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Masterpiece Transmissions from God

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. (1 Corinthians 13:1)


When truth and revelation become a shattering event to ignorance, an advance is made for the human mind and spirit. There is no lie greater of damage to mortals than the lie that rejects God and AM's Word. You who have become so full of yourself there is no room to seek truth, take Thought... your time here is but a passing note.

There is a clear, that is so clear, it is invisible. Such revelation is not strange from an INVISIBLE GOD. However, sometimes even things invisible can be felt by the feeling to one's spirit and soul. We come to the fountain of other tongues tongues alien to most people but not alien to those who have come into trans-assimilation of Jesus Christ. From this peering into glories enchanting, the hem of Lord's garment is near at hand. It is a day that the Lord has made, a time one can drink direct from the rain of pure skies.

You may tell others what time the watch on my wrist says, but don't tell me... I am caught away in a starrise of the in-seeing of hearts,,,,,whose belonging Love is waltzing with angels of knowledge. O' age of I-ron let your quickenings come. Today I speak rays of blue, tomorrow I will speak rays of scarlet and purple. O beautiful morning beyond the twilight, you are more beautiful than diamonds, more beautiful than rubies. In you O Bright and Morning Star I am born again far far away where nights only come for a special theatron of time.

The Lord said to me: go speak to the Selah Rock that it might reveal the hidden fountainhead of the language of God. Take the number 10 and invert it, (Compare, Job 28:7-11, and Isaiah 40:4, KJV). You now have 01. Now the zero and the one are no longer relative to each other in the scenario of 10 (Ten). Take the term Words and let it become singular instead plural: Word because the Word of God is both singular and plural, (Acts 13:15 KJV), (A word of exhortation is not going to be one word, the term word used here refers to a plural use). The Bible in the words of Jesus says that the word is the seed (Luke 8:11 KJV). Suppose then we use the term Seed in place of Word according to the interpretation given by Jesus.




UNTO YOU WHO HAVE AN EAR TO HEAR WHAT THE MEMRA (LANGUAGE OF THE WORD OF GOD) HAS TO SAY: There are words unspeakable and full of glory which are undecipherable to non-believers who do not have a divine universal language deed title...complete with sacred codes. When truth unequaled in its presentation rises, it is not long before the ratios of that truth begin to tip the scales from negative syntones to positive syntones for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

The First Revelation to Moses of the Ten Words (actually, words of tens, Compare, Strong's Hebrew Concordance #6680 tsavah [Savah] in tens a prime root, [translated in error to commandment], is just one of the deeply embedded truths hidden of clear vision to the hearers and readers of the Word.

WORDS WRITTEN IN TENS that Moses received on the Mount after 40 days of fasting and waiting before the Lord of the First Revelation were far superior to the Second Revelation of what has become known as the Ten Commandments. Interestingly, but blindly when people read the Bible it seems to say that there was no changes made of the wording of the first tables that were broken and the second set of replacement tables. But this is because after the Golden Calf transgression the thou shall Blessings which regarded the First tables were made invisible beneath the curses to violators of the thou shall not sayings. * * * *



The action in overcoming one's instruction set built into the genes and bio of the body is a line to cross only by the brave. There are actions going on in all levels of society by nature, by toxic infusion due to humans, and by experiments, that are sanding on the instruction set and wearing away at some vital points.

It can be said that is not all bad and not all good. Some persons would call this the result of evolution. The Manifester would call this lattilution. The hopeful method of changing the instruction set would be to change all the information that has set in that is not of the original intent but belongs to negative impedition and effects of the Forces Dark.

Everything that causes changes to the instruction set is a voice of kind speaking that change, whether it be the voices of environment effects, or physiological, or psychological effects, or the voice of a surgeons knife. all actions have sounds and speak in their own voice. The quest of the Manifesters is to rediscover the lost voice of the Word that spoke in the Garden East to Adam and Eve before the Tree of Life was blocked form the voice access of it's Word of Life. In fact to know again what lost memory has erased from the minds of the fallen messengers who now live as mortals on planet Earth.



When the wars come, where will the sons and daughters hide? Before you run, you must tie your shoes; before you cry, you must laugh. What cannot come by the limits of flesh can come by the bountifulness of the Spirit. Mental toy time is over. The faction difference is here. Matter has dominated long enough. Go to the energy locked in your mind... tear off the latch! Hear the voice of the Lord: The Knowledge of the Lord shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas, (Compare, Habakkuk 2:14 KJV). Do you believe this Word? What do you think about this prophecy of knowledge as refers to you:

1. Remaining at the same level of intelligence?

2. Not needing to think any longer?

3. Becoming less mentally capable?

4. Becoming disgusted or angry at the idea of needing to learn more knowledge?

5. Do you still believe that all things are possible?

6. Do you still believe that you can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens you?

7. Do you believe that the times are moving toward vastly increasing knowledge and that God
always provides a counterbalance to His believers?




In the book of Revelation 21:17, it mentions the measurements of an angel. It can be seen that by the need of the higher mind of the angel to provide special measurements, there must then be hidden truths and hidden variables not accessible by common and general knowledge. For sure there are structures deeper than general geometry. General geometry is vastly short of giving an understanding of space. In searching the dimensions of a vector to translate its properties in quantum (as regards its magnitudes and directions), measurements can have an opacity that can be very challenging to comprehend.

There, of course, are extra numbers besides natural numbers. There are divine numbers that have divine meanings. The structure of the Tabernacle used the number five for its pattern component for nearly every measure which was in multiples of five. The holy
anointing oil was composed of five parts; the incense was made of a compound of five parts. In fact the whole of the orders that involved the Tabernacle were derived in a patterned way. The term the heavens has a gematria of 395, a multiple of five. And exponentially, as to ratios according to Leviticus 26:8, there is a ratio of divine empowerment to God's people of 5 to 100.



If you are going to learn the language of angels (1 Corinthians 13:1 KJV) then you must develop infinite range, (1 Corinthians 13:9-13 KJV). As you come into this new administration (1 Corinthians 12:5 KJV) balanced between the ranges of departure and intervene, (1 Corinthians 12:11-14 KJV),the phenomenon of parallelism will be presented, (1 Corinthians 12:26 KJV). Now before I get into the “the star of zero departure” and the coalesce of the ranges of the star of zero and the range of intervene…continue with me as I first break down the scriptures as given above. And please allow my use of parable terms involving astronomy names and mathematics to open this new administration reality for you.


That there is a language of angels is scripture verified in 1 Corinthians 13:1 KJV: “though I speak with the tongues of men and angels”. Additionally, the gift of angel tongues in this portion of scripture is included in a list: tongues of men, gift of prophecy, Wisdom to understand mysteries, Knowledge, faith to move mountains. Consequently, it is by this list and naming that it is made clear that the gift of angels tongues is on the list of gifts available to humankind. The line is of course drawn that without the Love of God none of these gifts can prevail.

One scripture set used to verify “Infinite range” is 1 Corinthians 13:9-13 KJV. “we know in part, and we prophesy in part, but when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. Even in the days of Paul the Apostle, this fulfillment had not arrived. The people were still seeing through the glass darkly. Yet there remained three energies for directing expectation for this “infinite range” to come: “hope, faith, and Love”. This state to reach was called “perfection”. However, understand, this was still not referring to ultra perfection, rather, a level of perfection. So then the “range” involves orders of knowledge, faith, and Love.



The fan is in my hand, how can I not swirl with the breeze of it’s fanning. I touch myself, at first, I am here but there is something strange. I touch myself again and I am only spirit. Certainty seems evasive, I am left with probability which can be a sufficient basis for belief and action. Yet somehow, on the pillar is a striation (architecturally, a parallel narrow channel flute on the shaft of the column) without which interpretation there is a fluttery to the sheer absolute of resolve. But there is a flurry in me that bewilders doubt, an interwoven determination. I would pray for hawk eyes except I do not want to be a hawk.

A turning, almost a complete somersault, sometimes must promote how a person must learn to not lean on only one way of perceiving and thinking. When the nerves become like the taunt membranes of a drum, one thing to do is to play the drums until its rhythm sets free the restriction. This is not the time for the unknown dead to look over my shoulders, I have no intentions for joining anything dead right now. No matter how long-handled the curve of inquest, few are the birds who die from body failure while in flight. And this flight I am on is a soaring most divine.

O’ inceptive moment come! I adore walking among Morning Glories. But clad me not with the incidents of incipient happenings. Today I will live on the top of life. The spin in me is an engine for making manuscripts of engraved designs. I will write until hell runs from this holy ground. Psalms me O’ God with Your Spirit until I am caught up in your mental breezes. I hear in the background a flowing music whose scale is not of this world.


Masterpiece Transmissions 3 of number 1......

In the where of somewhere, in the when of sometime, the signal fingerprinted of your destiny bespeaks that you find its treasure lode. To find the way of the signal is such, that whosoever tracts it to its source is likened to a gold prospector who after much searching finds the mother lode. Think until your mind squeaks, strive until your hands and feet are raw with spiritual war. Strain with your eyes until your focus makes an eagle’s vision outdated. Listen for the signal until your ears become a vast vat of reverb resounding the ages and sifting the stars until the pointer tempo to your signal is found. For the mental conquering of unknown knowledge about worlds without end, this is not too much to ask

O age of I(r)on… author of “sweet prints”, in a coming thunder you will call for the yonder to come. The Spirit and the Lord say Amen! I am enjoyed and pleased. But I cannot wait for that wave which will sweep the age of knowledge into being. I have received the book of little things from the angel’s RIGHT HAND. I have read from the lips of angels the *quotum vibrations that speak the soundtron. I have said I am nothing. I have asked: why am I deemed to be so bold? It was said to me: You are chosen to fall upward until the spell of the fall is broken for every reader of heart who is seeking a destiny that has wings. *from the term “quote” as being Words of God.

The Bible asks: God, who are the mortals that you are so mindful of them? (Palms 8:4 MIV) Let it be said that although there are physical similarities between humans and animals, the difference cannot be compounded to resolution by comparing to a human’s physical constituency of a google of nerve cells and molecules. In the main, the difference is in the consciousness of the human mind which is a combination operation of the brain and the spirit (not just the brain). When the human brain’s reasoning connects with the human spirit’s mind of reasoning, a consciousness higher than just an “awareness of being alive” is begotten. Beyond the “being alive recognition” and beyond the consciousness that is now generally present in mortals, the foremost consciousness that is destined to rise in human mortals has not yet risen in the masses, but there are a few persons who do posses it.


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