This post is about the doctrine of Recalescence, Negative and Positive Liberation as follows:

When the acts of negative thinking or living are in process of being absorbed by the mental faculty, a position displacement of opposite thinking or living often occurs. This process of displacement is positive liberation. Positive liberation occurs when the rate of negative absorption exceeds the rate of positive absorption (and visa versa, as an opposite action), and is sustained to the point of punctuated impression.

During this process of positive impressions, memory recall occurs; and this event is positive liberation. It is not unusual for those experiencing this positive dispersal to mistakenly feel that the negative impact is therefore actually a compliment of the recalled positive position (a kind of mental recalescence). However, the truth reveals positive liberation is the loss by displacement of these positive impressions (whether good or bad), and the gain of negative impressions as a replacement.

Consequently, a dedicated person, backsliding against his or her former personal principles, although feeling condemnation or consternation, may feel justified, exonerated, or spiritually retained because of the positive liberation effect.

It is not difficult to understand that the reverse of the process of positive liberation is negative liberation. Consequently, when the acts of positive thinking or living reach a scale behavior to an inject nucleation, and that exponential growing together of parts becomes the mental moment of the nucleus of good vibrations, then, that is a time-step into a spiritually tethered link of a wonderful liberation.

So then, recalescence, in the spiritual sense, is about a rising again to the recall of one’s deeper inner mode. The conditions prevailing choose whether recalescence can stay or must fade.

The Manifester Yada

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