O perilous flight, what instant moment can I not retain? What sweep of life has flown to the point of no return? In the twas of the once upon a stardom of twinkles…flick dazzle again, that I might be brighten of mind to seek the passings lost by allowing there to be distance too far of space and too long of time.

I breathe,,,,,and I am ready to breathe wisdom and knowledge whose sacred whiffs I have not traveled often enough across the bridge of distance to touch.

And there is a message to those persons who have left their love to sleep in the bleeding of hurts because too often they are guilty of the loss caused by distance: the distance between the times of saying I Love you. The distance between the time of holding your Love tight with great affection, accepting no interference of happening to steal those precious moments away.

The pipes of the hollows that play emptiness…sound, but no promise of cheer follows. Unmistakably, inferentially, and inharmoniously, the chimes of time tune a sad song.

There are goals to be reached; Of education, of business, of finances, of God, home and family. Goals to be reached for health, for peace, for ones faith of believing. The reaching of goals for these things can be said to be stretches of distance. As regards this, the Bible says we are running a race.

I will not seek truth by lurking about the bounds of tides that always bring me back to where I began my search. The distance of time not applied can represent a great loss of opportunity.

Dear friend, gird up the loins of your mind, determine that your losses are finished.
Say to yourself: I will teach my feet to run, my spirit to soar, and the Love in my heart to be hurdled like a rocket across every distance that needs to be crossed.

Let my prayers suffer no losses but let my prayer always remember to thank my Lord and my God, let my prayers remember to Love and to have sincere care for family and humanity.

Let me not become fashioned by my own guilt that ignorantly does not recognized the causes of loss created by self-made distancing.

The Manifester

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