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Overcoming / Eternal Justification

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. (Colossians 4:5-6)


Forewent, the foremost Zzith flying above the Earth in the skies with the message of the Gospel.  And now fore-comes that same zzith as a streak, bending  and zooming at angles no mortal made machine could endure of torque or velocity. (Revelation 14:6 and 8:13 KJV).

A Zzith you say?  What wings over heaven and hell with a name like that?  And for the sake of the Apostle Paul who discovered on Mars Hill a dedication to the Unknown God...say, what this thing is you call a Zzith?

Ah an inquiry...Tis it a glance or a gyroscope insight that you seek?  Never mind the answer, I will reply according to the way of the Spirit.Here comes the Hebrew word, a spiritual kind of thing which can function as singular or a compound singular and contains deep revelation:  Hal e ah (pronounce: haw-leh-aw) = To the distance and back...hither and thither.

To the distance and back...a split between double passions.  A scared imperative to be or not to be.  A strange sometimes on and off harmonious coexistence between ones own spirit and ones own flesh body.


CHOOSE LIFE...The Holy Spot healing is your destiny, no. 3

“I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse, therefore choose life, that you may live”. Moses — Deuteronomy 30:19.  Allow the act of reaching out to God to choose life, health and peace to possess your every wish.

If necessary, the world will change to fit you in… because God has called for  you to have a place in this world.  Life is a grapple reaching for portions of living.  Some portions are not too worthy to mention or to dwell ones mind upon.  Yet, there are some portions too precious to ever forget.

It is not due to a person’s grand style nor eloquence  that God answers  their prayers.  God listens to the sound of their heart for that which is earnest.

Perceive this moment, allow your heart to imply this truth:  you have come to the mercy seat, and you are granted to supersede your own lessor self.  This is not a random moment, this is the Holy Spot Moment of the freshwater of healing.  The slow motions of waiting for deliverance are ordered to go behind you.  You need no other repertoire, the real existence of God’s Love is manifesting in you the seed of satisfaction toward being fulfilled.

The forces of wear have stipulated their price upon your body and health, but a range of Light distinctive of the patterns of Love, draw and enfold you into freedom from the consequences of due debts created by your vain toils and errors.



Dear Lord, fetch the cords of life from every neural brain trans-beaming that has incarnated sub-audition memory of transfiguration. WE PRAISE YOU LORD THAT YOU WILL LEAD US AND Translate the impressions and speak them to the cognizant mind and allow in it's time, FOR RECALL to occur.

In the interlude of the space time continuum where the clock of frameworks are passed to excelled visions to be processed, there meet us again O Lord of Hosts that the message will be clear and bright.

In the rites of search, the vision is clearly and plainly written: let them run as messengers who read it, that this Word may spread to the ends of the Universe. The foresight of keen perception rise, the saga of compass points to bearings lean of manifest revelations.

Igniting circuits break the bread of communion into fragments that cannot be made to shatter. READERS collapse your mouth and wait for the right time to shout! The wise, the prudent, the sensible manifest revelation takes strides to bring lattilutions for cultivations to searching minds.

Everywhere the obsolete has given birth to tokens of solemn thoughts so misfitting that they belong to no ones peace. The End of the World, The End of the World they say... but the prophecy is only about the death of such a messenger.



When you are hammered in from all sides and pushes to shoves do not loosen the girdle of circumstances binding you....there is an act to freedom you can input that belongs to your peace.

It is the entering into the SPIRIT DIMENSION. Every human is part flesh creation and part spirit creation. Sadly for most people they are ignorant of the spirit dimension. The accessibility of this dimension is real and provides the most powerful escape from physical entanglement of the negative kind that exists on Earth.

I bid you come along with me by reading this Manifest endowment about the Kingdom of heaven that exists within your very being. Choose life, choose healing, choose to live free from the binding force of mental darkness.

You are granted peace and love in the spirit dimension. Entering the spirit dimension will not bend your physical life out of the good physical perspective of reality. What it will do is give you a new kind of co-ordinance to apply in your thoughts and considerations to solutions to the binding circumstances you are in. It will also free you from depression and the moods of defeat.

The spirit presence within you is the angel of your presence. Acknowledgement of your inner-self spirit dimension will open realms and spaces of dimensions beyond your most liberal imagination. Keep in mind this is not some strange foreign taboo connection, it is you, it is the spirit part of you that you were born with. In fact the Bible says: without the spirit the body dies.



Like the Sun rising to dawn in the east... Like the rays of Sun that cause the pedals of roses to unfurl, and cause the glory of green to rise from seedlings out of the ground...God who so loved the world, sent His only First Born Son, who also loved the world so much, He was willing to give His living blood of life for the world's salvation, that through Him all humanity could trans-assimilate to His Love.

God who is Love rose from the East and speaking said: I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIGHT. The idea that one person could be so broad of heart, so manifold of spirit as to have the strength of Love, the endurance of dedication to take on a whole world of people with their woes and sins and have the thought of saving them was a miracle of resurrection.

You see the meaning of resurrection is far more than about death, it is much more about living. The first time I felt this kind of Love my knees would not allow me to stand, my eyes would not allow me to be dry eyed. When you touch something so sincere, you feel a purity beyond words of this world.

My heart wanted to go with Jesus wherever He was. My body said wait heart, don't leave without me, I want to go too. I walked toward the sunlight of His face that His face might shine upon me His wonderful Love and Peace. I walked past the cross and bowed my head for the shame of humankind. I walked pass the tomb without stopping for I knew He was not there.



When the stars of twilight in your life are darken out and the dawning of day you counted on for things to happen is misty, that does not mean that a bad turn has come to your road of life. There are seasons and cycles to all things of the physical realm. Stand by and don't quiver or fear, these seasons will pass. Keep your state of mind fresh, alert and in good faith about your life.

Most everyone has a prisoner aspect to their mode of life. Things and purposes, dedications and hopes that are locked up and bound by circumstances or mood styles of life that turn on at the worse possible moment. One big prison mode is the failure to act due to negligence and or procrastination.

There is a place of mind where a person can be in league with nature and life. Such persons live in peace regardless of the turmoil that surrounds them. The sparks of problems and trouble are constantly flying. Constantly thoughts raise dominant heads professing that real truth and real answers are unsearchable.

You need to always keep determined that if you run into trouble you will beat the problem, if sickness comes you will overcome it, and if death hangs around, you will send it out of your house based on your right to live out a full life.

If your husband or wife seem to be getting more moody and contrary to deal with, love your life partner more, touch and speak kindly. The problem can have many factors of cause: bio chemistry imbalance in the body, age turn toward their genetics, misunderstanding of your changes in life and interpretation as meaning you love them less. Keep speaking kindly and loving them.



In the range of physical and spiritual trials there are those persons who become over-absorbed in an interest…to the point of EXCESSIVE MENTAL PREOCCUPATION. All human mortals are half materialistic and half spiritualistic, soul physical and Soul spirit. Both elements are needed during the tenure of life. So then to be balanced one needs to consider both makeups of uun’s (his/her) being. As difficult as it may be for those who are straining to be super holy and super perfected, I still must share that I have observed such persons go off the edge of sanity by their excessive mental preoccupation to overcome being mortal. Such endeavours are not Bible and for sure not the teaching of Jesus Christ.

There are near endless subjects that people get out of balance to and develop excessive mental preoccupation with including common excesses such as television, and excesses to a whole list of things available such as food, worry, attitude, anger, gambling, and the no no habits people should not do, but do anyway, tied into toxic pleasure uses of cigarettes, narcotics, and etc.

Some people make it their excessive preoccupation to criticize other people or organizations, societies, governments, doctrines, or issues of various subjects. Some people are so omnivorous of the mind they do not use selective consideration of choosing subjects or thoughts, and many people indiscriminately — take in of what they hear, and comment on those subjects they really know very little to nothing about. There are so many reasons for the reality and the beauty of the words of Jesus Christ, when Am said: “Judge not that you be not judged”. God is going to forgive most of the people you hate and despise, not based on your hate and anger but based on eternal justification.



Although most everyone seems to want to know the truth, often times they also want to hear the truth as they want to believe it. Nevertheless, there remains of the seekers a collective body of persons who seek the truth regardless of the depth of revelation.

So there is a separation between those who want safe revelation and safe doctrinethat may interpose on their way of life, and those person ready to sail into the far yonder of new horizons of matter how many gates of past understood logic are closed by the new insights.

The punctum or mind-product called the dot on a scale of math can be represented by two vectors forming a scalar whose product is the value of the vector's magnitude and the cosine of the angle between them. If we say the magnitudes equals the quantity of information, not in the coordinates of direction, but rather in the coordinates of a lattice of matrix of information...then, in a strange kind of way, we have described an Energy Dot.

If everything is a state of mind, and you should be quite adaptive to that thought, because, the Scripture that says: as a person thinks so is that person (Proverbs 23:7 KJV) and that lends Bible credence towards evidence that seems quite permissible of such a construct.


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