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The voyage, with introductory subjects...

teslarotbreakouttopview1000The idea of this blog is to familiarize readers with manifest terms and to provide MIV Interpreted Bible verses for scriptural reference. The subject will be completed next blog.

To begin, let me say I do not position myself to be making any claims, I am rather making presentations. These presentations will in time make their own claims. Now, let there come the revelation and break through that the world's scientists have sought for generations of time as regards how to unite the Four Forces of the Universe. I think it is reasonable to say: the string theory is not the theory of everything because it does not recognize the Fifth Force.
The Fifth Force is about to be revealed, and can explain dark energy, dark matter. When the Fifth Force speaks, a "force field" will raise its flag and the space of the Universe will open in a new and living way. Join this voyage, there has been no other like it to my knowledge.

It is written: Since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither has the eye seen, O God, the secrets you hold of knowledge and love, that has waited from the foundations of the Earth to be known. (Compare, Isaiah 64:4 MIV).


Virtual energy and particles from the vacuum, a brief..

Resistance is the force that has prevented the flow of many potential marvels, yet for many issues resistance is vital. The greatest superconductors that exist are asleep in the millions and billions of minds of unaware mortals. There are answers to most of the mysteries of the Universe for the open mind. The incalculable number of virtual particles that flash in and out of existence in space, have potential to be controlled and used in a prolonged way. The Bible describes this virtual aspect as: calling those those things that are, as though they are not, and calling those things that are not, as those they were...(Compare, Romans 4:17 and Hebrews 11:3 MIV). It is the same force and effect that would allow a camel to go through a needle's eye, (Compare, Luke 18:25-27 KJV).

Stretching space and the memory of the mind...

The Bible shows us that it is possible to stretch or shrink space: (Compare for "stretching", Isaiah 40:22, 44:24, 42:5, 45:12 and Isaiah 51:13, also Zechariah 12:1, Psalms 104:2, Jeremiah. 10:12). (Compare, for "shrinking", Isaiah 34:4 and Revelation 6:14 KJV). My view on this is different from some other physicists, who use this stretching of space for one description as "inflation". I see the shrinking of space in one sense as the removal of distance expressed by the length of the longitude of space as space is folded instead of being stretched. On the other hand for one instance, I see the stretching of space as an increase of the distance between stars to stars and planets to stars.

In physics it is a given that any theory provided to be a major part of a scientific explanation about the why and functions of the Universe which doesn't allow for energy or information to be exchanged is likely more irrelevant than relevant. A realization that must be accomplished and obtained is the ability to transfer information in a different way and at a higher level and of instant exchange beyond what mortals have ever known. The Bible speaks of such a high level exchange: "In those days I will put my laws into the minds of humans and write them in their hearts, the need to use the old methods of information exchange will never be needed again. It will not be necessary to teach the laws and have them memorized anymore. Every human under the new infusion system will have the laws inscribed into their minds and they will not need to question the reality of God ever again". (Hebrews 8:10-11 MIV). The patterns of all things of the Universe will be understood. For through the soundtron (Word-will of God) the worlds of the Universe and the Universe were made, and by Lattilution, things invisible were used to make all things visible that needed to be visible. (Compare, Hebrews 11:3 MIV ). The soundtron is a message of love and creation which is impression-ed invisibly and silently into all things.


In music to transpose is to change a tune or melody from one key of pitch to another. The term "transposing" may seem to be a strange word for being used scientifically but in fact it is a perfect scientific word. In addition there have been scientist of the past who were into the "music of the spheres". Even the modern theory of "strings" incorporates the idea of vibrations of atomic harmony, especially in the loops and branes of the strings. In addition to the harmony of creation there is the tonicity of creation. I am using the term transposing to deal with the Four Forces and the Fifth Force as you will discover later in my presentation. You may be amazed to discover how much science there is in the Bible put in symbol and code. The Four Forces are described in the Bible as four spirits that permeate the Earth and all universal space: (Compare, Zechariah 6:5-6 KJV).

A major problem for initiating a unity between the understanding of people and religion and science, is the language barrier. (So then, there is a real relative need for transposing). The language barriers persists in cultures, jargon, beliefs and inherent religious and anti religious tendencies. Nevertheless, using the King James Bible version, one finds words like: spirit/spirits, other ways to say this are: power/powers and or force/forces. It can be shown in the Bible, that the term "spirit" can be translated "power' or "forces".

Most scientist would have a problem talking in a technical language that used the term "spirit". That is not surprising because the Bible says: that a system of laws of actions have taken away the key of knowledge. (Compare, Luke 11:52 KJV). Transposing physical to spirit energy is a kind of translation which is Bible. "The spirit of man is formed (made) within the man". (Compare, Zechariah 12:1 KJV).

The keys of knowledge.

We emphatically see the Bible speaks of "keys". Many of these keys are actually descriptions of mighty forces in the Universe.

"And I will give unto thee t<strong>he keys of the kingdom of heaven</strong>" (heaven = Cosmos. And Christ said to his disciples: my people must go also to the Cosmos to speak the truth of reality to all creation, (Compare, the word "world" used in Mark 16:15 MIV is actually the greek word Cosmos.), and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever thou shall- loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven", (Compare, Matthew 16:19). Four of the keys of the Cosmos, are the four forces which force covers universal space and hell, including (black holes), (Compare, Revelation 1: 18 KJV, the term "hell" is used in 2 Peter 2:4 KJV, and is called in the Greek "Tartaroo", the use of this said term, means "incarceration", and refers to an on earth human body happening, also read Revelation 1:18 KJV). Interestingly, the Bible says: there are keys to death and hell. It is clear to me that the religious element as well as the human collective mind have no true understanding of those two subjects.

Jesus Christ said: I do not bless you, because you are a shredder who has hindered the way to the laws of truth. Your brainstorm was to seal off the keys of Knowledge from all but your chosen few and yourself. Yet, not only have you taken away the keys of Knowledge from those who believed, you have as lawyers also deceived yourselves from being availed to this knowledge, (Compare, Luke 11:52 MIV).

Furthermore, to you who believe, do not gauge for one moment that there are not major principalities with dark-minds who are very familiar with the keys of knowledge to the Four Forces. [Not necessarily the exact same Four Forces as described, nor in the exact same order as present modern time], (Compare, Revelation 9:1 and verse 11 and Ephesians 6:12, KJV). There, of course, are principalities who are provisional agents of good providence, and there are principalities who are agents of destructive providence. Perhaps, some scientists would be embarrassed to say that Jesus Christ, as Yahvael was a principality who was well aware of the Four Forces of nature. I believe He even used the Fifth Force to feed the crowd of five thousand by multiplying the fishes and loaves from virtual reality.

It is written: "Let not your heart be troubled". My dear readers, I encourage you to not be troubled as the scripture says. Especially, as we move into deeper and deeper compositions of insights. Allow time for the complete reading of the book before you draw any conclusions, the truth is coming up the road and its crown will fit the spirit of your mind.

Other Dimensions...

Do not think that the Bible is empty about the subject of dimensions. It is mostly a case of knowing the scriptures and the words that correspond to the meaning of "dimensions". The following are a couple of examples:

In my Father's planet realms [house] are many dimensions [mansions]. I tell you this because it is true and important for you to know, (Compare, John 14:2 MIV).

There is a thought arising of One who creates, who divides the expanses of indefinite space into levels of stories of dimensions. It is a journey to higher places. It is the same One who took the vapors of gases and made them into liquid waters from which to be poured out upon the face of the Earth, (Compare, Amos 9:6 MIV).

The Bible is clear about there being many dimensions.

Energy Dots, Memory, Why the Universe is how it is...

To reveal to you the Fifth Force, I will first discuss the making of the Universe very briefly, (Details and scriptures will come later, perhaps, in following blogs). I teach that Energy Dots are extensive compressed dots of information from past Universes locked into memory compressions that survive from Universe to Universe. Based on a very similar kind of event as when a universe ends, the memory of the structure, energy, and forces of that Universe, throughout its entire term of existence, is recorded in the compressed dot of that total Universe at its end stage. When after eternities, it becomes time for the compressed residue of that Universe to be stretched out into a new Universe form, the memory of the elements and forces of effects, but especially the soundtron memory of the former Universe, act as a brain for the processes of making the new Universe. This process can be added to or moderated by Creator entities strumming the soundtron and introducing punctuate Lattilution. Understand, a new Universe left to Lattilute on its own, is never an exact copy of the former Universe. All of this as said, is Bible story in the Bible, secured within the Bible's deep word.

So then, when the Universe Energy Dot is initiated to be released from its compressed state, it does not have the problem that physicists have assigned as a need for answers to explain how the parts of the Universe having been flung outward and therefore being separated in different zones and ranges of distance apart, could show a balance of temperatures universe wide. And also, they posit the problem, that even as (some scientist call it) the "singularity", the compressed dot, (of the former Universe), once the initiation to expand has begun, experience according to physicists, a time shortage for allowing light to have impingence over the whole of the compressed dot. Nor the more, even at the bursting of the compressed dot, while expanding at speeds faster than light, Is the light able to cover for the situation of the missing light spread. So I repeat, after the event of the burst, the light is not able, even, at such swift velocities to hypertrophy the light to every corner prior to what is to become a stretched out Universe.

Then came what was thought to be a new invention, "inflation". It was thought, this would solve or ease all such mentioned above problems. First I should say, I suppose few if any persons noticed that hundreds of years past, the Bible, severally says, that during creation, God "stretched" out the heavens and space. The word "stretched" is a word that can mean "inflation". Alas, the inventors of "inflation", were only at least in one major aspect, reiterating God's application of "stretching" out the heavens as mentioned in many scriptures of the Bible. I do not say there are nor were no different points being made in the story of the "inflation" application.

In God's story, there needed to be no cover position for the puzzling things to humans, as concern and regard what seemed strange and difficult effects to understand, which were processed during creation. All protraction of the Universe as they developed were written in the memory dot waves about the Universe prior, and were being passed on. Add to that Lattilution, instead of Evolution, and the soundtron wave that permeates all things, and clearly God's hand is in everything.

With all the brilliant minds, genuine efforts. and near endless toils of scientist, physicist, mathematicians, and astronomers, and chemists, whom I applaud, it is not a wonder why the solution to the questions of the Universe have not been found in resolution. It is clearly, because they have not found the mind of God, and that the answers are not just blowing in the wind, they are in the mind of God. Sadly, these studiously said professionals, although, research-wise are graduated from the middle of nowhere, they still are only at the fringe of somewhere.

The Manifest Peace Bible about creation beginnings...

Now please view the first three Bible verses of "Genesis" as interpreted by the Peace Manifest Bible:

1. Principally, Manifold God had created the heavens and its matter, (in the Universe before).


2. But the matter having lost its form was in ruins, its mass imprisoned in the void of darkness. Therefore the Force (Spirit/spiriting) of manifold God began to loosen the original energies, (now in deep density of compression).

3. Then Manifold God spoke His Word to the soundtron (the will of God that was permeated into all the density mass of the last Universe). Let there be Aura (spiritual light) and there was Aura.

This then, is an answer from the mind of God. Things that happen in a newly created Universe, happen the way they happen, because of impressions of God put into the prior Universe via the soundtron. The resultant state can be Lattiluted by the time of nature or by advanced minds who strum the soundtrons to bring about additional change. The soundtron allows the potential of change to be triggered by such Mind Forces.

Some technical mind will query: How do we know their was a prior Universe?

My answer is: How do we know there was not a prior Universe? The substance debris from which came the so called "Big Bang" alone substantiates prior energy existing before the present Universe. Considering, many scientists seem to have no problem allowing parallel Universes a plenty, why should at least any of those scientist have a problem with a prior Universe? Otherwise, what is your answer to the question: From where came the substance for density that the said Big Bang used to make a huge Universe with? Additionally, keep in mind, there are no laws in physics that expressively prohibits there being prior Universes. Nor are there laws of physics that would prohibit information from passing from Universe to Universe even through a compression density, especially, if all this information was stored in the soundtron which has 'spirit' characteristics. Understand, "spirit" can go through fervent fire and not burn (check the story of the three Hebrew assistants of Daniel who were cast into a fiery furnace but did not burn nor was the hair of their heads even singed, because a spirit angel covered them). Also, the "spirit"being ubiquitous, can Obviously be compressed according to the Bible because it is and can be in anything of any size. It can be said that "spirit" is everlasting and cannot be destroyed. The x y z of the laws of physics and its coordinates clearly teach that even energies and matter are not destroyed but change into a different forms. May I suggest, that scientists not be funny feeling, or too objectionably about the term "spirit", after all, in consideration of the many years of upside down, sometime on, sometimes off, plus confusion, (about scientific theories and hypothesis, thought to be pillars), which nevertheless, have become errors of science, therefore, it would seem, open minds should not be absence of the transcendence of thought, that "spirit" could have and does have, a very important part in the reality of the Universe that was, that is, and that is to be.

If a person believes in God and the Bible, there are deep answers in the Word, especially, if a Seer is available to interpret. Sure, some of the Bible stories are parables, but even the fact that such possibilities are mentioned, consigns to the scripture in Genesis 11:6, that says: "nothing will be restrained from the mortals they have imagined to do". Think of the many purposed writings of science fiction authors, whose ideas, at first belonged to the funny book club. However, in the course of time, many of those ideas have come to reality. The Word of the Bible says in the beginning of a Universe, the heavens and space are stretched out. The Bible then concludes that at the end of the Universe the stars and all that consist of the heavens of the universe are rolled together like a scroll...this rolling together, since being applied to a Universe, implies compression and density. So then, the Bible tell us quite clearly, that by describing the method of creation by beginning with "stretching" out the heavens, that something quite compacted (a density) was first existence for a source to be stretched out. That source of course was the compressed debris of a former Universe.

As to the Ubiquity of God's Word the Memwah, the scripture says: If I fly to the further most distance of heaven, you are there, if I descend into hell, you are there.

Put that all together with the Peace Manifest Bible interpretation, as given above, and one should be able to see that as in verse 2 of chapter 1, the Earth cannot really be called the "Earth" in the sense as being a planet, especially, if it is "without form and void". So, what is being described in the Bible is the source of particulates from which the Earth could be made. Clearly then, by this interpretation, a world that was then in the density of its particulates, is the point of the Bible's reference, from which there could be a preceding for the act of loosening density so as to begin creation. Since time is not relevant with God, the when is the process, and the what to be, will be when it is.

Mathematics and their role when coupled with reason...

So, for all the experimental math and untold hours trying to explain the Universe without the Bible's information, all I can say is O' my! Of course, mathematics is a beautiful language and I will never deny that. The hours I have spent with my new maths (benefits from God): Logistical Rythmatics , T.R.I.T, and Quot-AM Numerations, have never tired or bored me.

The pivot point to total equilibrium of the internal and external of the all of everything, is to understand "the heavens do rule" (Compare, Daniel 4:26 KJV). We must come then, to understand, there are powers and principalities, which are "Forces" that do rule the Universe. (Compare: Ephesians 6:12 KJV). Ezekiel wrote: The heavens were opened and I saw visions of God. (so also is it written: "without a vision the people perish"). I call this power: the Fifth Force.

There is no worthwhile cause to vacillate. Dilemma is a beast that is a friend to no one. Scientists and physicists, give this Manifester insight a chance to be warranted to your minds. Even the math of imagination has been shown to produce substantial images that in various ways configure to parallel concepts of reality.

In matters of factualities and actualities, what many mortals have done in their twist of mania religious beliefs, has folded the passwords to truth, and created a theatrical pantomime which has shamed the revelation of hope for faith in God. Historically, much strife, torture, murder, suffering, and ignorance, have been practiced in the name of God and so called pure religion. That is not to say that there have never been any persons who have stood by the truth, for the remains of the sufferings of their martyred bodies are testimony of that.

Nevertheless, they who are ready to move on, must no longer breathe the dirty smoke of pagan historical and present day poisoned perfume mentality. There is a summons that beckons all "watch-station persons" to higher places of observation.

Vitals of The Fifth Force, The Domatron Effect.

To help the reader, I want to go over some language terms that are important to know when discussing The Fifth Force. So here is a list:

1. The First Domain (The Heaven of heavens, a spirit realm that takes on manifestation in the Universe).

2. The Domatron effect, which is the Fifth Force: The revelation that the presence of the First Domain effects the Universe majorly. (Details to come).

3. AMtricity, a spirit form of electricity manifested in the Universe in particles not yet discovered. Consequently, AMtricity is not a secondary source of power such as electricity is. It is the key to perpetual energy because it can not be destroyed, yet does not belong to Newton's laws of thermodynamics.

4. Soundtron /twelve circuits/12 dimensions, includes dimensions of Dark Energy and dimensions of Dark Matter. The "soundtron" name and title is derived from two Bible scriptures and two words "line" as in measurement, and "sound" ( sound, as in the Word of Knowledge). Those scriptures being Psalms 19:1-4 KJV and Roman 10:18 KJV a transliteration of Psalms 19:1-4 KJV.

5. Soundtron wave / sympathetic vibrations, vibration resonance, (also, includes cycles and law of harmonic vibrations, actions in compression, longitudinal, transverse, and first incident waves. Vibration effects that can vibrate into being literal or temporary dimensions and states of phantom and virtual abstract to the extent of changing the spin or atomic lattice, of electrons, photons, neutrinos and etc.

6. Lattilution, as uses the effects of polarity states and rotating vortexes

7. Convolution/involution, ( to come as explained, by T.R.I.T new mathematics of Dr. Jerry O. Lee),

8. Photo-transition/Energy Dots

9. Photo-translation, Instant relocation...

10. Spiriting. photo-transition, remote actions of creation or contact.

11. Lattice/impedition, the entity or situation character imposed by creation of forces of nature.

12. Ectasis, stretching, inflation, protraction, the method or methods of causing the Universe to expand.

The Fifth Force and how it works...

The Domatron Effect is a First Domain influence, but not like any other interpretation of the word "influence". When Jesus Christ spoke to the storm "to be still" on the Lake of Galilee, and the winds obeyed, He was using the Fifth Force. The impressions of the image of the Fifth Force is embedded in all Universal creation.

It has been said that because humans are under the cloud of an incompleteness theorem, it is impossible to ultimately discover all of the axioms of the Universe, by humans...because humans are made of the same stuff the Universe is. Therefore, being a part of the atoms, molecules and axioms of the Universe make it impossible to differentiate by an opinion as to what is not affected by ones own molecules and atoms of the brain. It is not enough to say: I am making no references to myself, because even to say that is an act of molecular coherent which connects you to the subject of the investigation for discovery of the total axioms of the Universe.

However, since on Earth, we humans are sown in an natural body, but in the resurrection, raised in a spiritual body, and since by the information of the Bible, we know as we are even now in our natural bodies, the person we are, is only 50% natural and the rest of our being is 50% spirit, (the spirit abides in each human's solar plexus, and the 50% is not of course figured by weight but based on life position of affect).

Consequently, by transcendence, we for short moments of time, can mentally configure answers that are not aligned to our nature body but answers that are aligned to our spirit part of our body. This act would allow one in that higher spirit mind to enter a confluence for discovering answers about the Universe that are not interfered with by being trapped in the substance of the investigating source., (Compare, 1 Corinthians 14:31 and 15:42-44 KJV).

In the next blog I will get into more scientific details about the Fifth Force and will also continue the Tesla story...


What is it the scientists, physicists, and astronomer researchers have missed so as to not have discovered the Fifth Force? Let me begin by saying they have missed the real parallel worlds. For instance Stephen Hawkins is quoted saying on 16 May 20-11: "heaven is a fairy story". The parallel worlds of which I speak are those that exist between the world of spirit energy and the world of matter energy. This is a tough one for most of those said researchers because the "spirit" world seems religious, ghostly, and far removed from having any realistic meaning or relation to anything for information as to structure and the history of the Universe. But the fact is: The Universe without the "spirit" is dead! Long enough have vacant minds on this subject sculptured coffins to entomb the truth.

To begin with most of these researchers who have contemplated the possibility of a Fifth Force have also created expectation of conditions that should exist as a consequences of the Fifth Force. Also, they are using the term "Fifth Force" sequentially to the "Four Forces". I want to make it clear that my presentation of a Fifth Force does not have any pre-conditions as to the sensation of the Fifth Force and its ability for creating or changing conditions to process Lattilution or what ever its purpose at the time. Also, I am not using the term "Fifth Force" as part of a sequence of Forces. What is assigned 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, today, may be assigned differently tomorrow. My Use of the term "Fifth Force" is more to quintessence.

The Bible says the human body without the spirit is dead. The same could be said of the Universe. The Universal body without the spirit is dead. So then according to the Bible the spirit is an essential need for the Universe to have. If however, you are one of those persons who do not believe you have a spirit abiding in your body, and that consequently, your body is just a keg of flesh and by a gamble of evolution, (you by luck of a good dice spin of nature, have a few points of intelligence in your brain)...then all I can say to you, is may God have mercy on you.

There is a God, even though some persons say there is no God, and even though some persons say God had nothing to do with the making of the Universe. While it is true that "all flesh is grass", that refers to the human body but does not refer to the human spirit Soul. Most humans who have no contact with God, will create a god and even create gods. And humans also create religion. But that does not mean there is not a true and living God, nor does that mean that there is no true religion. These false creations of God and religion clearly point to a searching for God and a searching for a true religion. And why the search... because of a vacuum and feeling of the need for God and a true religion, that is felt in need, deep within the bosoms of almost all mortals.

Someone will ask: If there is a God, then why the suffering, misery, and death? The human body is sometimes a weed, sometimes a flower, and sometimes a house, but ultimately a temporary life from the dust taken and to return to the dust. Life is set at free will. When compared to never ending God given eternal life, any period of suffering and death is too short on the comparative scale to even show up. The travesties, and tragic things, that befall humans is part of the impeditions of living on this planet Earth, and as well are the result of the beast that lives in humans to do to humans what they do. God will not violate the human will, nor is God interested in human robots. There are some divine interventions, the aspects refer to the human beling (the book of each persons life), only God knows our human beling.

There is no doubt, that intent believing persons, have saved themselves from almost every kind of doom, by being aware, praying, believing, and wisely acting out plans of survival and endurance.

How many dimensions...

There are: Three standard dimensions, Three contra standard dimensions, Four dark (Invisible) energy dimensions, and Two dark (anti-polar) matter dimensions. A total of twelve dimensions, which corresponds to the twelve circuits of the soundtron.

While "time" is also considered a dimension, especially for the mathematical advantage, I am not including "time" as a dimension here. When a researcher speaks of the universe expanding, such a one, is referring to space expanding, not space time expanding. That alone seems a reasonable explanation that a time dimension, is a circumstantial dimension.

Most persons are aware of what makes up the three common dimensions humans live in. These of course, incorporate the measurements of height, depth, width, or as some persons would say: how wide, how long and how deep. It is proposed here, that each of these dimensions, has a counter dimension, or as it should be said, a contra dimension, these contra dimensions are invisible. One could compare that study to an electron and a positron being the opposite of the other, a kind of matter, anti-matter appositeness. The positron is the anti-particle of the electron.

Since in nature for every matter particle, there is an corresponding antiparticle, It should not be strange, that for dimensions, there exist both a matter nature dimension, and a anti matter nature dimension, which the Manifester calls a contra dimension. The reason these contra dimensions cannot be seen and are very difficult to detect, is partially because they are dark energy and consequently, invisible, and do not interact with many of the fundamental universal actions. These dimensions, exist on the scale of the large and the scale of the small.

It is commonly reported among scientists and physicists, that approximately 90% of the Universe cannot be seen by the most up to date technology and instrumentation, due to that said 90% being "dark energy" and dark matter, (Invisible energy and matter). Dark matter transmits no light nor electromagnetic radiation. Inasmuch, as there exist particles that have no mass, but nevertheless, can exert gravity affects, then it should not be thought strange that dark Energy has the nature to respond exclusively to particular kinds of signals such as the "soundtron wave", which can turn on Dark Energy effects of many kinds. So, it can be seen that Dark Energy and Dark Matter cannot be known resolute of fact by the current laws of physics.

Dark Energy, Dark Matter..

The mathematical term "scalar" is a versatile tool for figuring many applications of universal properties. For instance the Scalar field can be broad in its applications to the point of seeming to be able to change its applications which in some ways makes it difficult to pinpoint as to its cosmological reference. A lot of scientific and physiologic concepts are up for coming face to face to new bold and extensive insights. Even the invert square law of gravity times distance, is being looked at for places of exception to that law. Understand, in my book, that all does make sense, especially since the Fifth Force is independent of the Four Forces. Just a note to make it clear, it will take a lot more insight and ability than just knowing "scalar math" to really understand the "Fifth Force" and "Dark Energy".


THE BIBLE SAYS: " In the beginning, darkness was upon the face of the deep" and (brief quote, "and" is a synecdoche, which means the text is expanded), the Fifth Force (Spirit) of God moved upon the Dark Energy", ( / waters, A brief quote, Compare, Genesis 1:2, MIV).


"Then the Lord of Hosts rode upon a zzith (space ship) of the Cherubim (Angels/Messengers from the Second Universe) and did fly as the wings of the breath of His holy Ghost. He made darkness AM's secret place, (dimensions of Dark Energy). His pavilion round about him were Dark Energies, (waters) and auras of atoms, (Dark Matter, described as clouds and hail stones and coals of fire", (Compare, a brief of Psalms 18:10-13 MIV).

"The Lord reigns; let the Earth and the elements (multitudes of Isles) be glad. Auras of atoms, (Dark Matter, described as clouds) and Dark Energies are in AM's circuits, (round about). From AM's Throne of the Universe, equality and equilibrium of justice are implanted into the existence of all things. In the course of time all habitations of the Universe will know these truths of the Throne. (Psalms 97:1-2 MIV).

I David, not of my own wisdom, but by divine wisdom, have seen the highest lanes of knowledge, O' so wonderful, but I feel too beyond my own ability to obtain.

Lord, there is no place in the universe Your soundtron is not present. If one searched the highest heaven or the lowest hell it would be discovered that the presence of Your soundtron signal of message was there.

Ascend with wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the galaxy seas of the heavens. For there also the sound-line is like a hand of God showing and pointing the way of truth so that I might escape the traps of foolery.

God has taught me that there is a Dark Energy force that can enable my vision to see the night and day as equal for vision. O' Lord the night cannot hide deep secrets from You, for (Your inner glow of quintessence) in the Dark Force allows no interference of medium to block Your vision, (Psalms 139:6-12 MIV).

I believe there are zones that bypass the valley where a rush to death preys on its visitors. In my eyes I have seen a pavilion that is said to be invisible but I can see it for the Lord has shown it to me. The majority world cannot see this secret Tabernacle, because it is made of Dark Energy. The Rock of Ages has revealed this Force, (that "makes me to lie down in green pastures"). (compare Psalms 27:5 MIV).

Let the tongues of baseless mortals wag, and let the pride of allusion be vainly vaulted high as heaven. For God has robed me in a view of the secret knowledge of the pavilion of Dark Energy. When I walk into eternity I will seem to disappear, but the angels know my spirit will be cloaked in the Dark Energy dimensions until I return to my station again, (Psalms 31:20 MIV). {more details to come next blog).

The Mystery of The First Domain...

Fathoms of deep Word from the deep well of Biblical knowledge.

In deep and ancient words it is written: "O Tower that watches over the flocks, You are a stronghold for you are The First Dominion, (First Domain), You are the Kingdom"...(Compare, Micah 4:8 MIV). The abbreviation that follows the word "King" which is "Dom" represents Dominion/Domain in totality: The Kings Domain. Consequently, "The Kingdom of Heaven (Meaning Heaven of heavens, therefore also including dominion over the heavens or cosmos of the Universe) is the "First Dominion" or as it may be said: "The First Domain".

The given Bible challenge to learn the wisdom about the First Domain is written, in (the most likely, oldest book of the Bible), Job 38:33:

"Do you know the ordinances of the Cosmos? Can you set dominion of the quintessential essence of God (The Fifth Force) to have dominion of knowledge among the earthlings"? (Job 38:33 MIV).

There a mystery that has been hidden for ages from the generations of mortals, but in this age is being manifested to believers, (Compare, Colossians 1:26 MIV).

I pray this next scripture will not be too incompatible of reasoning to believe for researchers of scientific, mathematical, and cosmological subjects...

"By the Fifth Force, (The quintessential essence of God which includes the personified image of God), all existence was created of invisible and visible things in the Universe, which of course, also includes the Earth, and thrones, dominions, principalities or powers. All things were created by God's power and to fulfill AM's yearning Love".

For the Ultimate Invisible God I-AM who was and is before all existence, deemed by the soundtron to provide God's substance of the power of life for all things living, and power of being, for all things material and immaterial, (Compare, Colossians 1:16-17MIV).

O'Lord, Your kingdom is everlasting, Your dominion (First Domain) endures throughout all generations, (Compare, Psalms 145:13, MIV).



Seven Thunders Speak

Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis


  • In the long of very long ago...
  • Before the Genesis of this present world...
  • Seven Thunders rose from seven past universes.

Revealed to THE MANIFESTER by insights beyond this world, this is a story of pre-existent universes...

This is book one of seven writs Included is new revelation on the Holy Grail, the Ark of theCovenant, the Urim and Thummim, early Jesus years, and insights to overcomers and life after death.

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Peace Manifest Bible

Over 2500 Pages and 40 Years in the Making

cover pmb275

The Peace Manifest Bible is a Spirit to spirit Holy Spirit contextual interpretation... There is presently no other Bible like unto this Holy Pesher Bible with its many levels of transcendental writ.

It contains Threefold levels of insight to Scriptures that answers questions so distinctly that hearts become content who read it.

Ordained by Angels and prepared by a scholarly team of Spirit-filled School of the Prophets for Holy Spirit contextual-architect presentations.

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