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One day by the unlit fireside, I promised myself to stop un-remembering...Then I prayed: Renew my mind o' Lord. But of truth it was not that I had forgotten, it was that I understood how easy it was for people to miss the meaning and how difficult it was to get a correct picture of such reality as the experience I hadfourteen years ago. Nostalgia was not in default in my soul, and there was no absence of yearning, everything retrospective was alive and well. This super picture was not scrap for a scrapbook.

It is not that I am meddling to know the content in their book of fate. But someone does need to scold such a foolish rebellion of thoughts. It is amazing how many persons have become marksmen in their aim at blind spots. Consequently, I don't think it is a spluge to believe every twist, kink, knot, or tangle inhibiting truth can be removed. I never intend to stop snuggling into my own confidence and faith believing love is never in vain.

If your anger and mistrust has become a sore eye to every other good thing about you, isn't it time to put your idea of uttermost limits behind you and to cross over to the other side? Isn't it time to fill those empty places in your heart again? There is no reason big enough to be rude, no reason eternal enough to not forgive, no reason better than love for reason to start over again.

As for me, this ole ship can still sail the seven seas, is still steering the course exceeding the impossible and overcoming the outrageous. I'm not saying that serenity is glowing, but in my mind I am a part of the victory procession trooping this way.

Doubtless, there is a time to recall visions and revelations of the Lord. I remember that FOURTEEN YEARS AGO a Christ believer person who took a trip into outer space far far away from this planet called earth. There are certain things at this time which are unlawful for me to describe so I will say as regards this experience I am about to describe, I cannot say if it was a literal body trip or a spirit trip. But this I can say: That person was caught up to paradise where he heard words not capable of being spoken in my regular language. Yes, word so sensational they are beyond me at this time to utter.

That person of my higher self I can glory in, but the regular me with all my problems and infirmities there is nothing to glory about. No, I will not be a fool, lest other fools suddenly grab the notion that my flesh man is something divine. It is not a must, and to every person there is a difference...but for me the Messenger of satan was sent to grind me down from the glory I saw. I guess because of my pride I had to suffer it out until the Lord's strength was able to rest upon me, (Compare: 2 Corinthians 12:1-9) MIV

SO PAUL YOU CAME BACK FROM PARADISE!... PARADISE, THE FATHER'S HOUSE. NO ONE GOES THERE WHO HAS NOT FIRST BEEN TO THE CITY OF GOD. (Hebrews 11:10 KJV). The scriptures say: We are strangers and pilgrims on the Earth (Hebrews 11:13-16 KJV). There obviously exists a ground and space between Earth ground and space, and the First Domain, the Heaven of heavens). There are lodgings for spiritually minded people. Lodgings where minds can fly to the City of God.

Somewhere in your recall lane abide there are wonderful directions to these not ordinary places. One day you may have your FOURTEEN YEARS AGO message to tell. When that most excellent moment comes you will be able to share to the world the beyond of the beyond. I am so pleasured that I have been to the City of God and I have been to this Paradise called the third heaven, The Father's House.

Come and go with me to my Father's House, to my Father's House where there is peace, joy, and Love.


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