IN the relations of one thought to another, in the posturing between inferior and superior mental conjunctions, thought confluences fly to seek true positions.

In a uniting of the hemispheres of the brain to align at distance with spiritual superpositions, absolute values of truth arise. Let the sun journey through the Milky Way collecting Energy Dot knowledge in a way as never before.

From the substance of the long count to the fringe where the called zero of space is not zero and where the beginning is not the beginning and the end is not the end, so it is because there is a golden wandering of truth.

Gear to beyond the third derivative and all its mathematical consequences, for refined quantum of physical actions of energy can come only so close to spirit without inciting perturbation. There is a physical infinity, and there is a spiritual infinity. The doors opening into them are different.

Chaotic thinking must die; emerging waves of a higher way of thinking must rise. Surely, the sum of all good possibilities flow to find the Love lanes of destined ones, for God Love is an energy greater than all the power forces of the universe.

So then, even though time shall go on and on, even in our life time, intelligence and spirituality super exceeding present average levels shall be seen.

In a kind of pre-age of the of Age of Ion, brain signals will zoom as brain level speeds increase due to increased activity of the release of ions.

As consciousness voyages from body states to out-of-body states, new links will meld into other links of greater upon greater intensities of conscious knowledge.

As awareness conducts on higher and higher planes, the affect lattilutes the entity to higher and higher cognizance. It is good to recognize one’s errors and sins and flow in humbleness. But it is even better to recognize that seekers, once ever given to the desire for truth, are justified for God’s sake who therefore will not remember their sins or transgressions and has in justification already redeemed them. (Compare Isaiah 43:25 and Isaiah 44:22 KJV.)

Those who accept this, therefore, render and apply it. Now you are free of guilt; go forward and seek God, for the I-AM is ready for all who accept AMs redemption to take them from glory to glory.

Catch a ride on this Star Wave of free energy from the Love of God. Although the long range of this is sensational and near unbelievable, it is the way God has decreed it to all who will render it so.

The Manifester Yada

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