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Most of the energy used by humans is chemical energy derived from changing chemical bonds in food. For instance, ions in motion constitute an electric current.

Ionic bonding in food results from one or more electrons being transferred completely from one atom to another, therefore converting the neutral atom into electrically charged ions.

All atoms contain electrical charges; all chemical bondings are caused by the mutual attractions and repulsions of these electric charges.

Although some body membranes are almost impermeable to some ions and molecules, other ions and molecules can diffuse freely through the membranes.

Nevertheless, it is always possible for toxins to penetrate the extracellular and intracellular space and to break into the sheath of the nerve fiber system. So then, when the functions of excitations and impulse conduction become out of phase, toxins can become a dispersion force that breaks ionic and covalent bonding.

The point is, within a body there are only two paths for energy release: those being, into transformation and into vibration. Gentou uses this fact to message the hormones and glands how to detect cancer and eradicate it. At one setting, cancer just changes the vibration of the cells and at another point of advance transforms cellular structure. In either case vibrations are altered.

The human body is an electrical body, and to receive full health and healing this must be understood along with the applications that need to be therefore applied. So it is and must be perceived how the effect of certain foods, vitamins, minerals and medicines can play a part in one's health bio-electrically speaking.

So then, this bio-electrical phenomena of living cells has its conduction with the possibility of being in phase and out of phase to one's health and best energy.

It is said that eating plums can greatly help to detoxify a person's liver and that vitamin "E" is also considered a detoxifier for the liver. It is also said that for cases of insomnia, a crushed onion put in a jar and its vapor inhaled through the nose provides relaxation and sleep within fifteen minutes.

It is amazing how the body with a little help can compensate for all kinds of its problems. God has provided, in nature, natural anti-oxidants.

There is the most powerful energy of all, "Amtricity", God I-AM energy. Amtricity can be used to urge the cells via hormone instructions to provide chemical equivalents by producing nerve electricity to the message center of the brain. Normally, each second a vast maze of nerve impulses reach the highest center of conscious thought in the cortex of the brain. In Gentou ministry, the method of spirit-to-spirit messaging allows Amtricitic energy to be transferred into the body in a healing and communicative way.

This Gentou method of providing chemical equivalents to the body is a life saver and often an inject of chemistry providing enzymes, minerals, vitamins, elements and [i]et cetera[/i] that the body is desperate for. The human body has the potential to manufacture a vast number of different kinds of chemistry which can be made into a chemical equivalent of elements needed in the body. Gentou can trigger a body action for this to occur.

Two very interesting stories that could have some benefit for you: one is the story of a baby that was dying because he could not retain liquids and due to food backing up in his esophagus. The doctor came up with the idea of aversive electric shock to the baby's leg whenever his esophagus started to back up. The idea worked, and the child grew up a healthy person.

The other story is the discovery of how that when one end of a nerve is damaged by, let's say, toxic materials, the undamaged end of the nerve develops differently and presents another option.

These stories have to do with diffusion of a negative sensation, yet with potentially good endings by integration and awareness. The body's two paths for energy release of transformation and vibration can be tapped so as to change them from negative effects to positive brain rhythms, muscle strengthening, blood purifying, oxygen acceleration, skin toning, mood control, and majorly to eradicate negative transforms and growths.

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