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THE ACTS OF AMERICA, PART SIX, Mysteries of the Universe...


grand universe by antifan realIn The acts of America, Part 6,  The Tesla subject is rounded out until it is tangent with the period. The power of dark and the power of light is broken down into speculations. What affects physical matter does not affect the spirit force. The knowledge of the Force Fields of Life and Love  are expanded to become sprinkled as "the salt of the earth" from rains pouring down from Galaxy stars, as manna, from the angels of the Lords of Hosts.

For now, what was only suspicion is proven, that the human's inner drive to discover the fathoms of  seas, to conquer the acclivity of the highest mountain, and to reach to the stars, belongs to the mind winds of the spirit of each individual and how they of ancient anteriorities really connect to the very long long ago.


The theory is called the Big Bang, (which of course, some scientist even question).  Prior to the Big Bang all mass and matter was in a state of ultimate density and reduced to one dimension.  It was a maximum gravity, a true singularity.  The theory teaches that the singularity was caused to explode and its massive density was therefore caused to stretch and spread out so as to move at high speeds due to the propulsion of the explosion.  Consequently, the produced gravity waves moved in all directions at high speeds.  It is expected by scientists that these waves should have spread out in a continuum as gravity waves moving across the Universe and should currently be able to be detected still traveling through space.

Let us dangle our perspectives awhile, and consider that for hundreds of years mortals still do not have the solution to "the all of everything" regarding the Universe, which is now being said to only represent 4% of the visible and detectable Universe.

It is a blessing to be counted among those who are in the specific dual of spiritual and physical knowledge, and who are opened to understand the Domatron Effect, and the First Domain Force Fields.

It seems to be rather inappropriate  of science and physicists to present multiple numbers of theories about the functions of the Universe by using arithmetic solutions that are not provable, or that have not been proven, and then making a case of there being a high percentage that such theories are most likely probable.  Subsequently, at the same time after presenting one case of theory after another not proven, to then make a point that non scientific and religious presentations about how the Universe functions are not proven and therefore likely false.

The ultimate theory of everything, cannot be an ultimate theory of everything, if the Force Fields of the First Domain are left out of consideration.  However, it is important to make mention that  sometimes scientific terms have been created/used and applied which actually are a part of domatron actions.  Naturally, due to lack of awareness regarding the domatron effects it can be understood why no credit was given on that subject.  Perhaps now however, recognition to the domatron force could bring allowed such credit.  The "all of the all" is beyond the reach of scientists and physicists who do not have a manifest realization of the First Domain and its domatron effects, and because indirect proofs work some of the time, but as is well known, indirect proofs are not satisfactory for much of the time.   However, there are certain creation revelations incorporated within the soundtron effects from the First Domain that once known, are obvious truths, and which contain many axioms and constants within those truths.  Consequently, a major reveal once given and by its merit of points known to be true, often resolves a host of other truths which they are attached to.

The fall of intelligence upwards is a very strange thing to explain.  It is a kind of probing around with experiments of ideology about subjects all but out of reach to present knowledge that is based on formats that do not provide the correct base for such concepts as are trying to be formulated.  The trial of compelling models to fit guess work theories of stretched suppositions only adds to confusion and the possibility of intercepting a true equation of real resolute truth.  So many people from all levels of life are into the "end" concepts:  the end of the world, the end of not knowing; therefore, such persons remain in a certain accentuated vein searching for a solution.  As to this thing about the "end" these said persons feel but do not realize... is their strong emotions are often just an unrealized "end" of their understanding. 

The on going scientific search to find  Gravitational Waves occurring during Inflation, even though universal expansion is not yet clearly understood, does not to me seem to provide a precision medium corresponding to the  environmental comparative of their said exploding density state during the beginning of this Universe.  So then, the great past state of the Universe, as compared to a recent universe environmental state, by the experiment of two neutron-stars in the Big Bang of a merging event cannot be a guaranteed method of dupication of what the great past universe state may have produced.  Of course, the claim is understood that a neutron star is just at the edge of the kind of density that becomes a black hole.  I can therefore see "why" the quest of selecting neutron stars for a possibility of proving Einstein's proposition of Gravitational Waves. However, discovering  Gravitational Waves (distortion in space time as ripples moving outward) from the merging of two neutron-stars recently occurring in the universe as Big Bang events, has pit falls as to be a true comparison to the happenings at the beginning of inflation when this universe was just being born.  But if only the proof as to Gravity Waves is what is being sought, then no doubt, the current procedure is to many a "must" to be tried. Certainly, it doesn't need to be proven that any such Big Bang explosions are going to produce all kinds of ripples moving outward in space; but the how, whether, and facts of Gravitation Waves...that is a different flavor.  

The Manifester would say:  What seems to not be established, is that the original Gravitational Waves have elongated, and their pulse rates changed, and as well, their radio signal (so to speak) has also changed to the point those original Gravitational Waves, in a sense, have reached the shores of time, and so barely exist in the recognition of their original form.  Nevertheless, Gravitational Waves are recorded in the soundtron and therefore exist and can be acknowledged by those who understand the domatron effects.  The  exception would be the limit of the vanishing point of the comprehension of this knowledge to those who do not equate the First Domain and its domatron effect.  And for sure, claims will come, and some claims will last, and some claims will fall.  However, sometimes the fall of those claims are life-times away.   The Bible does say to prove all things.  Truly a valuable statement.  (Compare, 1 Thessalonians 5:21).

Of course, regardless of who makes a hypothesis about the functions of the Universe, there must be coordinates that satisfy the propositions presented as answers and resolutions to unknown questions about the Universe, which align with the other generally known and proven theories.

There has been an eclipse of the light of knowledge concerning the Energy Force Fields of the First domain that majorly affect the Universe.   In the First Domain there are no fixed property points.   In that pure energy realm, energy flows and takes forms that fit the energy surges.

Nevertheless, in the materialized realms of the Universe, the Domatron effects of the First Domain have power to affect the Universe in physical ways by multiplying the arrangements and motions of any broad-casted energy occurring in the Universe, and to conduct the maximum number of the lines of force in any direction, including through natural electromagnetic vanes,  as vectors,  to areas in the Universe, that even nature rarely ever touches.

The Law of Equality...

The Bible teaches many strange and even alien ideas as compared to the commonly reasoned things understood by the human mind.   One such Bible proposition is the teaching of:  "calling those things that are not as though they were",  (Compare, Romans 4:17 KJV).  This could be compared to a spontaneous event such as an actuated quantum jump of atoms moving from one track of position to another track of position, from one kind of spin to another kind of spin, from one linkage of status to another linkage of status, and from one time zone to another time zone.

Scientists generally do not like to use or mix religious or spiritual terms with scientific terms.  For instance consider the term "Grace".  What scientists would opt to use the term "Grace" in a scientific matter?  However, consider someone who is all but hopelessly lost.   Let's say that person is lost in the middle of an Amazon forest without a compass, map, survival gear, (including food and water), such a situation could be considered impossible by scientifically statistical odds to survive.

Then an army General decides of his own free will and power as a General, to save this person at all costs.  This would not be called "grace" by the establishment, but rather a "strategic decision".   However, by the merit of this decision being left entirely up to the General, strategic or not, it would be about a decision of the General "to save" that lost person, which is precisely what the spiritual term "grace" refers to as it is used to express about those who have been "saved by grace" , (Compare, Ephesians 2:5,8 KJV).

And granted, there would and could be other associated terms used to coincide with the term "grace".  On the spiritual side, other terms would be:   pardon, pity, gift, impunity, love, forgiveness and etc.  On the General's side, other terms would be:  strategic decision, or humane decision, cover up operation, propaganda feat, and etc.  But the bottom line remains the same, "to save".   So whether the term "grace", is used in this case, or the term "humane decision", these terms  means the same thing, therefore only an interpretation is needed and in one case  the Savior is a General, in the other case the Savior is the Lord of Hosts.


A Universe of stars crushed into a punctum dot, where also the all of the former universe abode that had not transcended to the First Domain.   Eternities passed...in the vast deep that was the pouring darkness of a great void, only the punctum dot and its gravity existed.  No one should say that the Universe does not belong to a perpetual physical infinity.  For "the all" of the asterism and its sums of the all not risen abides compressed, waiting for its quashed prints to be signaled and stretched into the lattices for the forming of a new Universe.

In its state of compression this once spread out but now dead Universe would endlessly lie dead, were it not for the need by The First Domain of a matrix continuum for creation of new spirit Souls.

The First Domain, is a pure spirit energy Domain, exalted above all domains.  Its influence, called the "Domatron effect" touches all points of outer and inner space.  Its relative parts by contra-pose produce the convoluted  and involuted coils of the Universe from which are revealed the curves of life.

Then, suddenly there was a sound as a mighty rushing God-Wind, saying: "let there be Aura" and there was Aura.   Manifold impressions impelled by the Domatron effect moved at a velocity many time the speed of light.    These impressions called courier waves, photo-transitioned the zone rays, which cradled the aureola soundline (the most infinitesimal energy packet outside the First Domain); therefore was begun the imaged-message of the will of God.


THE I-AM, SENT FROM ABOVE, AND DREW ME FROM OUT OF THE MULTITUDES, (SEE "WATERS", REVELATION 17:15 KJV), AND THEN, I-AM LIT MY CANDLE...(Then said I, O My Lord, blessed is your Amazing Grace, once I was blind but now I see...). (Compare, Psalms 18:16, 28 KJV).

The world is full of naysayers, but the power of one perceiver, who has the instinct believing that within a certain context  "all things are possible", can balance out the greater number of naysayers to weigh in favor of the perceiver.

The Word of God, the Quote-AM soundtron/soundline, exists throughout the Universe; there is no space, or substance, or particle, or element where the soundtron does not abide.  (Compare, Psalms 19:1-4 and Romans 10:18 KJV).

 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and was God.  (Compare, John 1:1KJV). Using this "just said" revelation in Manifest Logistical Rhythmatics:  "Quo-AM x en > eds, d - fac"........, I will break this down:

1. Quo-AM.  Quote-AM, is Manifest for "the Word Impressions of God the I-AM" = "The Word".

2.  x = times (= God's command to all creation, creatures and elements, be fruitful and multiply)

3.  en > = energize (generate courier waves by photo-transition to permeate all the void with aureola soundline, (Soundtron) to create zone rays).

4.  eds = energy dots (energy dots lattiluting resonant fractals of broad-casted membrane tone pitches of packet-linked windings).  

5.  d - fac = divergence to fractal structure potentials (energy dot buds fractalized into many parts with diversified memory potential for becoming: atoms, sub atomic particles, negative or positive charges, and etc.).  

The above math symbols were used for simplicity and are therefore not complete.  The complete Logistical Rhythmatics symbols will be shown at a later time... 



 Force field shields of pure transparent energy, that as walls or wrap around which cannot be pierced, are mentioned in the Bible as follows:

God said to Abram:  fear not, I am your shield. (Compare, Genesis 15:1 MIV).  The Lord will shield you powerfully, as with a Sun [of syntonic fire]. (Psalms 84:11 MIV). 

1.  The Prophet Zechariah prophesies of a future time when Jerusalem will not need walls to protect the city from invasions because:  God will provide a  wall [shield] of fire [syntonic fire] around about the city.  (Compare, Zechariah 2:4-5 KJV)

2.  The princes of the people are gathered together, even the people of the God of Abraham:  for the shields of the earth belong unto God:  He is greatly exalted.  (Compare Psalms 47:9 KJV).

3.  For the cloud [day-light shield] of the Lord was upon the tabernacle by day, and the [night-light shield] of [syntonic] fire was on it at night.  (Compare Exodus 40:38 MIV).  



1.  Jesus teleports His body from a sky transport ship to the earth, and ministers to Saul.  (Compare Acts 9:3-4 MIV). 

2. Manoah and his wife (future parents of Samson) are visited by an angel who ministers to them about Samson and then teleports to ascendance in the flames of the altar fire.   (Compare, Judges 13:19-20 MIV).



1.  (Paraphrase).   Jesus is ministering to a crowd in the Temple area.  They become very angry when he says that he existed before Abraham.  Jesus is standing right before them and they begin to pick up stones to kill him by stoning.  Jesus hides himself by becoming invisible, and passing invisibly, he escapes through the midst of his very accusers, who were holding stones with the intent to kill him. 

(Compare John 8:58 KJV).  Also, see Strong's Greek Dictionary Concordance #2928, a term meaning to hide or "conceal".  This term's root term is "Kruphe"  #2828.  The term "Kruphe" is a derivative of "Kruos" which defines as "ice" and by analogy means "crystal".  This said term is relational to #2929, "Crystallise" which translated from Greek to English is "crystallized" and can be applied in the sense to: make transparent as crystal, (or to make invisible).  The context of this scripture allows only this interpretation as being explanatory of the circumstances said in this scripture. 

2.  (Paraphrase).  Jesus is flying in a transport Zzith in the sky over the Damascus area...Saul/Paul and several men traveling with him are on the road to Damascus near to the city.  Paul has letters from the high priest giving him approval to search out the synagogues in Damascus and to arrest any Christians found there and to take them as prisoners to Jerusalem for final judgement. 

Saul/Paul suddenly sees a shining flash of light coming down from the sky above.  Jesus is teleporting from his physical body from out of the Zzith Transporter to the ground but remaining in a suspended invisible state.  This event of brightness causes Paul to become temporarily blind.  Jesus speaks from out of his invisible body to Paul.   Paul and the men with Paul can hear a voice but cannot see anyone.  Paul, to whom the message was specifically being spoken, could make out the words but the other men heard the voice but didn't understand any message.  Saul/Paul was like a land roving computer programmed to seek and destroy all Christians.   After Jesus teleported down to Saul/Paul, his message to Paul deprogrammed his mental computer and Paul became a "turned around man".  (Compare, Acts 9:1-16 KJV).



The scientific term gravity: 

1.  The Bible reveals restrictions placed on the seas of Earth and cites the term use of "doors" (in place of gravity) to contain its waters. "See Job 38:8-11, KJV.

2.  The Bible uses the word "bounds" instead of the term "gravity".  God has set the waters of the oceans with bounds, which will last until the night and day of Earth cease to be.  (Job 26:10 MIV). 

3.  God causes a *yielding of the Earth, so as to hang it upon open space with invisible effects,  [of earth's northern polarity, and attraction of gravity],  (Compare, Job 26:7 KJV MIV), *[from the word "stretcheth" as meaning "causing a yielding", see Strong's Hebrew Dictionary Concordance #5186].   


Atoms and molecules

1.  The Bible says:  worlds and things seen were made of things that are invisible ( Atoms, Molecules, "which do not appear"), (Compare, Hebrews 11:3 KJV/MIV).


In Colorado T T T tt, spoke to Tesla of the Z-ray (ZONE RAY)  but did not make known to Tesla instructions as to the full details of how it worked, but did reveal some aspects of the Z-Ray.   Nevertheless, Tesla then conceived what is known as the Death Ray.  The idea, of course, was a weapon so powerful that any nation owning it would be guaranteed peace from any attack by another nation. Teslas notion was, if all the major nations had this Death Ray weapon it would hopefully keep peace in the world. 

Interestingly, Tesla with his highly accelerated mind picked up some points that he chose to expand on, then created the rest by coming up with a different Ray than the Z-Ray; but nevertheless, a potentially powerful Ray.  Tesla divised a method of separating a first distinctive principle from the second distinctive principle, first, quite simply in an electrode X-ray tube separating the connecting function of the outer primary to the inner secondary.  This method allow energy to be stored for hi-field emissions. The secret factor in this was his arrangement and use of several capacitors.  At this point a beginning was arrived for the so called Death Ray, intended as a defensive weapon only. 

Perhaps, Tesla got the first and second distinctive principle idea from T T T tt, in his explanation of a laser force driven by the combustion of stored anti-matter separated by neutron energy from matter and made to coalesce in a firing laser principle.

Tesla, was affected by T T T tt, and also true, in keeping the secrets shared.                                                                



The Quote-AM soundline force that is described above, exists everywhere, and in everything of the Universe.  It is called the "soundtron" and it is the smallest energy packet in existence.   The soundtron, is the Fifth Force of the domatron effect. 

It has been theorized that a constructed Universe with more that 11 (eleven) dimensions of hyperspace is an unstable Universe.  This is said to be so thought, because deciphering such a Universe mathematically presents mathematical inconsistencies, anomalies and infinities in sequence upon sequence of infinities. 

The Manifest reality is, there are 12 soundtron circuits which incorporate twelve dimensions . /:  in this Universe:  Three standard dimensions, three counter contra dimensions to the three standard dimensions, four dark energy dimensions and 2 dark matter dimensions which = twelve dimensions . /: .....  When the electrovibmatic waves of the external and internal syntrons are strummed, a circuit of multiple spins is produced that allows harmony of all things including knowledge.  

Infinities are like eternities:  The Alpha and Omega begin and end at the same time because they are continuums of repeating forever and ever.  Therefore, infinities in sequence upon sequence of infinities is how the tale is told.

With a little straightening of a curve here and there, the so called problem of Quantum and Relativity seeming to be opposite to each other, will become like child and adult belonging to the same stock.  It is only a matter of time before one of the present very astute scientists discover that the external potential and the quantum potential hold the answer in the generated wave and spin derivatives as to why the pathology of their math trajectories show chaos.  Is it not based on subject blindness as to walls that cannot be seen due to the rut of limited mathematical interpretation?

Dear reader, don't lose your innermost picture of God, for that is all you will need to summon the eyesight you need to comprehend these absolutely beautiful truths.  Also, please remember creation "out of No-thing" is not God's method of creation.  God creates by AM's Word....

Some persons say God does not answer the personal prayers of humans, "that Spinoza" has the answer; but don't believe it!  The soundtron is in everything including in your every atom, molecule and thought.  Your thoughts are written in your "Beling"...Beling, being what the Bible calls each person's book of life.  God has make it possible for AM's Word, the soundtron, which is present within you to hear and answer your every thought in proxy as God's Word.



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