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In the early of morn before the dawn of day was lit, in a vision, the Lord said to me: “Manifester, rise and write; for I have a message to those who think they are in My will but are not.”  So it was, I rose and went to my computer, and the Spirit came on me and I wrote:

Amend your ways and thoughts; and I will give you peace, so you may dwell in the land where you live without judgement.  For then My Light will shine in your darkness and set your heart to glowing; and, though there be trouble and distress on every side, you shall be free from perplexity and despair.

Some of you persons to whom I speak continue in associations not of My Spirit.  A warp of wart is being created in your emotions that belongs to great sorrow.  Some of you persons to whom I speak are into judging; and by your loud objections about most everything, you have drawn to your frameworks complainers and spirits of darkness who harbor discontent and, by doing so, are planting the seeds of revolution and assassination to your own soul’s danger.

Some persons to whom I speak are intent to gain knowledge but have trapped good messages from a chosen messenger with messages of a messenger not chosen who is a carrier of negative words. These same persons have put the messages of the good and negative word into the same corridors where darkness, lust, and greed abide and have not comprehended the ill significance of what they are doing.  To these persons are road maps being made that will lead to their confusion and anguish.

You who think you are keen because of what you conclude and snarl at,,,,, seek the Light that shines in the darkness, not the Darkness that seeks to engulf the Light.  Many are they who strain to tell the tales of the Satans and how to hoe down the plantings of darkness.  But Satan was here on Earth before the dinosaurs, and uun will be still around even after the Tribulation.  Focus on Christ, the Prince of Peace, and leave the snake pit to the snakes.  You are not a snake handler, and neither are those persons you are so intent to lead to the snake pit’s edge.

If it is the will of your heart to war by hate, then hate will be your way. Therefore, war and hate will overtake the years of your life; and Satan, standing by your grave side, will laugh into your dust.

It is more important to stand by those who minister not in verbal wars against flesh and blood, but who war against the principalities of Darkness by ministering of Light, Peace, Healing, and Love, and who teach the invisible things that are not temporal.  Yes, I say to you:  Follow the Light of Peace, Healing, and Love rather than wrangling about those elected officials who are the supposed demons in politics and religions or wrangling in the propaganda about the evils of human kind.  I say to you, the kind of people who preference an evil of spirit will continue to be born and abide from generation to generations until the age of IRon.

They who promote cursings and anger against their own nation, government, leaders, persons, and circumstances instead of prayer and healing, promote the running sores of fear, which fear can induce mental delusions of a known psychological vent that can cause actual situations to appear differently than they really are.

As to considerations for conduct, I the Lord, give you the examples in the book of Jeremiah the prophet.  There comes a time to recognize when leaders, nations, and kingdoms not social to the Covenant people or to those persons and nations associated with them are, nevertheless, chosen to be allowed by God to reign over the Covenant people due to the negative fruits of the thoughts of the Covenant people and their associations with persons, actions, and deeds which are anti to the will of God.

Understand, the defeat of Jerusalem and its people by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, occurred because of a default by the people of Israel to keep their promised Covenant to God.  Even after their military defeat, the religious and political leaders continued to reject Jeremiah’s plea advising them that it was their own sins that brought on the war and their defeat.

Nor would they heed the word of the Lord to Jeremiah to submit to their new facts of life.  So these religious activists continued rebellion and as a result caused the Divine Articles to be removed out of the Covenant country and far away from their places of worship, to become fractionated from their use, and to become lost to their eyes.

So the prophets and those of long, religious manes and those of political fashions hated and rejected Jeremiah and his “Word of the Lord”, even plotting to assassinate him.

And it was so that Jeremiah, speaking by the Spirit, told the Covenant people to accept what had befallen their nation and to accept the leaders put in charge by the King of Babylon, understanding it was because of their transgressions and failures of obedience to the Covenant that all of these things happened and were in place.

But they considered Jeremiah ignorant of politics and false in his prophecies and had him put in jail.  Soon they plotted and killed Gedaliah, the son of Ahikam, the son of Shaphan, who would have been their hope for renewal, even though Gedaliah, by merit of position, was made an associate of the King of Babylon.

After killing Gedaliah, Ishmael, the son of Nethaniah, forced the common people to follow him as he fled for what he thought would be safety in the land of Egypt. Investigate the book of Jeremiah and see that those persons and nations who assisted the leadership which were defiant against the the will of the Lord revealed by the word of Jeremiah fell into defeat, death, and demise.

After this word, I the Manifester, went deeply and sadly into my thoughts and prayer for mercy for those persons who were walking outside of God’s will.

I prayed for these persons to understand that sometimes the evil that will come on the Earth and upon a nation is caused by the fruit of the thoughts of the people  (compare Jeremiah 6:19 KJV).

You whose tongues have been bent like bows, ready to shoot arrows of judgement against duly elected and placed leaders, beware of your actions; for surely, unless  you are anointed in your word, you will not escape the very judgement you have made against them.

In this hour of crucial times, understand the black ravens that came to feed Elijah were on a holy mission of God.  Listen not to the clamour of the many who are as filthy rags of righteousness in the eyes of God.  They are stumbling blocks, a terror to peace and hope; they are mockers and persons of strife and contention.  They live treacherously by the fruits of their own thoughts.  They know not what belongs to their peace.  They have lost the voice of mirth and gladness, and the Light that shines in darkness cannot enter their black holes.

Such ones think they are fighting for God.  Fighting for God?  How mistaken!  God does not need such help.  God asks for obedience, praise, and Love.  Alas, they work against the spirit angel of their own soul body, the beloved heritage of God Soul, the Light signal of the Kingdom of God planted in every human born on Earth.

Yet, to you who have walked outside the will of God the Lord says:  call unto Me, and I will show you great and mighty things which you know not.  Behold I will bring health and cure, and I will reveal the abundance of peace and truth. (Compare Jeremiah 33:3  KJV.)

I also, well understand, that some persons may try to categorize me with those false prophets who say, ”Peace, peace!” when there is no peace.  I say:  do not claim peace where there is no peace for those who have violated the happiness of God.  But do not cease to be purified and to seek peace, for of such persons who are peacemakers are they who are the children of God. (Compare Jeremiah 6:14 and Acts 10:36 KJV.)

Finally, There is nothing more important than knowing the will of God.  True deliverance comes from being in tune to the will of God.  Everything that folds and unfolds, that is and is to be, that lives and strives to overcome, must come through the door of deliverance that is hinged to the gateway of Love in the mind where the will of God is supreme.

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