There are necessary properties that belong to holy truth. There are those persons who are credentialed by the Holy Spirit and there are those persons who are driven by enormous desires blemished by fly blow that is material belonging to Satan the Lord of flies.

A crosscheck on the spiritual demarcate of divide between what is true and what in not true balances on the tale of actions. The world is hungry for persons who are perfused with a luminance of spiritual anointing.

The motive power of language should always be checked to see if it is backed by Love, patience, and a refusal to judge others. The conjurers of eminence guise are those who try to influence others by claiming to be anointed by God but are not.

There is a zoology out there of those who being on the beyond side of spiritually crazy, (hysteron proteron) are those persons who constantly involve themselves in fallacious arguments based on trying to prove premises that are incorrect to begin with.

The hand writing is on the wall. The credibility gap has spread beyond reason. When a person is of that number that he/she is against most everything and doesn’t offer the power of prayer as a solution, show love limited to only persons and things relative to personal connections, is often angry, and thinks he sees faults in others but white elephant rare does he ever find faults in himself, such a person and his ideas are built on sinking foundations.

Those things are the CREDIBILITY TEST whereby to make considerations as to the reality of the truth of what such a person says. I do not suggest you should mentally cast such a person into hell. I suggest travail prayer for mercy and lattice change of that person by the Love of God.

There is at this time a distinction of ideas and revelations rising. One needs to be careful not to throw out the good with the bad. Christian war hawks are a big question as to where the LOVE OF GOD IS WITH SUCH PERSONS.

I am not asking people to be against defence of ones country and home. I believe such defence can have spiritual credibility.

I question and challenge all persons who feel only their religion is correct and everyone else is doomed. I know no one can go wrong on the Love of God and refusing to judge others.

The Manifester Yada

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