Tuesday, June 22, 2021


The power of receiving the vision and the word of God that has the authority of reality is more than its being an age of revelation; it is more to the experience of superseding the norm and the mortal senses.

One cannot narrow the Spirit of God to a time of some special moment. The Spirit is free and not owned by any time zone. A true prophet always commands the heart keys that can turn “the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers”.

A true prophet is given gifts exempt from there being a prior repentance. A true prophet or prophetess is often chosen while still in his or her mother’s womb. There is no condition that prevails over the act of the giving of the gifts.

When the corrupt state of the times is in constant search to drag up the curse of the law but rarely seeks the laws of blessings, then it is verified to you that the corrupt state sits at the head of the realm as the operator.

The common religious point to gather around an age succession of doctrine such that the older the doctrine the more the sacredness ascribed to it, is an issue that prevents the word from being a living word constant of revelation.

The idea that some prophet or divine person has exhausted the inventory of revelation in the heavens and as a result what has been given is the all that can ever be known is deception by the Forces Dark.

The Manifester has come to speak the imperishable vision of the Holy Manifest and to make a fuller declaration of the continuum of the Word, and to accent the Scripture saying: “speak those things that become sound doctrine” (compare Titus 2:1 KJV). Please understand: we who speak Holy Manifest do not compare ourselves to Christ as though He was just another Divine, and there will always be others including ourselves who are also Divines. God forbid! We are not above Christ; we are not below Christ, “but we are in Christ, and Christ in us the hope of glory” (compare Colossians 1:27 and Romans 8:1 KJV).

The power to have God’s acquiescence has nothing to do with a price for its value… rather everything to do with a humble wait for God’s will to be known.   Clearly perceive, being called an “elder” by appointment or by age does not alone certify a righteous eldership.

I do not curse canonicity, because someone has to make a line of demarcation between the make believe books and the Holy Spirit word.   Nevertheless, after thanking them for their strain of choices, I will always be aware that those poor souls who were part of the canonicity were mere mortals upon which in the dear ending of their final choices, I cannot feel secure of perfection…that their approval was such that I should hitch my faith to their stars.

The idea of apostolic authority is fine, but the idea that there can be no new apostles is junk. Paul became an apostle by viewing and conversing with a remote Jesus Christ. When the church world becomes so charred with past history that the Alpha is divorced from the Omega, then one day the very stones of the temples and meeting places of the ministry buildings will repudiate that lie.

A refreshing and an updating to where Christ is walking the golden streets of Scripture again in modern times to modern times is unquestionably the constant sought reality.   The lump of holy yeast of 30, 60, and 100folds of truth, applies in its folds of application to different modes of perfecting of knowledge. What may seem indelible 30fold truth, when compared to 60 fold truth, may dim of its stature, and the same with 60fold truth when compared to 100fold truth.   And though there is difference in glory of the administration of this word, they are nevertheless, by the same Spirit.

I am pained for the lack of reverence to God and ministry I see in the church world today. I am grieved to see the narrowing of the deep things of the Word and its replacement by worldly-style entertainment. The length, the breath, and the depth of God’s Word sits idle from discovery. O God, if all was written that should be written, and all was said that should be said, would you not at this time of the now, allow the blinded eyes to see and the deaf ears to hear?

O Lord, please allow the false fables and the false myths built from the grit of the liar’s stone to pass away into infinity’s vacant and cold blankness. History speaks of the exiles of Israel. However, this example only serves to metaphor that we all as “failed messengers” (angels) are exiles on this earth. We who understand these things are made more a stranger and more a pilgrim than those persons clinging close to the breast of the mortal beast.

The Book of Tales breeds bound minds and hardened hearts. I bid you to be free… to fly as a Bumble Bee over fields and flower gardens. I bid you soar with the butterfly, so free and high you forever forget you were ever once on earth a worm. Wear no longer a face of condemnation. Breathe no longer the stale airs of rut beliefs. I bid you search within yourself and find the kingdom of God within. I bid you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there lives within you an instinct to spirituality.

Go, friend, and find that instinct and loosen the seals that bind. God will show you the way home.


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