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The Marriage Before Dawn

He that hath the bride is the bridegroom: but the friend of the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth him, rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom's voice: this my joy therefore is fulfilled. (John 3:29)

Across the Thought Bridge and to Freedom...

Make up your mind, Flower: it's either reach for the Sun or flop to the dirt. Make up your mind, Star; it's either super nova or black hole. Remember, what comes first is very important.. Open the screen; dash to the fore of your sight. Pull out the hiatus; fill in the gap. Iron out your ideas; there is a difference of what is a wave from what is a wrinkle. Allow what is right and true to be your exemplar. In life you will live admidst many unresolved issues; don't go ego to think every riddle is for you to solve.

Let it flow; give it time: answers have a way of coming along. Don't force the door. Man, think twice or more before you marry the female warrior. Woman, think a chunk of thoughts before you bed down with the anchoret of cavalier.

Don't become so gutsy in your dealings with life, you become a dashing fool. Nevertheless, don't divorce fortitude, great-heartedness, and being a luminary of the power of your own will. Don't eclipse fact, by using your emotions and self-suffertude to cover it. For once and for all, get a hold of your own hind-end and push it into the real world. There is a multiplex of bad human seed out there; be aware of it, and leave that planter box before it turns into a snake pit.


Broken Hearts Floating Down The River Of Time....

My consciousness stood for anxious moments and watched through the eyes of my mind with great sadness the many broken hearts floating down the river of time. Alas 'tis the greatest pain known to the spirit of a human..... to have one's heart break in pieces of its image and picture of love and adoration.

In the splash down of that fall from a mental and emotional state of snug-heartedness the spirit of one's being is often rendered as shut up into a hurt of tears and thoughts which often leads the lonely one to wander into a forest of lost paths.

Who can say the cause? Sometimes love is one-sided and the heart-to-heart beats from a mate were only false-etto and not true beats of real Love. In such situations the break up call may have been waiting on line for years. In other cases the heart-to-heart relation was true but not recognized in the order of response wanted by one of the mates. So some dream-stars will fall from heaven and all the army engineers of the kings on Earth and all the Kings and their technical gear will not be able to put these hearts back together again. But there is One Whose name is Love who alone can heal any breach dissolve any anger and who can change the shifting sands of a failing marriage to solid ground.


Whosoever God has Joined Together?


By theoretical slants built on hypothetical, illusory, unsubstantiated, and erroneous interpretations, some people as a result of such slanted information have been bound in chains of marriage blisters. On the other side, however, the purpose of this blog is not for underwriting those persons who for any reason or for the consorts of their lusts drop out of one marriage and then another as though marriage was just a doorway from one bosom to another.


Many epics ago when glories knew glories, long before the genesis of humankind,,,,, in the seasons of antecedence and anteriority,,,,, there existed one eternal marriage (Revelation 19:7 and Ephesians 1:3-10 KJV). All other marriages are only meant to be figurative of that marriage (Luke 20:34-35 KJV).

Before you were born, before you were flesh-laden, you belonged to God the I-AM and were part of the Corporate Body (Ephesians 3:14-15, Job 38:4-7, Ephesians 4:16 KJV and Job 38:21 RSV). You are the offspring of God’s progeny; you are children of Yahvael. Yes! you are gods born of God (John 10:34-36 and Psalms 82:6 KJV). Yahvael is your Father in heaven (John 17:5 and John 10:37-38 KJV).


Marriage Before the Dawn....Addendum 1

I remember when I was there,,,,, and that is why I cannot conduct like persons who have not yet awakened in this land of forgetfulness (Psalms 88:12 KJV). In the super-swoo of those moments of remembering, I climbed the highest mountain, that is to say: ..I ascended to the highest places of my mind.

There are various shades and tints of vision potential for the revelation of spiritual seeing. The greatest color of revelation is the Love of God. In the somewhere of when, you will see the great “which was, which is, and which is to be” worlds (Revelation 1:4 KJV) dispersed into multiple impressions of Love containing the stories of the All of all.

Go to, my kiss, and kiss into being a multitude of flowers that can fly on the energy of songs that angels sing. O Love, from the depths of my Soul, kiss me with my kiss, again and again until I become a living picture bearer with images of the Living God’s beauty and majesty flowering the songs of Life.

O kiss of the kiss of my Soul, prance in the skies over the hills. Prance O soles of the garnished brass hoofs of the great white horse upon which the Son of God rides in the skies of the Earth (Revelation 19:11 KJV).


Marriage Before The Dawn...Addendum 2

Oh the veins of marriage,,,,, like roadways, like star-paths, like phases up and down, like bliss, like war, like sweet, like sour, like a link, like a bonding, like a perfect whole, like a series of missing gaps,,,,, forward, yet looking back over their shoulders, they go and come.

Hold the message and massage it; handle it gently, for in it is life and love. Who will sweep with their mind to understand its values? Who will hold it tight with their heart…through the storm, through the uncertainties? Who will strive to the edge of their teeth to chew down mental grief and pain for the belonging joy that is hoped to come?

Yet, there are the crossing lines where the road passes the points of no return. Alas, may it never on Earth ring its alarm and present its tolls! For some it never comes, but for others it is as sure as death.

In the pot of marriage mixture, the stew of life becomes the evidence of wholesomeness or the sickness of the meal. The writ speaks: “Not until death do you part!” The death of what, of whom? Quite cruel would it seem to the deep in love to be told at the onset: This marriage of love dies when either one of you become deceased! How Love seeks to be eternal.

Well, then, might not the “death” of the said writ, be the death of the marriage, which, after all, is the subject of the betrothal ceremony? So then, it would go like this…..”Not until the death of the covenant of this marriage will you part.”


Marriage Before The Dawn...Addendum 3

That which is spirit-based is view-based in flourishing not of this world. Therefore, twit not the dregs that stoop on lower plains, nor endorse the blank eye sockets that hold no deepened vision. O blossoming tongue, speak now or forever hold your moment!

Yea, trustee of shining, sponsor now this rise of truth, that glories may roll into glories,,,,, “joys unspeakable and full of Love”. O chaperon of Love, escort us into mergings that belong to the super experiences that exist beyond the shadow rivers of terrestrial life.

I came from the gleamings, raw of earth but plush of Spirit. I was as an alien to those who could not understand. I had stepped to levels too high for maintaining the rules that girt human guttural gratings. I kissed eternity as though for a brief glory beyond time. Who can or dare take that aerial gyration from me?…. No! not one!

I’ve been baptised in the many, living treasures of God’s Love. I brought the taste of that glory back to Earth: I am ruined for the things that belong to common settings; I am ruined for the trek on muddled clay. Give me now, O Lord, my daily spiritual lift; for I have no appetite for worldly gain.


Marriage Before The Dawn...Addendum 4

“Some sweet day I’ll fly away, to the sky, way up high, to that land where living waters flow“….. meanwhile, here on Earth:

To many, the pace to get ahead spiritually seems like squeezing through a needle’s eye. However, all such mental abrasion is due to not understanding and applying “Rendering” and “Reconciliation”.

First, get it straight….. Earth is not paradise; it has more hell territories than it has heavenly places. Even way back in time during the generations before Adam, the Earth was not a paradise garden; and that is why God prepared a spot of relief,,,,,called the Garden of Eden. If the Earth was already paradise, what need the Garden of Eden?

We further need to understand that for all of Earth’s previous years prior to Adam, it obviously didn’t have a way to eternal life. And that is why God put the Tree of Life in the midst of the Garden of Eden for those of Soul consciousness.

Impedition is everywhere and on every road of life. Here on Earth, the file is ready to test human belief and resistance to death. Fake happiness is a fad; the word “love” is used to describe everything from a meal to an article of clothing or money and et cetera.


Marriage Before the Dawn...Addendum 5

In a foretelling compendium about bridges,,,,, renunciations are girded over….. Wounded hearts are healed; lonely spots are dissolved; rumbles are made to wear a heavenly muffler mask.

O “bridge over troubled waters”, sing to the loves that lie bleeding. Show them the way to unwind the anger that has been spun. Inscrutable moment, you can never be so complex that you are undecipherable; for with but a touch of the wand by a Holy Ghost angel, the maximum tangle can be reposed.

They asked Jesus this question:

“Can a person divorce one’s mate for any cause?” (Compare Matthew 19:3 KJV paraphrased).

Jesus answered:

“Haven’t you read the Scriptures?” (Compare Matthew 19:4 KJV paraphrased)


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