Pilgrims are on the mental road. There is a quest that has filled the chest of many a person. Spiritual faculties are tingling and a lost Eden is striving to come alive. There is a sensing of a heavenly language prompting to speak in a tongues so beautiful that only silence can respond.

Identity and recognition of these unctions is absolutely essential to open the lost treasures in the arcanum of your earthen innermost being. The process that is happening is spiritual but is straining to open biologically so that your brain can compensate mentally for the transformation of the transcendentalism by cocooning that you increment by increment are to receive.

The crowd has not begun to give credit to God for the potentialities that can be available of the kingdom of God that even exists on Earth in each individual. O human worm come, come into the cocoon. Soon as a butterfly you will transport to a lattice change that will song the world around you.

You that have suffer illness far more than your share there is a God healing energy piled up in these words: be healed in the name that is above all names! O how the Love of God for you is purring over your spirit to instantly cocoon you to a new body of health full of strength, full of liveliness and kissed with joy unspeakable and full of glory”.

Of all the things you ever do or fail to do, don’t neglect to seek God for understanding the potential of your kingdom of God within. Your kingdom of God is for a purpose. And even though it is without observation that refers to the limits of the mortal flesh.

Your spirit is able to seek and commune with the deep things of God. Learn to commune with your spirit as you commune with the Spirit of God. The Bible says: “the spirit is a candle searching out the deep things of one’s innermost being”. It is cocoon time. The Bible says: “Be not conformed to this world but be transformed”.

You can change for the better good, believe that, and the Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead will soothe you with the same power of quickening for your cocooning experience.

The Manifester Yada


  1. Brenda Fuller says:

    Learn to commune with your spirit as you commune with the Spirit of God. It is very interesting and a new way of communing for me. I love learning new things about God and the Spirit every day.

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