Hearing from God is quite different from praying to God. The main blockage why many people don’t hear from God is due to their ears being full of other interferences.

Now days the youth and all ages have ear phones plugged into their ears pumping some kind of broadcast into their mind. Millions are so attuned to movies, the TV and endless telephone or person to persons jabber that there is very little time of a clearing of the ears to hear from God.

First let me say that I am not putting down any of the above things mentioned which are occupying people’s attention. I am merely intoning that if you are in any of those categories and you want to hear from God, you will need to make some good time of the day room in your ears so God can talk to you without interference.

The prolonged struggle to overcome is full rooted deep into human nature. It is not easy over the human nature to find the divine rational element. Nor is it just a simple click to find that inner spiritual law that allows a person to take strength over the chaos of desires.

The present world and prior world before has not yet learned to interpret Christ. The church was founded upon one cataclysm then another. And why not, the church not listening to Christ poured new wine into old bottles creating one burst then another.

The fermentation of new ideas not of the Spirit, especially did not work in the old divine which was not built on predictions of a future
social conscience.

There is a mind fog present in todays world that hinders every road to Manifest Realization. But understand, if you want to, really want to hear from God, then not even the gates of hell can hinder you from that happening.

To hear from God is of chief importance because we ascend to God through contemplation of our reconciliation by communication with God. A great amount of once stout believers have become utterly sterile. With chosen cautious substituted recreations and entertainment they have a form of Godliness but are stripped of the power of the Spirit.

And what does this mean? It means more and more persons are believing to hear from God is only possible indirectly through the mediums of various substituted methods of worship.

A tombstone is not set up blocking your way to freedom yet. Whosoever has an ear to hear, hear! The Spirit of God touches you everyday wanting to commune with you. Yes, the kingdom of God is within you.
unplug your ears if you really want to hear from God.


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