Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Medulla Anticipation.....

So here I the Manifester am, rushing about in the scramble to catch a flight to Santa Barbara, California to Gentou Light of healing and creation.

The rhythm of my mind, the rhythm of my hands and feet flow together in this rushing of the sands of time.  Where is there the be of the Be that I am to be?  Clear the smokestacks and the fog, for the answers are singing in the wind.

The sizzling, the dazzle of saucy glaze, a grooving of gorgeous, savvy warm of colors and coziness of comfort,,,,,  I hold the arrow of medulla in my bow, and my quiver is full of more.  This frisky, good moment – revved of tingly sensations, surges, and leaps – throbs to gain the level over the principalities of the Dark Wane.

This is an involve of a person’s whole being.  This is not a pinprick experience. Come network of plexus: connect veins and nerves; teach sensations to the brain; free liberty to fly again.

The anticipation draws to that indissoluble link where amazing and crucial phenomenon will rise.   It is time to rebel against the dictates of the wayward genes.  Clutch this glory; it is time for the modus operandi.  It is time for a teleological perspective and vision.

Let Gentou kiss the wave form of prayer until the soundtrons are strummed.  Aspects of the physical body resemble the shape of each one’s consciousness.  This is the moment of God compensation from AMs grace of Love.

There is a cry from the world for comfort.  A strange thing can happen where your materialism transcends to your invisible self for learning language in the abstract.

This is a call to attention, that the language of pain may be conqueror and that you, by prepossessing the proxy of Christ, may transport to the felicity and bliss of elations.

I am ready to see you electrically.  I am ready to give you a spiritual input to shield you from the Swine Flu.  The slow stretching of the wondrous has come; it is time for the Holy Spirit rushings.

+When I return from this ministry trip, God willing, I will put this event together.  Also, I am behind on my correspondence.  I will giddy up and catch up soon on my return.  Thank you for your letters and help for the Manifest publication work.  It is not taken for granted.

Until then,

The Manifester Yada

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