There is an exit sign just ahead! It is the turn off road where exists the point of change. It is the final exhalation of the airs of confusion and stress. It is the coming into a state of mind which ranges surpass all negative circumstances by inverting them to positive road signs.

It is the road of mental prosperity. It is the moment that all your noxious exhaust is blown out of your life once and for all. There is a verbal contract involved, but it regards the greatest proposition ever offered to humankind.

It is a deal offered by Jesus Christ, that “if you will not judge, you will not be judged”. (Compare, Matthew 7:1-2 KJV).
Foremost, you must stop judging yourself about having limitations. The Bible teaches that “we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us”. (Compare, Philippians 4:13 KJV).

Following, of course, you must stop judging the capability of other persons to inflict damage on your life, your nerves, your health, your peace. Keeping in mind that everything, including the worst things that can happen, are still a state of mind.

This is true because even suffering and death will be overcome through Christ in the circuits of time. So then, no matter what happens in the physical realm, it is a temporal effect because it is your spirit life that has eternal substance and is the real everlasting you.

There is an unbounded power to this state of thinking: in fact, it is sheer prosperity of the mind. Paul the apostle was quite good at describing this state. (Compare, 2 Corinthians 6:3-10).

There is always a way of escape from depression and the blues. Climb up to your higher mind; the climate of good things is much better there. Enemies come in many forms. Sometimes enemies come as circumstances, sometimes as persons. Oftentimes, the ones you love may play the role as an enemy to you.

No matter how hurt your heart, don’t breathe in this hurt and invite it into the house of your mind. Don’t rehearse your hurts over and over until it becomes programmed in your brain.

Don’t splinter splendor. Swoop down into your guts and untie every knot. If you have ever been extravagant with yourself on any subject, now is the time to be extravagant with yourself to believe that there are no troubles big enough to knock the chips off your shoulders if you don’t want them knocked off.

The most amazing people in the world always find a way to get the most out of nothing. When it is impossible for the time to be anything but poor, these amazing persons find a way to enjoy life that way.

When these persons find they are alone without human company, they get a cat, a dog or a bird and live without argument. Yes, all of those things are “helps”, but the real power of mental prosperity is the flourish of Love… the strength of mind to love though unloved, to care though seemingly not cared about… the strength to Love God through everything and to pass on that love to the world.

Love is going to be revealed soon and then again and again by quickenings (Compare, Psalms 119:88), of sudden mighty rushing holy winds of God in a deepness of knowledge that will make the world stand on its feet.

The Bible says: There is no fear in Love; they that are filled with Love are born of God. Those that Love God will prosper and be preserved. (Psalms 122:6 and Psalms 145:20 KJV).

There is a time of Love, and that Love which is God, is near to be manifested for a Mental Prosperity such as is the coming spiritual apex and physical realization of all times.

The Manifester

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