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tesla-coil-suit-1When researchers go back in time to the making of the universe they touch the zones of time and timelessness that are beyond physical laws where constants don't apply mathematics don't apply  and scientific logic doesn't apply.  Such straits of knowledge can become an edge of doubt or faith.  The next statement I am about to write may challenge  your faith but be aware that the world still knows very little about the facts of reality.  Today there are so called Christians who do not believe in the virgin birth by Mary of Jesus Christ.  If you really have come to believe the whole of what the Bible says about miracles angels and divine births an iron axe  floating on water Jesus walking on water and an angel walking into flames of fire and transporting  fervent fire not burning the three Hebrew men  you will not have a difficult time with the Arcturian revelation.

It is said that Tesla was a person born before his time.  I have a connection to that because I received an oracle that I was born a hundred years before my time.  I in no way compare the inventive and scientific marvels of Tesla to myself.  My call is to bring forth marvels of the Word of God.  Sometimes for explanation I have to delve into subjects that are technical. My greatest connection to Tesla is that we are both Earth born Arcturians  from Enoch and his offspring who were transferred from Earth to the Planet Arctura called "The Father's House" (Not to be confused with the location of the Star Arcturus).  The Father's House planet is located in Asia Minor the Little Dipper Constellation area.  When an Arcturian is sent on a Mission to Earth the entity is put into a Swoo a state of suspended animation and uuns spirit is dualed in a paralleled state.  One of the dualed spirits remains in the Swoo and the other spirit of the dualed becomes an Extra-Terrestrial sent for a Transport-Birthing on Earth where a living human body is chosen for the process of providing a regular birth.  At a later time after the birth signals are sent to the Earth-birthed human Arcturian to begin DNA and Lattice changes for mental and spiritual advance.

In this blog I intend to open up Arcturian dialog in regards to Tesla and the extra terrestrials he communicated with.   So I have current information about Tesla revealed by the Arcturians that when you hear it will settle deep into your mind.  Because some of this information is extremely scientifically  very advanced and in fact too advanced and secret to put out in a full text and fall into the wrong hands  AM DEEMING THIS WHOLE BLOG PART 3 OF THE TESLA MYSTERY AND THE FIFTH FORCE AS A PARABLE I will therefore reveal IN ADDITION to what I have already said a sensational insight to the extent I can using words and terms in parable terms instead of completely using actual scientific language.

First here are a few historical  things recorded in records of things Tesla said and that were said about him and his extra terrestrial experiences.

Tesla is said to have introduced an age of electric light to the world.   And indeed he did.  He also introduced an age of extra terrestrial contact which was an unrecognized pioneering breakthrough for his time.  Tesla was a person that seemed strange and a not of this world kind of guy and a person that society found it difficult to understand.  It has been said Tesla was a man not of this world who came down from the sky (paraphrased).   As strange as this might seem to many people Tesla is descended  from Enoch's offspring who were humans moved from Earth during the time of Noah's flood to the planet of Arctura which the Bible calls The Father's House.   The Enochs became very advanced when Kawah discovered the secret hiding place of the history of the Ophannims their scientific schismatics and a fleet of disassembled  zziths left hidden on the Planet of the Father's House after the "Angels War" and the fall of the Ophannims to Earth.

Tesla had only a few true and genuine friends.  There were others he meshed and dealt with but most of them were money greed mongers who were willing to use and accept anyone who could be used to vendor by any means investments that meant money for them.

It is clearly recorded in the history of Tesla that he received a message from extra terrestrials.  Furthermore Tesla claimed that he picked up signals from outer space verifying that there were intelligent beings living on other planets.     This of course was denounced by the scientific community and professors of philosophy.

Tesla understood that the Arcturians used Mars as a base of operations for their research of the solar system and short flight to Earth.  He wanted to have a wireless radio connection so as to be able to communicate with an arcturian base station on Mars.  He became very obsessed over this desire.  Consequently he even allowed his interest in the Mars project to be known publicly as to testing his radio range capability.  But Tesla was careful not to explain the details which he shared with a few of his assistants who vowed to carry his secrets to the grave.

Tesla was a difficult case for his commander Arcturians.  He was stubborn about instruction and warnings from them and while acknowledging his destiny to them he made it clear that his loyalty did not mean the capitulation of his will.

Tesla allowed it to be known that he believed there was life on other planets.  Tesla thought that the Arcturians were not being completely forthright with him about Mars.  He felt sure that Mars was their home base and that it was populated with millions of Arcturians.   Tesla was having a slow process as to the revitalization of his ancient memory as an Arcturian of the Father's House.   The Arcturians offered to take Tesla on a Zzith explorer trip but he refused saying he didn't have the time.  There is much that could be said about this and perhaps at a later time I will.

It was the Arcturians that shared with Tesla that nitrogen could be extracted from the air and used as a fertilizer.  Tesla was intensely interested in things that would benefit humankind.

I am passing on a story that I believe to be true:  Tesla became interested in the history of Buddhism after he heard the story of what the founder of Buddhism Gautama Buddha said how at the age of 35 years old he was sitting underneath a very large tree and said:  I am not the One 500 years after me another One will come  He will be the Savior.  It was during that time 500 years after Buddha that Jesus Christ was born and at age 28 ministering to Israel the gospel of love to the whole world.  Jesus was that One who was to come!

Tesla due to his style of referring to the Jews could be said to have been for a time  anti-Semitic. The Arcturians spent a great deal of time on this subject to tone down and change his anger at the Jews "for killing Jesus" especially before he could perform all his miracles.  He felt sure that if Jesus had lived longer he would have included revealing his power over lightning.  Tesla would say to the Arcturians..."Jesus saw Satan fall as lightning to the earth" and he wanted to use lightning to demonstrate the power to reveal his Legions of good angels so that believers  would be able to see how the power of nature could be used because of good or evil reasons.  But Jesus was cut off before that was to happen the Bible explaining that if the Princes of this world knew who Jesus Christ really was they would not have crucified Him (Compare 1 Corinthians 2:8 KJV).

Key-S.I.L (pronounced Key-sil) was the chief Engine (Pilot) of his craft and over the team of Arcturian Explorers on his craft and chief controller of the messages to Tesla.  The following messages were shared to T T T  t t who is very ancient and lived then and still lives presently.  Some time ago T T T t t shared these messages with me:

Key-sil an Arcturian engine (pilot) made often contact with Tesla.  Key-sil would sometimes create lightening storms and Tesla would open his window shades at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and though always enthralled with lightening he was always excited to hear from Key-sil so he would measure the angle given him by Key-sil to locate his extra-terrestrial craft so as to make eye contact to the craft.  Using the hotel itself as an antenna including the fixtures he had secretly installed on the roof he would speak in a loud voice into his transmitter/receiver set.   Strangely funny sometimes hotel attendants and even some of Tesla's work persons at the hotel would hear what they called eloquent words here and there of his conversation with Key-sil.  This of course was rumored that Tesla as talking to himself (which sometimes he did rehearse to himself what he would say to Key-sil when he knew in advance of his call).  Interestingly it was also said by the attendants and work persons that there were certain times Tesla insisted on not being disturbed by attendants or visitors.  It was at these times a few of the attendants would make excuses to be close to his door or cleaning in a room having a wall separating his  apartment.  Tesla was aware this could happen so he used mild electronic equipment to scatter the sound.  This was not accepted well by Key-sil because it interfered sometimes with the quality of their transmissions which Key-sil was recording.  So then it was reduced to an on and off use of the sound scattering equipment.  Tesla was a superb inventor and innovator.  He would barrow parts from other pieces of equipment to make the temporary sound scattering equipment and then reassemble those parts back into the original equipment after each session.

First understand there is no accelerated or more advanced mathematics including geometry and calculus that can describe even by numbers and signs all the information that I would like to share with you.

Nevertheless these insights are not beyond the bounds of Manifest Realization.   I want to take you beyond the practical to the secrets of the heretofore impossible.  The ignorance of not knowing the possibility of a thing does not impose a construct to prevent the possibility of the making of that thing.  Tesla in his own words claimed to be a Seer which in his opinion was more than being just an expert.   Perhaps this is one way I can compare myself with Tesla and perhaps the only way  since I am also a Seer even though of course of a different sort.  Interestingly both Tesla and  I are Arcturians yet who as humans being Extra-Terrestrials were both brought to Earth through Transport-birthing.  As well we both are "Axials" an Arcturian term meaning "on a mission".

There are many incredulous potential creations and acts of things thought impossible which nevertheless no one is able to pose laws or mathematics to prove their eventual reality as being impossible.  When you read the Manifester Yada blogs and books give yourself a chance to believe the truth even if it seems extreme.  Once someone said:  The Manifester Yada is so far out I think he may be right on.

When you are set free to the point that even the laws of physics must bow to <strong>the Power of the Fifth Force.</strong>  Then of course this is a major modulation from the old guard of concepts regarding unalterable constants and indicates you are walking on the Kings Highway of Knowledge.

It is near the time that primitive minds must cease to exist as a meaning of relevance or move up to the realm of thoughts where the knowledge of the Lord is filling the gaps and drawing a line through the word called impossible.

Then Key-sil began to compose flexibilities of the how to do all things such things as known to elite minds.  The language was eloquent because it was supersedent.  There is a way how to initiate determinants of resolution that create or sustain above all opposite forces.   Tesla was smiling for somehow this thought knitted with his lattice from birth.  Key-sil continued:

<strong>The age of Ion reveals the Power of the Fifth Force to create force fields only slightly imagined in the minds of humans.</strong>

A true "force field" has capability to con-volute or to in-volute all energy and substance.  As a force of con-volute it is a repulsive force as a force of in-volute it is a force of super-magnetism which can attract any substance or energy.  If it is brain-ed to obliterate what is attracted compressions are allowed to do that job.  If it is to be a force of attraction of cause only then compressions are never allowed to begin.  Remember Tesla everything has the potential to be different and everything has the potential to be the same.  In olden times on Earth there was a group called alchemy who believed they would turn lead into gold.  This group became rejected by the later scientific world.  Yet the day will come on Earth when through atomic processes turning lead into gold will no longer be though impossible.  Of course this ability will greatly devalue gold inasmuch as it will no longer be a rare and limited substance.

In the Bible it speaks of the Word becoming flesh (Compare John 1:14 KJV) and in fact the Bible says... all things were made and can be made by this Word.  It is important to distinguish the capitalized "Word" from the non capitalized word.  There is much being spoken by the common "word" and it poses very limited creativity.  However the elevated (symbolized as capitalized) "Word" has no limits but holds that all things are possible.

Dear sir Mr. Key-sil this is a huge vat of information and I can see you are just at the beginning.  How many of us trans-ported Arturians are assigned to do this job?

You need to read your Bible with more understanding Tesla...did you not notice in the writing of Jude 14 that Enoch prophesied of the Lord coming to earth with ten thousands of his saints?  There Tesla is the number you requested of how many Arturians who are assigned to Earth.  Now allow me to continue.

Most scientist and physicists know that if you align two opposite magnets it produces an opposite effect than if two magnets of the same polarity are close and facing each other.  This of course with the one set creates atturaction and the other set creates repulsion.  So then it can be seen that even in nature with but a change of position the force of attraction and repulsion are set in.

Consequently for even the Universe to con-volute or to in-volute requires only a change of instruction for arrangement.  What must be understood in order to initiate these presentations into meaningful action  is similar to the "Word" being made flesh.  When the "Word" is made flesh that is an action of con-volute when the "Word" is made spirit that is an action of in-volute.  Also according to the Bible God stretched out the heavens and one day will cause the heavens to roll together as a scroll.  To stretch is con-volution and to roll up is in-volution.

Ok Ok you just honeyed my toast.  But the Arcturian thing is alien to the human masses and scares the molecules of their brains.

Tesla for being such an inventive person where is your spiritual innovation?  If you change the name Arcturian to Angel or messenger and change the name Mars and Arctura to heavenly places you will soften the reality.  Nevertheless the day must come when the bare waves of truth are exposed to the frequencies of the realities that belong to them (Compare Job 38:32 KJV).

Tesla remember Jesus the disciples and Paul the apostle quoted scripture from such Bible inserts because throughout the Bible there are inserts put into the text by the Holy Spirit about truths more relevant to the hidden revelation than to the text it is inserted in.     I have told you how that we are children of Enoch which incorporate the Melchizedek ministry.  Melchizedek is clearly explain by Paul the Apostle that Jesus Christ is after his order and that Melchizedek has no relatives on Earth nor is he under Abraham or Israel (Compare Hebrews 7:1-6 KJV).  And of course that is because Melchizedek being an Arcturian is not of this Earth world.  There is an insert in Isaiah 63:16 that verifies this.

Key-sil since we have been Communing I have noticed that the Bible speaks of us Arcturians as coming on wings of chariots of fire to with seemingly violent fire destroy vast numbers of people.  I have a problem with that.  I thought our purpose was to save and not destroy?

Tesla when you only use a part of the scriptures instead of all of the scriptures you can surely miss the conjunctions of truth.  These scriptures to  which you refer regard the Battle of the Armageddon (Revelation 16:16 and Joel 2:11 KJV) and the attack by Satan and his millions of Gog and Magog against the redeemed who are still stationed at the (descended from the Father's House) Planadome Jerusalem after the millennium has been completed.  And yes the Arcturians flying in their zziths will come and destroy with syntonic fire the forces of darkness that threaten to destroy the people of God (Compare Isaiah 66:15-16  and Revelation 20:7-9 KJV).

Further it is written:  (Isaiah 44:7)...And who is it that I God have called and declared to be set in order for me?  It is the ancient people (offspring of Enoch the Arcturians) who I have appointed to deal with the things that are coming on the Earth.  They shall come ( to the Earth) and show the people of God the way out of the coming things (destruction) upon the Earth.


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