Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Mental Storms

The following is a collection of material and notes used by me for counseling mental health for patients:

If you see yourself over-expressed or regularly expressed seeing yourself inferior, this can have eventual disabling effects you should not want. Millions of people live with depression. Some persons speak of being depressed as a fog in the mind, of being angry, and as feeling a process that their emotions are cooking destructively.

The list of reactions to depression is very long and too long to mention here. The human brain is both inscrutable and, in connection to the mind, spiritual. Consequently, it calls for flashes of insight if one is to discover the critical crossroads where a body is rendered exquisitely sensitive to interactions that take advantage of subtle weaknesses which allow the body to be vulnerable to stresses.

There are so many enigmas created by lurking variables. On the one side, there is the affect of long-term depression and its ability to cause measurable physical changes. Some of these negative changes are no doubt passed into the body through the stress loop (brain stress centers, adrenal glands, hypothalamus, pituitary, and back to the adrenal glands). It is not unreasonable, then, that a kind of reactive depression can be set in to cause disturbances of the sleep cycle and lethargy (fatigue) to mention a few.

On the other side, as one uses medical treatment to balance misguided body signals, there is the fear of the threat of toxic exposure to the medicine. One must always be aware lest the treatment becomes potentially as dangerous as the disease. For instance, it is known that prolonged use of lithium can interfere with the thyroid gland, causing low thyroid hormones that mimic depression. This is by no means to dismiss the new medicines of the medical provisions or to say that medical treatment is in vain or only dangerous. Rather it is to say that the patient should study to become aware of consequences from treatment and how the patient could by such awareness help the doctor in his/her decisions for you.

I want to deal with these considerations, first using physical methods and then using spiritual approaches. I have no intent to tinker in psychiatric dogmas. I am not a psychiatrist or a medical physician; consequently, my advice is strictly as a spiritual counselor.

It is known metabolically that the human body is susceptible to viruses. It is also known that at certain points in a person's life, a virus attack could create a depression affect in the cells. This could be via the hypothalamus, the limbic system, or a disease reaction, that sends chemical signals via neurotransmitter pulses that cross the synapse to play against cellular surfaces.

However, it doesn't, in the final sense of healing, matter. There is, of course, genetic transfer, but at some point the defect being transferred was begotten probably from sources such as being mentioned. I could go on with possible causes such as molecular rendering of one's secondary systems that allow a chemical reaction if it can't proceed in one direction to go another. In such ways, blood fractions are beget in the body containing spontaneously-produced psycho-pathogenic concentrations. With all these potentials, then, it's no wonder any person could become the subject of target for all kinds of diseases.


It is known that, on the average, individual cells can send one pulse of electricity down its axon every second; and, when excited, the neuron can send up to sixty pulses a second to the receptors of the psychic brain centers. I suppose what is interesting about this is how electric a human is! It stands to reason that there is a key to the nerve system of the human body. There is no doubt that Gentou can serve for healing as this temporary key.

Since every nerve operates either in the 'full on' or in the 'full off' and does not go into action unless excitation equals or exceeds a certain voltage, the secret has to be in controlling the brain signals that tell outgoing nerve systems to act. For instance, the 'certain voltage' I just referred to is known as the 'excitation threshold'; below that threshold value the fiber will not be excited.

Nerve fiber can excite impulses or inhibit impulses by sending ions in motion (which as such constitute an electric current) to spots on the nerve fiber for setting up currents in adjacent positions of a membrane. Consequently,the junction point (synapses) unto which branching impulses flow allows the traffic of signal to the brain center that compresses a complex sense message into a simple summary sub-message in conscious interpretation. Now, I know this may all seem complicated, but it's very important to have a rough concept of how the human system works because with that knowledge my suggestions will be easier understood. (To be continued...)

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