Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Soaring Inspirations.....

Colored vapors dance about my mind in exuberance with being fulfilled with the highest hope.
Beacons, more lit than if brightened by ten billion suns, escort dreams to the pillow upon which my head lays.  Watchers edit golden script that unfolded of God’s own accord from out of my brain.  Silence bows to this concert of sheer ecstasy for its being a massive leap of spiritual knowledge.  As I thought on these things, everything became beautiful and I sung:

Walking through

The woods of the trees

Lovely singing leaves

Blossoms and the bees

Sing a precious song

From your heart

Sing, sing and be sung:

Touch the plants

And they will touch you

Need the flowers

And they will need you

Sing to them

A Song of Love

Touch the plants

And they will touch you.

(A song by Jerry O. Lee)

Relay into infinity the vibrations of my thoughts until the highly sensitive network of space and its invisible veins are filled with the joy I feel.  I cannot help but to reach out to capture the glow of this inner stellar light in me that has turned off all darkness.  I know when the print-of-leaves story of the Tree of my Life is read, God’s grace will have said a good word for me.  Then I will sing this song about myself in Loving Memory of all the days of my earth life and in loving memory of my friends, family, Soul mates, and my wife:  I have finished my course; I have climbed my destiny.  I am not puffed away into the winds of vapor…

Touch my face

See if I’m real

Listen, my friend

Do you hear me


Touch my body

This is where woundedness and mercy strove

Feel my hands where anger lost to Love

My heart is filled with

Memories of God’s Love

AMs Love is etched in me

Though I exit…

It is not forever

I come back

To stand by you

Ten thousand troubles

Won’t be enough

To hold me back

I will be your guardian angel

I will be with you again

Smiling and content.

(A song by Jerry O. Lee)

Nevertheless, my friends, in this hour of constant toil, stand by me and pray that I will be able to finish the whole publishing of the revelations and words God has given me, and that I will then have a little time to live in the peace of having this wish come abroad.

O’ Ul’tra Virez’, in a plethorium of divine moments of twinklings,,,,, take me at last beyond the mortal.  Let me walk between the candles that share one flame.  In the somewhere of the somehow, cause me to over-shine my errors and my sins.  Prepare also the Destinata, O’Lord, that they will be able to wear the Crown of Halo.  Bring them to understand…that the Word spoken in full form reveals the transfigurations of God.

Enable the Destinata to walk in the Visions that are being planted in them.  Open their eyes that they may live in the faith that God wants to Bless them and heal them.  Bring closer the day that will dawn in their life that is different than any other day that their life has met.  Bring them to that boundary where invisible markers of time scribe the correct turning point where the crossroads meet.

At the turn of ten laser arcs ahead, take them, precious Lord, through every one of their predicaments.  Bring them, Lord, to the secret mysteries which no veering winds may shift their peace and no catalyst may hamper their life.  Yes, Lord, bring them to Soaring Inspirations.  Merry Christmas, dear readers, may the good stars of heaven hug you.

I thank all of you who have stood by me with your comments, gifts, and your prayers.  For those of you who heard the broadcast “In Search of Angels 3″ and are interested in the subaudition-nosis journey to the Father’s House on January 1, 2010, don’t forget to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I will only advise those of the time who have written and expressed they are interested.  There is no charge, of course

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