A breath comes from beyond time. The God Winds call. It is a Cathedral moment. It is the one I Love who is named the Lord of Hearts. Some persons will say: I hear an ancient voice the which words never spoke any mortal before.

The strumming of golden strings is heard. The Lord of Hearts comes not alone but angels fill the skies. They all come from the gates beyond the bright stellar points that ever shine.

Everywhere the Pale Horse rides in the veins of mortals who are dislocated from a beautiful yesterday. The conclusion of ages waits while these mortal climb ascending out of one reanimation after another.

How the fathomless depths crave them as fill for the abysmal propagation of an evil matrix. The tempo beats from cold emotions as the tensors of disheartenment make souls to quake.

Divine code is spilled on terrestrial dust, its majestic Light cannot be comprehended by the gross darkness. Nevertheless, the Divine Code does not rot, it grows into Holy Ground. Its broadband corresponding Love fills all who come pleading with lonely empty hearts.

The King of Love it is,,,who is the Lord of Hearts. Am speaks and tears embedded into the landscape of time are freed. They rise as a warm moisture giving dew to the roses. The structures of mortality are vaporized, winter frosted shadows pass into forgotten memories.

Mirages of a seemingly terrible certainty of broken destiny fade from all its dark sites. The once chosen tracts where lost minds were set to wander in depravities are gone by one stroke of the wand hand of the Lord of Hearts.

Madness is healed, the Morning Star of revelation speaks. A flawless pure of words comes down as the former and latter rain. A lovely harmony causes mortals to cease moving independently of each other and to move as a single coordinated unit.

All is calm, all is good, the King of Hearts, who is the King of Love, has taken thrones in the hearts of countless multitudes.


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