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The names of Satan, Demons, and Devils, where did they come from and why? What is the story? Is the name “Satan” connected to the name “Lucifer”?

Beyond crybozoology, beyond mythological imagination, beyond superstitious fables, and beyond pseudo Scriptural interpretations...

Now comes the Manifester Yada to fire hose the stench of the Satyr he-goat...
Say not there is no devil, lest we look at you twice to discern whether or not you may be one...
Comb your hair, for perhaps as happened to Ezekiel, an angel will lift you up by the locks of your hair that you may see from the heights, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth so help you God.

"If you go out into the woods tonight, you are sure of a big surprise," for all the demons that ever there were, are dancing there tonight! At the great boundary divide where separations interval between the goats and the sheep, a storm between the Principalities of Darkness and the Principalities of Light is brewing such as never before and has sounded a siren.

The Scapegoat is surefooted with superior craggy rock scaling agility. Count the rings on his horns and be amazed how very ancient he is. He is wild; he is stubborn; and a special pet to the personality of Satan.

He will kill without a thought to perpetuate Lilith the Satyress sex-goddess whose lust seed plantings are his greatest plan to demise holy opposition. She is a beautiful night-witch who coaches and trains her clients to remain in an untamed state of wildness.

Go to now, Manifester, says the Lord, go and smite the river Jordan.  It is time to cross to the other side where the Promise Land abides.  There you shall stand on Book and Film Mountain and loosen a whirlwind that will grind the cloven hoofs off the feet of many devils.

The higher self of Jesus Christ is Yahvael (or Yahweh). His LORD of angelic hosts name is "Morning Star".  Strange and mystifying is this name, inasmuch, as it is also the name of Lucifer. The oddity of a dual naming of such manifold hierarchy to say the least, provides that an epitome of summary is missing. Also weird is the fact for some reason this subject epoch is resistant to being discovered as regarding this story, since this mainly unsorted revelation seems to have not been resolved.

Perhaps, the cause of this double naming is due to some kind of an evil escort of a misguided wish. No doubt, some legal source might say: there is no specific equilibrium of equipoise for that name, which is to say, no natural or spiritual counterbalance that overrides any person's right of ownership and jurisdiction for that name.

What erratum writ! With so many environs of minds different from one another, I suppose such a legal referendum could be considered by some wayward judge as in order.

But I am not one to leave sincere people lacking a fixed course to truth. So get on board, and I will show you the escape wheel from this not coherent kind of Bible thinking or interpretation.

To begin, this double name is the beginning of what set the stage for the world that we now live in, the fallen spirit state that we humans are in, and the whole course and story about fallen angels, Lucifer, demons, devils, satans, and the reason Jesus Christ needed to come to the earth to bring salvation.

It is written without a vision the people perish (Proverbs 29:18 KJV).  The lack of vision or knowledge is no doubt a deep vulnerable point to a large number of persons who live with zero hue knowledge about the symbolic spectral colors imbued with the mysteries of God.

The absence of Divine Breath is a deprivation to a person's spirit. It is time to set free those unpronounced urges in you that yearn for truth. When that revelation really comes, it may not correlate to the assumptions of what is considered by mis-interpretation: logical or of historical Bible fact.

The thirty-fold anchor theology had its time and place, but right now, it is time to pull up that anchor and sail on towards perfection. The real spiritual anatomy seldom turns out to be recognizable to past analogous conventions.

Sometimes a person has to just turn off the clogging repetitions of well intended sermons and expositions that have few answers, and by the Holy Spirit climb on board to what at first may seem extreme heights. The so-called, often insisted-to-be, the factual truth, is frequently and severally on many levels, a reality of a chosen landing with a sink hole under it.

So get on board: I want to take you to a horizon for the Destinata.   Ah! the story of how and why two powerful entities have the name: "The Morning Star"?

In the when of a very long time ago, not of fantasy, not of imagination, but beyond the history books of even the greatest library, there existed in lands and space-ways far, far away, an angel world so profound and vast of powers that any universe brain energies would bow and plead to be a part of it.

In the whereabouts of the Circumvolve called the "The Father's Wheel", there existed a Host of "wheel" angels, Ophannim by name, who held rings of truth with circuits that owned spins of knowledge super-able to produce endless successions of life.

Of the Mahanaim armies of creator angels who came to this universe to create, they the "wheels" were one of three Hosts:  the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and themselves the Ophannim.   They three came to the Milk Way Galaxy:  the Seraphim as Judges, the Cherubim as Guardians, and themselves, the Ophannim as creators.  The office and creation title for the Ophannim was called the "Morning Stars". Everything was beautiful and the fullest awesomeness of wonderful as the mission began.

At that succession of time, Ophannim were divided into groups:  the praise and songster group, the creative transmission group, and the group who were lord creators. This group 144,000 strong, would spirit the creations. I remember when the Morning Stars sang together for joy how great and grand it was...

Yahvael, the Lord of Host archangel would lead the group spiriting the creations. There was first a consideration that needed urgent decision, and that was choosing who would officiate the Morning Star office that was usually Yahvael's position. T he highest other ranking Ophannim was Dominius. However, Dominius, an elect co-archangel, was not yet a full-fledged archangel, and there were angelic codes that required an archangel status for such an assignment.

It was not a difficult happening to have occurred, when “Lufer” who was a stunning, second-in-command Cherubim archangel to Gabriel became the one for the job.  Of course, that was the decision, and "Lufer" broadened his name to "Lucifer" as relating to the office of the "Morning Star".  Consequently, Lucifer took on the "Morning Star" title for the intended period of creation.



  1. ISAIAH 14:12 KJV:  How have thou fallen from heaven, O “Lucifer”, “son of the morning”, H1966, and prime root, H1984, = Lucifer, The Morning Star, to be bright and clear of sound and color, having desires and <intent to ascend and be like the most high God (Isaiah 14:14 KJV)>, H1984 = (clamorous, worthy of renown and praise), [nevertheless, having a potential of rage, and madness].  Can appear and transform as an angel of Light  (2 Corinthians 11:15 KJV).

  2. Lucifer under the guise of his possessions of mortal humans who were positioned as the Prince and King of Tyrus sought to cover up his domination plans. There are three principle presentations in the book of Ezekiel about Tyrus. 

    The prophecies about the city of Tyrus, the prophecies about the Prince of Tyrus, and the prophecies about the King of Tyrus.  There are applications of difference between the three prophecies.  First understand the name “Tyrus” means “Rock”.   The term “Rock” here is both a definition and title.  Compare in Strong’s Dictionary Concordance H6865 that the word “Tyrus” is defined as meaning “Rock”.

  3. There are two Principalities titled “Rock” in the Bible.  It is a para.  There is the “Rock” of ages, God Almighty (Deuteronomy 32:3-4 KJV).  There is also the enemy who is also called the “Rock” (Deuteronomy 32:27-31 KJV).

  4. THE ENEMY (ROCK) is shown clearly in the Bible as being the devil Satan.  Compare:  Matthew 13:39, “the enemy that sowed [the tares] is the devil”.  Acts 13:19, the devil is “the enemy of all righteousness”.

  5. The Devil is Satan, H7854, G4566, G4567.  So then, Tyrus, meaning “Rock”, and being personified as a prince and a king, represents the enemy “Rock”, which symbolically and emphatically represents the Devil Satan.

  6. Who is this “Satan”?  Ezekiel 28:14-15 tells us:  it is the anointed Cherub (Cherubim) who covereth (the angel who stood in to cover Yahvael in the Ophan office of “Morning Star” while Yahvael and the 144,000 were spiriting creation) and who, as a Cherubim before his fall, was perfect.

  7. There is an exceptional record given in the Bible concerning this particular Cherub/Cherubim that clearly exceeds a common or even noble mortal as follows:  Lucifer claims to sit in the seat of God (compare, Ezekiel 28:2 KJV). The Bible attributes to Lucifer-Satan having a seat of power and recognition (compare Revelations 2:13 KJV).  Also, Lucifer, speaking of having a seat on the White Throne Judgment among the Seven Spirits of God, says:  “I will ascend into heaven; I will exalt” (Isaiah 14:13 KJV: exalt= breed worms; H7311 = make condemnations) against those angels who sided against me, and therefore send many of the Morning Star angels to hell where the worm never dies (Mark 9:44-48 KJV).  Lucifer-Satan is well known in the Bible for being the accuser of the brethren G4567, (Revelation 12:10 KJV).  Consequently, he says:  For I will sit upon the mount of the congregation on the [celestial] sides of the North (compare, Isaiah 14:13-14).

  8. The example of this is the Satyr goat H8163 (=the devil Satan), as the Scapegoat, H5799= AZAZEL (THE EL =god), symbolic of Satan who as Lucifer is a fallen kindred brother H251 ach, who must take on the blameand punishment for the sins of the fallen angels who followed him but then afterward took human bodies for the hope of salvation, but again reverted to idol worship (Leviticus 16:8, 10, 22) KJV.  Interestingly, The Manifester Yada, via H263, Achavah, the solution of riddles, reveals the H251 “ach”=kindred, brother.

  9. It is clear by the shown Scripture that Lucifer was at one time perfect but then there occurred conditions that changed him (Ezekiel 28:15 KJV).   This is referred to as a beginning when Lucifer began to take on an additional and dark personality called Satan.  So it is written of that: it was during that beginning, that Lucifer began to sin (1 John 3:8 KJV).  During that same beginning Lucifer became a liar and murderer (John 8:44 KJV). T wo major effects upon Lucifer were his being a Cherubim and becoming involved with the high pressures of the Ophannim Order, and Lucifer’s fall from heaven.

  10. It can be seen that such names as Satan, Devil, Demon, Serpent, Drago are all personalities of Satan who is of Lucifer.  Furthermore, here is an unfold about parallel forces of Light and Darkness.  These forces are being presented in the Bible Ephesians 6:12 KJV as Principalities who are the two Parallel forces in the universe whose Bible names are hidden under the term “Rulers”.   There is the Almighty, the PANTO-KRATOR, THE PRINCIPALITY OF LIGHT G3841, AND COSMO-KRATOR G2888 WORLD RULER.  AND if you want more of this story, follow the Manifester Blogs about the BLACK HOLES. 

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