Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Collisions of Negative and Positive Knowledge.....

In a divulge of expose, I raise a red flag over the craziness that grows like Bermuda grass in the people-columns of the uninformed. This wet rag of uninformed human flesh is being used as a smother cloth to the real truth and, thereby, used to protect the status quo of the tacticians who work the underground.

But make no mistake: this use of the power of bland intelligence has raised revolutions.  It is by the consequences of such reasons and more that the collisions of negative kinds of knowledge against positive kinds of knowledge must be manifested and censored by the deepest of spiritual intent.

To those who trust that security for operative systems can be found in the efficiency of algorithms for elliptic curve cryptography over binary fields, I ask….. How long will such systems stand the test once binary configurations have become scammed out by new computation systems based in quantum circuitry?

There is no physical security that can stand the test of time.  True security can only come by the Rock of Ages.   Even those formats used to protect and secure everyday usable things are constantly compromised by the update of negative and positive knowledge.  So then, I provide this information and language style as a metaphor for the mind to reach spiritually higher.

In the claw back of make up, astringencies call for a reaping for what has been sowed to be up for payment.  Yet, in negative knowledge, only an escape from due justice, due thinking, and due debt is voiced by the emphatic.  This is done by justifying not ancient systems, but by justifying older-than-current systems of nearly everything and, therefore, biting down against a change.  This holds true in religion, philosophy, politics, financial engineering, medicine applications, and health.

There be those who do not droop, who do not flounder, who do not associate to the discord and bland intelligence of the misinformed mobs of the times.  Their eyes look upwards; their minds shoot arrows in all directions.  They are as high leaves on a high oak tree, over looking all that is below, yet free from all its strife.

Surely, these are the Destinata whose hearts are fastened on the Love of God and whose bodies are preparing for the greatest flight ever taken from the conflict of knowledge.

The patterns on the mount revealed by the Holy Spirit are of far more importance than the average seeker realizes.   The idea of physical images being used to profound and help to reveal spiritual insight lends unfold as to why Jesus used parables to describe the Kingdom of God and additionally lends insight to the meaning that what is bound or loosened on Earth is bound or loosened in heaven.  And that is just the opening of the synecdoche revelation as taught in Manifest revelation.

Religion has so many sub-stages to its concepts,,,,, the binding power of truth is often difficult to see.  The drives of consciousness that belong to the deep root of deep spiritual things often can only be triggered by a sub-audition or an opening of super inner instincts by the Holy Spirit.

Free yourself from expecting unfinished scientific explanations based on only partial information to prove or disprove revelation from God.  Also, do not be overcome by complexities; believe in the Word of God that even you can be taken through the needle’s eye by the Spirit of believing.   You have come this far by faith; don’t look back now at this point of turning the corner.

Transcendence moves instinct of the mortal into a spiritual distinct discerning.  Jesus was surrounded by a multitude of people: in an incidence of people brushing into and against one another, a woman touches the hem of His garment hoping for a healing;  Jesus asks: “Who touched me? I felt virtue go out!” (Compare Luke 8:45-46 KJV.)  The disciples are puzzled that He would make such a statement in the crush of so many people one against another.  The woman who touched Him is greatly healed.  Jesus reveals by His super sense, a transcendence to a fine tuning of knowing things on a higher level than a common mortal.  There is a collision of two kinds of knowledge here.  The disciples display in their remark (basically meaning): “Hey, there is a crush of people to people going on; of course, someone touched you.  What else should you expect?” (Compare Mark 5:31 KJV.)  This was knowledge based on a reasonable assumption.  However, the knowledge Jesus used was transcendent and reached to a mindfulness beyond the often negative knowledge of the mortal.

The quantum idea of the “uncertainty principle” would possess the universe to the point no one would ever be able to know anything until after it happened,,,,, were it not for transcendence.  The power of knowing the beyond of the beyond can still occur in the natural ground base of the physical realm, yet arises because it is fed by one’s inner spirit gifts from God.  That is not to say that natural instincts using much labor cannot elevate.

There are paradigm bridges: they are there for all who will receive the spiritual grant offered to them to cross over, and they are there for those who on occasion will stumble on in labors and find a way across.  Jesus speaks of a man who makes it to the divine supper of God but without proper attire.  He is put out from the supper, but the fact remains that he made it to the supper site using negative knowledge. The potential of negative power is amazing.  It is also amazing that negative power even in its zenith moments is still limited from standing shoulder to shoulder with spiritual knowledge.

When the writs of the Bible and the actions of past faith are interpreted in a symbolic language and then combed out by spiritual discerning, a sudden looming of understanding arises.  The insight to separate physical knowledge and spiritual knowledge by allowing  spiritual knowledge to breathe through the pores of physical knowledge is a turnkey few possess.

The term ”atom” means indivisible.  If one were to follow and settle in on the knowledge of the name only,  the capability to use atomic energy would never have happened.  To go beyond the paradox, one much reach outside of common and expected rationalisations.

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