Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Lost Accounted Years of Jesus Christ BC AD

The above title is a teaching by The Manifester taught many, many years ago.  The purpose was not for suggesting to change the Latin A.D. (Anno Domini  – “in the year of our Lord” chosen as a birth date of Christ) but rather to reveal that time lines that have been set regarding the birth of Jesus Christ and including such events as the time of the Noah Flood and the Exodus of Moses and Israel have some major time flaws.

AD infinitum (Bible’s “slain before the foundations of the Earth” – Revelations 13:8 KJV), AD astronomical years numbering (As regards Differentiation of calendars), AD Manifest (synecdoche insights) versus Latin A.D. = Anno Domini -  “in the year of our Lord” (”A.D.” use only became widespread in the 15th century): subtract questionable dating methods via time lines of events, including ruling magistrates calendared thus.  Supposition: AD could be positioned accounting-wise:  AD = “After Death”.

I taught the above titled subject in a church service and numbed the audience.  It was an extremely difficult subject that included some special  mathematics that incorporated how time gets lost in applications.  I never taught this subject again, but in my recent teaching, “The Seventh Seal… Part One” January 31, 2010 (last night on Sunday), I mentioned A.D. as “After Death”.  This was a refer back to that concept taught by me at the age of 18; and, having a middle ear infection, I put in that piece of fragment from that old teaching without explanation. I apologize.

However, if as many as a hundred persons were interested to hear this teaching and make the comment, “Yes”, at the bottom of this short sort of blog,,,, I would take the time to put my notes together and re-present it.  It could be interesting now that I am older and have more succinct knowledge on such subjects.

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