Thursday, May 13, 2021

Gentou, Regeneration Potential, Healers needed...

I am seeking God for those Destinata who are to be Gentou healers.

Around the world millions suffer with anxiety disorders that often cause their mental capabilities to become inhibited.  Also their inherited genetic instructions are sometimes inhibited by  interference signals manufactured by veered and persistent misfired hormone messages.

Gentou is capable via lattilution of doing genetic engineering above and advanced of any method  currently available in the medical field to correct those misfired genetic and hormone messages which due to being affected negatively by problems in the body have changed in color or shape the hormone message key code and therefore no longer fit into the key receptors of the body.

In the field of gerontology there is hope for spacing in an extended way the ageing effects upon the elderly.  This inset would allow longer and more healthy life to the ageing individual.

It is said that there is a massive attention-capturing of young peoples minds by electronic games such as the war games  mafia and other electronic device games of passions.  It is further said that these games are distracting huge numbers of  individuals from proceeding on the high-grade side of their course of education and affecting their continuing the necessary degrees of  family relationship and general development of life.

Gentou cannot invade the will but is capable to reassign the attention-capturing effects of these games to blind-spot holds until these memory-game implants can be washed out to vanishing or at least minimal presence.

Gentou can detect (with given neuron orders) the chemical fingerprints of human processes occurring within the body that are skewed. Gentou can also detect unconscious repressions from painful emotions that have been converted into unwell physical human symptoms.

Regarding the nervous system Gentou has its own kind of nerve stimulator and its own style of removing excess electrical conductivity.  The major entry of Gentou is to put the body defences into top operating capacity.

Gentou can create vitamins minerals enzymes and a massive assortment of healing  issues from the body for most illnesses.  Neurotransmitters of the brain respond to messages of instruction given by electromagnetic induction from one person to another as a spirit-to-spirit transmission because there is no fingerprint that limits the brain from thinking that this transmission is not a self-body based message.

Energies released by neuromuscular and neuroglandular junctions at synapses from specials cells or neurons in the raphe nucleus brain stem or actuations in the thalamus hypothalamus pituitary gland sensory nerves and other such body parts have powerful capabilities to drive the body and heal the body.

The God-given motor of the human brain and its sensory system is a wondrous gift that has not even been touched for all that it can produce.  The Gentou revelation is a tool from heaven to use Gods chemistry to perform miracles.

Even the most utter-silent innerness of my being is awake by the stirring of this sensational Gentou healing oracle.  Here for once and all is the supreme gift engendering the brain with electrical stimulation and the ability to translate mental images.

In the Bible the woman touched the hem of Christs garment and virtue went out of Jesus and healed her of a terrible disease. (See Matthew 9:20-22 KJV; also see Matthew 14:35-36 Luke 6:19 Mark 5:30 and Luke 8:46 KJV). This was a spirit-to-spirit generative touch (Gentou).  Jesus hollered for Lazarus to come forth from a dead state and just the sound of the electric transmission of Jesuss voice healed him (John 12:17 KJV).  This is regenerative touch  (Gentou).  Indeed many of the works of the Holy Ghost are Spirit-to-spirit transmissions of regenerative touch (Gentou). And many more Scriptures there be than these.

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