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Manifester Prophecies

Manifester Oracles on the Future of the United States of America

I saw a great Eagle flying high over its territories.  Its feathers were tattered; its beak chipped; it was as though old before its time.  I saw this great Eagle struggling in aerial wars with its own offspring.  Then I saw the eye which was the capstone on the US dollar firing flares into the night’s sky until a new Fourth-of-July event was created that outshone the first Fourth-of-July event.

Then flew this great Eagle to a perch so high none of the Eagle’s negative progeny could fly there.  I saw his beak open, and he was breathing hard.  And it was so, a metamorphosis began to happen to the Great Eagle.  As I watched I saw old feathers fall and new feathers grow; as a phoenix bird, the Great Eagle’s feathers and body was renewed until it became as a young Eagle, greater and stronger of flight than ever before.  (Compare Psalms 103:5 KJV.)  As is the gift of renewal to the Eagle so also is the gift of renewal to God’s people. (Compare Isaiah 40:31 KJV.)

Let the errant ones keep silent who have professed death to this Eagle; for they know nothing of the long truth, nor do they understand the Eagle’s time of destiny (Revelation 12:14 KJV).  Whosoever doubting this word does not have a key to the one-hundredfold mysteries of the Kingdom of God, and as a human never has had consciousness of such a key.  This is still the journey time of the Great Eagle’s wings, for the time of the wilderness has not yet come (compare Exodus 19:4 KJV) and is yet a Book’s view into the future (compare Revelation 12:14 KJV).


Beyond the Prophets of Gloom and Doom....

The primitive prophets prophesied judgements against countries and kingdoms (Jeremiah 28:8 KJV). This kind of prophesy was the standard in prophesy with which the ancient world was familiar.

There are modern, so-called prophets who try to mimic the primitive prophets with the same graceless principles and styles that belonged to those said primitive prophets – or as it may be said, those fossil word patriarchal prophets.  It is not being said that some of these ancient prophets were not great men of God. Nor is it being said that everything these ancient prophets exhorted was just gloom and doom. Nor is it being said that there are not still examples of history to be learned from those ancient prophecies in a historical or parable sense.

But, it is being said, that since Jesus Christ, there are now a new kind of prophets who, for modern times, have a different message which is beyond those ministry methods used by the ancient prophets of gloom and doom.  This new kind of prophets are Melchizedek seers.  These prophets who prophesy under the banner of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, are prophets of Peace, Healing, Health, Salvation, and Revelation (Jeremiah 28:9 KJV).

The prophets of the primitive order are of the least magnitude in the Kingdom of Heaven.  (Matthew 11:11-13 KJV). The prophets of the Christ of Peace Order are of a higher message magnitude than those of the ancient judgement prophets.

Those modern persons and ministries who keep pounding away at, and broadcasting the message of fear and judgement, may be getting a lot of attention, but they are not focusing on the message given by Jesus to the disciples for administering to the people according to the will of God.

Many teachings from the pulpits by the evangelistic sensationalist have become likened to the news media which frequently focuses on the downbeat happening of life.  So then, for news of pain, murder, terrorism, and political scandal, there is the news media; let them handle it.  Someone will say:  But the news media is one-sided; they often don’t tell the full story and often not the accurate story.

There are all kinds of people who are challenging the news media, and those persons or organizations are most likely the source the gloom and doom prophets are taking their information from.  Ministers, “let those who pedal death and pry up sentences of destruction bury the dead” (compare Luke 9:60 KJV).

Readers, check the gospels for yourself. Very little of the gospels deal with world turmoil.   The ministry of Jesus did not focus on world turmoil.

Jesus said: Take heed that no man deceive you, for many shall preach messages they claim to be endorsed by Me that are not. [In the subduction zone the Earth is], you will always hear of wars and rumours of wars; but see to it that these things do not trouble you.  It is in human nature for humans to war against humans.  Such things according to human nature will, time by time, come to pass; BUT SUCH EVENTS ARE NOT WHAT WILL BRING THE END OF THE WORLD! (See Matthew  24:4-6 MIV; also compare Matthew 24:4-6 KJV.)

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places.  Do not be troubled by these things; these things will not bring the end of the world (see verse 6). Such events still belong to the beginning stages of time and sorrows (see Matthew  24:7-8 MIV; also compare Matthew 24:7-8 KJV).

The very sad thing is, over the years, many dozens of prominent ministers have made time predictions (prophecies) as to the coming of Jesus Christ and the end of times and, of course, have been made fools and false prophets, therefore disgracing their faith and church.

What is the matter with these persons?  Can’t they believe the words of Jesus Christ that no one knows the exact timing or hour, not even the angels of heaven, but only the Father? (See Matthew 24:36 KJV.)

The mystery of the time is a Bible treasure that belongs to the seals of the book that only Jesus was accepted for being able to open (Revelation 5:1-6 KJV). Bible terms such as “soon” , “shortly come to pass”, and others have meanings relative only on the scale of a very long time (Revelation 22:13 KJV) or sometimes link to different translational or transcendental meanings (Revelation 21:17 KJV).

The Bible says that the Lord (Lion of the tribe of the root of Judah) loosened the seals of the book (Revelation 5:5 KJV).  What is not generally known is this process of loosening the seals has to do with inverting the judgements to non-judgements for God’s people.  The Message of Jesus Christ is Peace and Love.

Consequently, dear readers, Jesus said:  Let not your hearts be troubled: you believe in God; believe also in Me (compare John 14:1 KJV).

So then, there will be national and philosophical declines of spiritual and cultural standards.  Moral decline and decadence is in alarm due to the breakdown of values.  There is a loss of spiritual root as concepts are taught to marginalize the principles of faith in God as taught in Christian ideals.

Many of the youth are in despair due to their becoming bound by narcotics and due to a loss of a national destiny.  This moral decline is all over the world and deeply in place in Europe and America.  The infrastructure for a correct political, economic, and cultural inset is in deterioration.  The built-in check of religious influence has been compromised.

The catalyst of established faith has been given away for mediocrity.  The trump of reason has been traded by a disillusioned generation.  Euphoric expectation is in a slump at ground level.  Socialism is a worry even to those who do not understand the meaning of it.

If I were to name all negative trends in the breaking points, in all the fields they were occurring, a small book would not suffice.

But is this what you want to hear?  Do you think this knowledge will bring you closer to God? Do you think as a Christian attached to Peace and the Love of God that this tree of the knowledge of good and evil is where you should lunch?

Yes, civilizations will fall and new civilizations will rise; but truth will transcend all the time trends of evil and all the damaged minds whose broken language, born out of perverse flashbacks, have driven them to the mania of the times.

What people need today is not being piled on with all the negatives of evolving turmoil, but they need to be pointed to the Master of Peace, Love, and Salvation in deeper and deeper ways of truth.

I am the Manifester, and I have come to lead you to a Peace and Love beyond the Prophets of Gloom and Doom.

Three Secret Manifester Prophecies of coming Events...


Jesus took only a few disciples up to the Mount of Transfiguration.  He told them to keep the revelations secret until He was ascended.

I the Manifester have had hundreds and hundreds of prophecies of marvelous and accurate predictions.   Many people have been stunned at the precision of these prophecies.

The sign for those persons who will receive copies of these new prophecies will be those who give their e-mail name and address and write “count me in”.  Your e-mail will be kept confidential.

Request start today August 3rd and continue through August 15th midnight.  No exceptions will be considered and no extensions will be made.  Please do not partake if not interested.  There will be no offense to those who do not partake.

All  partakers are asked to NOT share the prophecies to anyone else.  Each interested party must request for their own representation.


Mind Sanctuary from Now Through the Year 2012....

The public market has been drenched with offers by religious racketeers offering, for sale or for a gift offering, information warning of world disasters, the coming of Christ, and the end of the world.

These doomsayers set loose their calibrations for the effect of sensation without having any true scientific fact and without having a true word from God.   False books, even giving dates of coming events, have sold in the millions which predicted dates and events that passed without incident, and those that remain on bookshelves are evidence of such fraud.

There are, of course, serious times ahead, and information as how to handle a crisis can be life saving;  but the public does not need a bunch of loose screws in the engine of information.

This Jesus has told us:  there will always be the poor; there will always be wars and rumours of war; there will always be human hearts failing for fear; there will always be natural disasters (Mark 14:7, Matthew 24:6, Luke 21:26, and Matthew 24:7 KJV).  Those that will be saved from such things must endure through the end of them (Matthew 24:13 KJV).  Jesus further said:  if a person had even a mustard seed of faith, such mountains of terror could be cast away from that person and his family (Matthew 17:20 KJV).

Yes, Jesus said someday there will be an end of world time and, sometime, He Jesus would come again, but that God had given it to no angels or humans to know this time (Mark 13:32 KJV).


Twenty Years From Now!

Who can say what will be twenty years from now…need such foresight come from a prophet, a seer, a telethesian*, a visionary, an oracle? And when some voice speaks from a claimed human psychical* preconsciousness should one turn on an alarm and name it a pseudo* event? Few be the tall human oaks that really know to tell the psychogenesis* of the human mind.

In an ancient writ called the Bible it is said, that if a prophecy is true it will come to pass, and if a prophecy is false it will fail (Deut. 18:22 KJV). As it is important for the expansion of neologism* for the human language, so is it important for the freedom of expression, be it statements of fact, statements of speculation (such as many scientists forecast), or statements that are predictions (such as economists or weather forecasters make). It is time, is it not, to judge not and to not be judged.

Let it flow; truth will always eventually rise. The paraclete*, the Holy Spirit, will guide all persons who would be set free by the truth….. Let such ones fly free in their minds, unbound from censure, and unchained from the paralysis of condemnation.


Seven Thunders Speak

Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis


  • In the long of very long ago...
  • Before the Genesis of this present world...
  • Seven Thunders rose from seven past universes.

Revealed to THE MANIFESTER by insights beyond this world, this is a story of pre-existent universes...

This is book one of seven writs Included is new revelation on the Holy Grail, the Ark of theCovenant, the Urim and Thummim, early Jesus years, and insights to overcomers and life after death.

....Read More....

Peace Manifest Bible

Over 2500 Pages and 40 Years in the Making

cover pmb275

The Peace Manifest Bible is a Spirit to spirit Holy Spirit contextual interpretation... There is presently no other Bible like unto this Holy Pesher Bible with its many levels of transcendental writ.

It contains Threefold levels of insight to Scriptures that answers questions so distinctly that hearts become content who read it.

Ordained by Angels and prepared by a scholarly team of Spirit-filled School of the Prophets for Holy Spirit contextual-architect presentations.

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