Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Extrication of Revelation....

Alabastrum!  A beautiful word, a beautiful thing….a flower bud,,,,,  O’ stem of holding~~ whisper your breath,,,, for now I must strum the unfold of your flower bud.

My kiss comes to you, O’ bud of splendour; I hum upon the edges of your leaves.  The morning stars shine down on me, and their glows pass from my face to light up your splendor.

O’ you Flowers, you Manifest blog readers, if ever you have respected the long hours of mornings and nights that I have poured out through my soul to strum you to blooming,,,,, if ever you have felt in your heart the beats of my heart that has yearned for you to rise whole and free,,,,, if ever you have heard my love for you speak to your spiritual part, if only in one of the many blogs, and have felt its caring prayers touch you,,,,, then please write a comment on my blogs that I may hear the cooing of the doves and watch the sprinkling of rain as it causes the grasses to be thick and green. This I ask, so I share not to myself a lonely mind, having not been fanned by those unspoken or seldom spoken flowers of Love or sincerity, whose petals of splendour belong to my song of peace.

In a quiet moment, as I thought upon these things and as my mind loomed, I felt the soft touch of gentle caressing God-winds, urging and comforting me in my thoughts to not hesitate to step outside the maximum and minimum concept designs of the traditional religious confines and to go on to extramural revelations.

In the paragon of a new moment, in the extricate of an extempore of the Holy Spirit….the dimensions of Love will rise to morph dead matter, changing it into sparkles of beauty and life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cuddle Cuddle the wings of this revelation in your arms until those wings become your new arms and in your mind you fly, fly, fly!  In the absolute of Love, row back the shadows; open the concealed; end the enigmas.  Let wisdom shine forth from your innermost being.

Out of your ground, God shall create in you a new garden of Eden, complete with the Cherubim, who will teach you how to take power over this mortal universe.  There the new tree of knowledge, grafted with only good knowledge, will grow the fruit of everlasting Life.

Be fruitful; multiply your wisdom and take dominion of all that was your glory before the foundations of this world, (Compare, 1 Corinthians 2:7, KJV).  Give new names to every lowly, crafted-by-sin thing, as a prophecy bespeaking the power of regeneration.

I call you to this Love that will heal the blind and deaf and raise the dead!   Do not be afraid to believe me.  Follow me, as I follow Jesus the Christ; for in the great tomorrow we shall dine with Him and drink the transeeing cup in the Father’s House.

Go ahead and ask me….. Am I not the one who poured water on the hands of John the Revelator? (Compare 2 Kings 3:11 KJV).  Have I not kissed the “The Book of Little Things”? (Compare Revelation 5:1 KJV).  Bring a minstrel and let him play (compare 2 Kings 3:15 KJV) that I be moved to prophesy the Urim and Thummim (compare Ezra 2:62-63 KJV) to become stones of crystal in the walls of the Melchizedek new Jerusalem.

Let the Witnesses rise and say:  “Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm” (1 Chronicles 16:22 KJV).

But yet the Manifester will say:  I am but a worm in the sun whom the birds seek to devour - a sprig of grass toasted by harsh experiences.  Nevertheless, by Yahvael’s mercy, I live and walk and have my being in AM whose name is Love, (Compare, Acts 17:28, KJV).

Alabastrum, you buds who will flower in the greatest Manifest blooming the world has ever known.  One day, ultimate Manifest will speak from your lips, and multitudes will be extricated by revelation with such Love…. the hearers will become as the Beautiful People.

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