUYING UP VAST QUANTITIES OF EMERGENCTY FOOD.   FEMA is a Federal Emergency management agency for the USA.  The most recent order was a billion dollars worth.   Are they preparing for the unavoidable, the inevitable, or is it just routine Preparation?

There has always been hunger and homelessness, poverty and violence. But it seems in this current time there is a built in mental loss maker in the minds of management running the show who do not understand the nuts and bolts about life, and particularly are  low on passion due to a case of a loveless state of thinking.

I am asking at least a 100 serious persons who have not really dealt with the major dying due to the food famine. … to join me in this blog to create a proxy of prayer for the healing of this world food crises tragedy cycle.   JUST SIGN ON: COUNT MY PRAYER.

Something not good has been going on with the Bees.  Vast numbers have died.  Yes this has happened before.   Honey Bees pollinate a major part of the crops.  This decline is serious because according to the US Department of  Agriculture,

Honey Bees are responsible for 80% of the necessary pollination for such foods as:  Broccoli, celery, squash, cucumbers, apples, nuts, asparagus, soybeans, avocados, citrus fruit, peaches, kiwi, cherries, blueberries,cranberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, melons, and alfafa for cattle, and many other kinds of plants.

We do know a major environment change is in the making weather wise.  This of course could contribute to drought and a resultant water crises and food crises.    The mass starvation that is facing the world could become a continuous cause of  FACES…TAKEN AWAY FROM US.  More Lost generations of souls would result.

There are eleven million starving Somalians  who have left all and fled to refuge camps of death.   There is something hurting deep inside me about this.  I want my prayers to be of significant help to their plight and need your prayers joined to mine for this mercy plead to God.

Let each one remember  if you don’t reach out to others you can never guarantee that some impact of apocalyptic indictment may happen in your area…Food deprivation can happen anywhere.  The list of possibilities are major:  Rising food prices causing food riots, Power grid failures from solar flares, terrorist attacks, floods, drought, water shortage, weather affect, expanding dis-portion of the wealthy  to the poor.  And food being sold to the highest bidder by profit minded persons who are hooked on commercialism and greed.

So much more could be said about what could be done and should be done for these starving people who are not just third world country persons but who also are persons born and living in some of the riches nations in the world.

My Prayer:

In the visions of my mind I looked upon the faces of the many who would become lost generations because they would be taken from us by starvation.  The tissues of my heart sweat tears of blood for them.  O Lord you are our hope, you are our Light.  Cause your tender loving grace to bestow mercies upon these who are now suffering for lack of nourishment.   Magnify your miracles for these people.  Your Love excels let your guardian Spirit protect these who Satan desires to claim for death.

Please heal this sick world Lord.  Oh God, grant us of this proxy a saving day for many hundreds and thousands of these displaced and starving people… Turn things around, for you are an expert at such things.

Praise be to your precious name, and glory to you for all that you will do for these souls.

The Manifester Yada for the proxy of the people of this petition…

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