Thursday, May 13, 2021


In part one of this series under the subtitle "Suspicions" I named off a number of negative event suppositions of world happenings, the which some have reason, but most such suppositions as being presented, are just pumped out ooze of contaminated and re-potted conspiracy ideologies.

Such subjects being accentuated and concocted in the gas-fume factories of talk bitch-craft. (the term "bitch" not used as a birth term, but as in "bitching" or constantly complaining).

I say "bitch-craft because such presentations are often intentional but at least, ignorant dirty mind-pollutant misrepresentations of actual truth presented as fact. This constant rewinding of conspiracies is being taken up by many of the Christian pupiteers as replacement for the gospel of love and peace.

There is a false kind of righteousness trying to be substituted in all of these negative event horizons of false predictions. Without doubt, it is a jay-walk across the mind-flow of spiritual sensibility.

Believers of truth, need to defer from listening to these spade-works of lard-gorithm. These waddles in ritualism, are nothing less than junket-sortie excursions, sponsored by the Forces Dark.

The Bible says "Perfect Love,casts out All fear", so if you want Perfect Love, why should you be petting these predatory animal concerns and cuddling their promises of death and destruction? I am not saying you need to be without knowledge of potential dangers.

But most of these contracts to deceive, given out by Satan, will never reveal true safety. The Holy Spirit will do that if your just give the Spirit a chance. David of the Bible, was so protected by God, he could feast without harm in the middle of his enemies. Since God is no respecter of persons, please just get on board the gospel ship.

Well, I'm out of time and space again and I am not finished with review of THE FUTURE FORTUNE OF EARTHLINGS 1. I want to cover another aspect but with a lighter approach. Lord willing, tomorrow!

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