In the sum of roots, not far from the inverse angle, I see a plant which has no two leaves exactly one over another, I do not see any florets it bares but clearly there is something for deduction to be known here logarithmically.

Ah, it is a Strange Night, the laws of movement seem to be using metaphysical reasoning. I feel an equilibrium of spirals, there is something here that is quite a masterpiece of architectural design yet somehow not of this Earth.

I hear a voice: if your shoes walk like a wand of divining, take them off, this is holy ground and the leading-sss here-on are not of this world. I am immediately curled. My God, My God, I believe I am growing a thought that looks like a wing.

I see the “burning bush” but it is really a Zzith from far far away. This Zzith had the power to change it’s shape and dimension, and the power to appear or vanish was in it.

A message mentalized from it: “that which has caused the past to be what it was, can cause the future to be what it will be”.

What a Strange Night it was at that time. It’s message then I did not understand, nor could even a mathematical exactness fit me to an alignment. But in the course of time my eyes were opened.

Once I did not care to know who I was or who I was not. But as I reconstruct what happen to me, a recall takes me back to that Strange Night.


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