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The photo-spheres of a thousand thousand stars radiate to the receptors of my mind.  My Medulla Oblongata the pyramidal shaped hind part of the vertebrate of my brain (which  is continuous with my spinal cord) is beeping about thoughts told to me by the extraterrestrial TT..  TT.. T! a resident of the Father's House Planet.   (O' wow when I tell this true story will it cause many of my followers to scattered as it did when Jesus said: except you eat my flesh and drink my blood [He was speaking of trans-assimilation] you will in no wise enter the kingdom of God?

A prismatic polyhedron of prismatold insight arises in the story I am about to tell.  Every vertex of this truth lies in one of its parallel planes of knowledge known about this Earth world...recorded in energy dots which to the average person is mentally beyond this world.

A parallel arrangement of words in the form of an antithesis speaks from the ante co dent (first term of a mathematical ratio).  But this is no shift into an alternate reality.  Rather it is a coded message that it is time for the Empire of Shadows to melt.  The umbra of dark goo has served as a mentor long enough now come agents of the most high God to manifest the Light that comes from grace above.

The true portrait imagery is a color-shift of transformation that will dare break the super-bubble of disinformation.

Sometimes a great cover up intent upon using the figments of the imaginations of the world can have a turn around for a better good...that never was the planned purpose.

Such is the case with Roswell's UFO's area 51 said happenings.. Go to now let your brain spin free of the old saliva spit out your slobber tidy up your mind gear down this hill is a high mountain.  From this view advantage you will see afar...


In the state of New Mexico July 1947 at Roswell a whole UFO show happened that broadened out to Area 51.  Who would have thought this whole show should be figured as a brilliant high tech military cover up.  A UFO crash they said!  But the men in black were agents of the military for the US Government.  Deep secret concepts significant of subject as to perhaps mean survival of the USA as a nation jammed the circuits  of powerful military minds.   The United States had dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan August 6 1945 and based on the result Russia especially was desperately interested.  Therefore a rush to beat all other nations to the stroke of being first to perfect and broaden the weaponry of these secrets weapons was a must at all costs.  These secrets being developed and further tested of course included the Nazi Haunebu flying discs (Flying Saucers) as well as the Atomic Bomb.

Disturbingly  the military incident at Roswell stirred human curiosity to the point certain heads of the military decided this public interest was not only an interfering situation but had potential for jeopardizing the secrecy of their work.   Such curiosity it was thought was a severity that might allow highly protected location secrets to become more exposed to foreign national interest which the military knew very well could eventually draw secret agents of rival nations.   To secure these secrets even most of the lower ranking military staff were purposely misinformed and a few of them would years later disclose what they thought were secrets which they knew because of their position in the military but factually they  never were advised as to the actual knowledge of the military's strategy and the purpose of the secret but remained included in ignorance  as was the media and the general crowds of US citizens and as was the researchers of other nations all being lumped as those that the coverup only allowed disinformation.

Think twice and then think again...the distraction program used by the military was of genius quality.  I say this not for justification or condemnation but rather as a fact.  Every maneuver was a cover up a show of the grandest clandestine strategy.  The advance rubber look-like human-dummies were not androids but had built in testing systems and were used to be able to test the g-force on sudden acceleration from near zero to 15 and 18 hundred miles an hour.  These dummies could bleed a blood looking substance and in their space suits were perfect for a fast look appearance as wounded or dead alien bodies.   The special alien designed markings made to appear as a language or code from extra-terrestrials were created by a special department of the military for being put upon the metal facing of the craft and on metal strong enough as scrapings of a crash to serve as disinformation about the who were owners of the craft.  The warnings and threats to individuals by men in black or persons appearing to be of the military who were advising individuals to keep their mouths shut as to what they as witnesses had seen was all part of a plan for cover up  prepared prior to such an event.  In case of a crash of one of their experimental craft or other exposures on the same subject or level they had perfected to a great extent their plot.   Only the persons  belonging to the highest military and Secret Service clearances had inside knowledge of all these American military actions.

Keep in mind the stakes at risk were monumental Russia was moving to grab up everything pertaining to military or space equipment and as much territory as possible.   Russia due to it's part of the world war 2 victory and loaded with USA military equipment and a huge army was feeling as a military might and another war in Stalin's mind was not out of the question.


There never was an ALIEN UFO crash at Roswell or any place else on Earth. The fact is any true so called alien craft that can travel faster than the speed of light from galaxy to galaxy is so advanced they cannot crash.  Each craft is self-repairable has extensive advanced surveillance advising of any kind of incoming space objects such as meteorites asteroids lasers enemy fire and etc. is sensor advised far in advance of all space environment  and as said is capable of speeds greater than the speed of light. Additionally such flight aircraft has the capability to appear invisible or to even when needed to dematerialize the craft and contents and then either accelerate at streak speeds through space or be vacuumed in a dematerialized state into a content atomizer-hold of one of the other group craft vehicles; and then to be as computer planted into every atom and molecule by fractal latticing of the craft and contents to be spewed back into free space at the designated time so as to be rematerialized outside the atomizer-hold again on demand.

The only UFO type spacecraft that you will find crashed on Earth will be made on Earth.   Consequently since the US Military through acquisition of nearly a hundred top German scientist and the V2 rockets technology Nazi Haunebu saucers foo fighter aircraft technique mounds of secret technology at the end of World War 2  it should not be too difficult to surmise that any saucer crash would have been the Nazi Haunebu saucer type craft being further developed and tested by the US military at area 51.  There was of course also Russia technology developing along these lines which never dared venture into American territory.

Although much of this advanced technology was a result of Nikola Tesla's genius he never divulged the secret concepts of his dynamic insight on gravity and anti-gravity to anyone because the extra-terrestrial Arturians told him at Colorado springs not to divulge that secret due to its possible war use.  Many such things Nikola kept in his genius mind.


The idea that advanced aliens are shooting at each other and always missing their targets for thousands of years is sheer misinformation. It is past time for humankind to get off the hearsay speculative shows created by ignorance of the facts or to sell something for the love of money.  Of course and sadly there are always elements of fractions of truth in many of these concepts and conspiracies.  For instance just recently a sighting of a mysterious object appearing near the planet Mercury was reported and almost immediately described as a cloaked UFO or cloaked celestial object with many kinds of conjecture.  What few of such persons realize is moving planets and stars leave photo trail impressions.  Some stars in the night sky do not even exist any longer but their light impression image still appears as present stars.  Astronomers know and understand this.  In the case of the mysterious object appearing near Mercury it was the photo-trail impression of Mercury itself from the day before.

Be it far from me to say there are no extra terrestrial visitors from outer space who are real.  The truth is they do exist but are not here to harm or take over the earth.  They are humans like us offspring of Enoch originally  from this Earth who were moved by the Cherubim messengers (angels) to the Father's House (a planet in the constellation of the Little Dipper See John 14:1-6) before the flood of Noah. (an ice age flood that took place approximately 10000 years earlier than supposed).   Jesus acknowledged this in Matthew 24: 37-41 and verse 31 that there would be a rapture of people again just like there had happened before in Noah's time.   See the Manifest blogs for more details.

Yes there are Zziths and Zuuts (called by the unlearned UFO's ) and they traverse the heavens  above our Earth and many many humans have seen them.  And yes there are Zams that belong to the Forces Dark who before that same said flood transported offspring of the soulless nephilim (Compare Genesis 6:1-2 KJV)  first to a Saturn moon and then to the Constellation of Draco.  We live in Star Time.  Humans will plant life in outer space on other planets as predicted in the Bible (Compare Isaiah 51:16 KJV)... And there will be and have been spiritual angels wars (Compare Ephesians 6:12-13 KJV).   This is not to say flesh and blood wars such as the so called Star Wars will not happen.  But what is said:  often behind these flesh and blood wars exist the invisible powers of principalities.

More details about night goggles...

As to the wars of the UFO's purportedly able to be seen through night goggles. in the sense of the original meaning of UFO's "unidentified flying objects" that is not what is actually being seen.   The said actual goggle viewing of  alien wars in my opinion is a major error of understanding or even worse a misleading of the public.

Certain schedules of optometry have for some time revealed how that polarized or photo-chromic lens with their vast supply of various kinds of molecules embedded in them can according to which manufacturer have various tendencies to cause strange undesired effects.  There are of course technical reasons for this.  Regarding a different product but as a related kind of thing during the rash of the orb sensation it was discovered that the digital camera flash was to blame for a large percentage of the created orbs.  Some manufacturers own a considerable blame for degrees of irresponsibility for the unfinished assembly and ultimate imperfection of their product.

And as to high powered optics such as night goggles night vision equipment and night binoculars according to their uses all kinds of distortion potentials can result from the cathode ray tube which being driven directly by an image generator to release electron emissions can sometime cause strobe light flashes and effects on the binocular lens which broadcasted effect could be classified as optical illusions.   Even later photo-cathode models which convert invisible infrared light photons into electrons  were an engineering challenge for limiting them from their potential for illusion creations.  It is well known that certain kinds of movement of goggle and photo equipment can produce  light points that can streak out into long trails.

Many different kinds of background images can appear when using high powered optics or night vision equipment such as illusory disconnected dots.  These dots are points of light as seen under keen professional observation and are not saucer shaped as they have been described.  Understanding night optics is a technological thing and getting just the right atmospheric transparency visual acuity and extent of detection ranges takes some technical know how  far more accurate that even years of just use.  Another comparative example is most persons who review video camera tapes are aware of the background flashes that show up as a common expectation.   So to speak it is often in the nature of this kind of equipment.

If someone is claiming night goggle sensations of things seen but this only is said to work on certain models which are often the older generation models beware!  The newer more expensive models may have eliminated the distortion emissions and illusory effects.

Just so that you have it straight as to my overall viewpoint I am not down playing the use of night time equipment such as night goggles for help in spotting craft flying during night skies.  Nor am I down playing all the possible meaning of orbs that are the real thing and not artificially created.  For sure I am not down playing the fact that there are space craft flying in Earth's skies that are not from this planet upon which we live.

But I do get weary of people making claims about these things in manners of misinformation.


Schedule of events:

  • Nikola was born at the dividing of time 12 o'clock midnight during a summer storm of much lightening and thunder his mother thought this to be a sign that Nikola was a child of light.
  • Nikola Tesla was the son of a Serbian orthodox priest born in Smiljan Croatia (Formerly Yugoslavia).   He lived form 1856 to 1943.
  • Prior to moving to the United States in 1884 he had already developed several inventions.  Upon arriving in the United States he shortly when to work for Thomas Edison.
  • His patience for how Edison's concepts of electricity and business ethics worked ended after a short period of time after which he left the company of Tomas Edison and for approximately 14 plus years went to work for himself in continued research and development of his inventions conjunct  with consultant collaboration and sale of his patents to several businesses for their financial aid.  Many inventions and patents were accomplished during this time.
  • In the year 1889 Tesla became a US Citizen.
  • In the spring of 1899 approximately 10 miles from Pikes Peak at a site called knobs hill Tesla built a good sized building  for his creation of a magnifying transmitter to produce  and send wireless energy.
  • It was at this location with his powerful radio beams being sent into space that extra-terrestrials already aware of who Tesla really was contacted him and began advising him.  From that point on he spoke of talking to the planets and describing flying discs from outer space and his conversations with extra-terrestrials.  He soon had to tone down this great experience because many persons began to think him crazy and too extreme.
  • In January 1900 Nikola Tesla moved back to New York to become involved with the very rich J.P. Morgan. He wanted to build a larger system of his magnifying transmitter and needed financial capitalization.
  • In 1901 Tesla set his mind to give the world the gift of free energy and power of resonance.
  • it was not a cinch to think someone crazy who was such a genius.  His magnifying transmitter using first and secondary coils produced oscillations from its operating level of 15 KHz frequency of 200000 watts which was far greater wattage power than the average radio station of modern times.
  • Tesla tuned the regulatory system of his giant coils to be very control sensitive by taking in factors of earth's resonance.  Because the coil system followed the rules of voltage being proportional to the inductance and inversely proportional to the capacitance it was capable of producing 5 million volts without any arc discharges shorting out.  Even in this beginning stage the system could expel discharges of 30 or more feet.
  • As to amperes obtained and its conversion to horse power a 110000 horsepower was reached.  Tesla turned and monitored the frequencies and flow of electricity which nevertheless  discharged as lightening with thrusts of incredible force.
  • Tesla could truly be said to be a son of thunder and lightening.  The latitude at knob hill where the Tesla lab was located was said to be:  38:50:04 north.
  • On approximately June 30 1908 the Tunguska incident occurred.
  • About this same June 30 1908 date strange things happened in Manhattan New York USA.


SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS...It is written:  God's lightnings enlightened the world:  One man... Nikola Tesla was  among the few (Moses Ezekiel etc.) who would fulfill the Bible verse:  He saw and trembled.  Psalms 97:4 MIV.  (Compare KJV the earth saw and trembled [the "earth" representing human inhabitants of earth therefore can be personified to individuals]. The foremost electrical engineer and scientist connected by his genius to lighting up the Earth world via his inventions is to date Nikola Tesla Therefore the Tesla pesher as given.

Hear attentively the codes of I-AM God's voice for the soundtron comes forth to speak God's will.   I-AM directs the soundtron throughout the Universe.

The I-AM sends electro-vibmatic sound-lines to the ends of creation.   After His excellent voice speaks its energy streaks across the heavens and there is no force that can dissolve it.

To those who can hear the thunder and understand the marvel they discern the great things that are happening which most of the inhabitants of Earth do not understand.  (Compare Job 37:2-5 MIV).

God I-Am sets a fusion ensign in the chromosomes of mortals so they may remember they are not beasts but are called to  become entities of a higher consciousness.  (Compare Job 37:7 MIV).

Beyond Tesla's dreams beyond Tesla's thoughts yet instinctively inborn one day in the  year 1899 approximately ten miles from Pikes Peak at a site called Knobs Hill near Colorado Springs Nikola heard  planets of the solar planet system speak Via visitingextraterrestrials...It was then that Nikola Tesla was told by the extraterrestrials that he was an earth born Arcturian from the Father's House planet which planet was located about the constellation called the Little Dipper.

It is written:  I God the I-AM say:  there will come a day that I will hear in the heavens the prayers of those who were not my people.  I will hear the heavens and My messengers shall hear because they are those who are praying for world peace on the Earth (Compare Hosea 2:21 MIV).  [Nikola Tesla's prayers and hopes were to create powerful energies that would allow all nations to be protected from war and to provide the knowledge of free energies for the human race].

I God the I-AM will sow a planting upon the Earth for mercy to those who had not been shown mercy and I will say to them who were not my people  You are My people and they shall by their works say:  Lord You are our God (Compare Hosea 2:23 MIV).

And the Elohym gods said:  let there be cosmic light and there was light... And Nikola Tesla said:  Let there be alternating currents of electromagnetic energy that will light up the the homes and cities of the Earth and it came to be...


What Tesla called the "Peace Ray" military minds called "The Death Ray".  Tesla truly wanted as his destiny to use his inventions to secure peace to the world.  His thoughts were to share his ideas with all the nations to the point all nations would have a defense that would destroy the concept of war. This belief is why Nikola Tesla wanted to share his ideas with Germany and other nations.  His contact with Germany was done through a German company in Strasbourg Alsace then a part of Germany and through his patents.

The F.B. I. shadowed Nikola Tesla constantly... Once when after a period of time the F.B.I. realized the Tunguska Incident may have been caused as a result of Nikola Tesla's transmission form his Manhattan project it was not a mistake in the eyes of the F.B.I. to have Tesla's Manhattan Transmitting Tower to be taken down by pieces.  Nor was it earlier a mistake in the eyes of the F.B.I. to have given J.P. Morgan the word to withdraw his financing of the project. Many other undercover  operations could certainly be mentioned.  Do I knock the F.B.I. for how they handled this situation.  Certainly not.  It is their job to protect the nation and they have to follow the best interpretation  of their leads.  Do I agree with all the actions they took regarding Tesla...I wonder?

Certain scientific researchers of the Tunguska incident say this event that laid down 30 to 80 million trees had to come from a different direction  than where Tesla's fire ball could have come from because for one thing all the fallen trees as they laid on the ground pointed north.  I think I can scientifically explain how that Nikola's fire ball could have still come from Manhattan New York heading north done the damage and caused the same effects.



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