Tuesday, June 22, 2021


In a trek of your heart, in a journey of your mind…in a summation of a gut feeling persistently within you! Imbued into the fiber of all space there shines a speaking story to all life…a tale radiates about a summit of reality beyond the highest stars.

Tell me this story,,,,,tell me this tale,,,,,not of this world. There is an arrow of whizzing, flying as a proven badge of wisdom. O bid me come sweet Lord of Love and Mystery, for I feel its resonance as excitons Amtrictic (Am-tric-tic) above my head.

In the deepest mystery of mind there was a once that suddenly when the entire all seemed to fill my consciousness. In that instant I could answer any question, for I knew the whole of knowledge and wisdom. I looked at some dead grass, and it instantly turned a lively green, I heard a voice say: Prophesy the world, for “all flesh is grass”.

I shivered as a weed might shiver in a cold wind of daring to compare a weed metaphor before a world of fruited stems of grain. Then the Lord said to me without the sound of common speech: forsake the fool in yourself; and prophesy the world, for “all flesh is grass”.

Star home, I star rise to you. In the expansiveness beyond believing or not believing where myths that are lies are shattered into dead space, I move in mind lanes that command truth to flare the way.

Today I am alive in the world of flesh. If I live a thousand years, I am still temporary of life.   Tomorrow I will be alive in the world of spirit. If I live a trillion years, I will not have touched a moment of time; for in the spirit life I live eternally where time does not exist.    

O soles of my feet mount up. O left arm-wing, wind down the grind of drear where hellish things abide. O right arm-wing, wind up the cheer flight to the heavens of God.

Prophesy for teachers to rise who are experts at teaching the love of mercy. Prophesy for breathers who will come from afar to resuscitate the power of grace. Prophesy for all the good trees of the world to wave their branches for peace to light up the world.

Talk kindly to the poor and the homeless of the world, and pray for and bless them in spite of their selves. Never forget they have Spirit souls worth incredible value.

Reach so high with such effort that the heavens, seeing your earnestness, will bend to meet you.

Tell the people: if you are young or middle-aged but live next to the shores of the seas and oceans, make future plans to move to higher ground. The seas and oceans are rising. If you are seniors and have mostly lived out your life, in most shore locations you will likely have time to finish living out your life. If you desire, stay where you are. But if you are young or middle-aged, move fifty miles inland from the shores; or stay, but know you eventually stay at the risk of death.

Tell the people to lift up their heads and look towards the stars…from there you came, and to there you shall return in your re-ingenerations.

Allow your dreams to sky-ride the heavens as you dream-search for your far-away heavenly home. Get into a freeborn outlook. Amalgamate as one strength…your virtues and best vigorous faith to kingdom mind a kindling of thoughts for fueling the sparking of new ideas, new efforts, and new attempts to break through your biological barrier.

Unto you who wrestle with low self-esteem and fear of the future…climb out of your retreat, which is your hole of despair. To give up on hope for the world is to give up on hope for your self.   On the opposite side of the fence there is a great gluttony for mental superiority but mostly of a surreptitious nature.

There are all kinds of inertial forces. There is an inertial force of nature and an inertial force of good and evil. However, regardless inertial force is considered an imaginary force, it can act upon an accelerated substance equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the effect of the real forces.

Keep an inner growing awareness of the interactions between the negative and positive signals of your mind. And remember, but with diligence, to dealing respectful of national and local laws, the systems of courts have their time and place of use. However, these court systems deal with laws of knowledge that can only express their decisions of judicial jurisdiction based on the limits of the laws and records of jurisdiction.

And although the spiritual laws are above the natural laws and judicial laws, the judicial laws refer to physical states and situations, which you physically live in.   So there is a spiritual strategic style you must incorporate. Otherwise you may end up with a great legacy but a short life or freedom of life.

Get over the state of becoming inflamed because of the collective happening of negative things.   You are not called to practice bizarre mind reprisals or to practice exercising with provocative weights. You are called to practice such Love of God that even your enemies will be turned from hate of you to respect of your Christian life.

Keep in mind that much of the world’s people are filled with the smut of the times, which is from living in environments that have not provided vents to release the toxins literal and mental that are poisoning them. Additionally, we live in a world full of leaders who cannot see the truth, but rather advocate their rigid non-vibrating decisions as indispensable (especially to their own plans).

Dare to speak contrary against these leaders and they sneeringly will consider you junk from the rage crossings of primitive minds.

God is indivisible. Although the Scripture says of God, “I create good and evil” (Isaiah 45:7 KJV - this fact being so because God creates free will, and sometimes those entities God creates turn of their own free will to become contra to God even though AM was their Creator before they became evil). No force or power can equally divide the summation of good and evil and show them to be equal of power, count, or volume. In the count of the dynamics of the good of God and the dynamics of the evil of the Forces Dark, there will always remain throughout all eternities a significant remainder or volume and count difference as to the spiritual good essence of the Invisible I-AM God over and above all counts of evil forces and their perfections. So then God can never be shown of AMs essence to be a lessor count that would make the count of God’s essence equal by the divide of the summation of all good and evil. They that be wise will come to understand all of this by understanding the Pluperfect ratios of God the I-AM compared to all other kinds of perfections good and evil.


And the Lord said to me: “All flesh is grass.” So it is, grass is the symbol of God’s lattilution in nature’s plantation cycles of life in the all of the all of the Universe.

We are not alone; the Universe is teeming with the cycles of life forms and substance and with entities of life. For so it is written in the stars and in the Book (compare Isaiah 40:3-8 KJV). God is not just a God of the earth, but He is the God of all the Universe.


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