Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Looking Beyond The Mirror

Your heart is young; but other parts of you show shadows of many seasons having passed.  The message in the mirror is a story of life lived in vigour and deep in the throat of frequent challenges.  You crossed the toll bridge many times and paid the fare.  You are not ashamed for living with such passion of dedication.  You do not feel you need to repent for the sincere interpretations of actions you lived in your faith not standard in the minds of some hawk eyes who spend their time looking for a kill.

The message in the mirror tells you of the price you paid for your belief.  But every day, looking at that mirror of life, you render your vision beyond the mirror, calling those things that appear one way to be another way.  For you know as the Scripture has said that in the common mirror of life it does not appear what we are like, but that we who live our faith are in a grooming of becoming more and more like our Saviour’s shining face (compare 2 Corinthians 3:18 and 1 John 3:2 KJV).

The glass darkly mirror does not hold perfect prophecies, does not hold or reflect perfect Love (compare 1 Corinthian 13:12 KJV).  Looking beyond the mirror, you can see bright tomorrows that have overcome all darkness,   Looking beyond tomorrow, you can see where the good and the bad of a person’s life is wound up and weighed.  To the Destinata, grace is woven into their weighted total; and rarer than rare would be the case where a person has gotten this far touched by grace without a proper garment (compare Matthew 22:10-14 KJV).

Ah so, the record of truth lives in every person; and the gauge of how each person is assessed for their deeds is the Beling embedded in each person’s being (sometimes called “the book of life”, Revelations 20:12 KJV).  No one but God can access the Beling.  The Beling’s assessment is contributed by every increment of a person’s genes, life settings, effects by outside environment, impeditions, exposure to negative or positive life…..people and conditions, self actions, state of mind, willingness, search for truth, meekness for seeking to overcome the trial of life and the errors and willful wrong acts of one’s self, the fruit and deeds offered to others, attitude, consistency of good desires, and living out the life of one’s body and spirit to the according best fulfillment.  In the Beling’s soul Arcanum, it is provided that each person is judged for each life, and a collective result is applied against them less the grace acts of God sought for and rendered or transferred by the works of others and rendered (compare John 20:23 and 1 John 5:15-16 KJV).

So then I am free to do good, to be happy, to be judged spiritually by no person.  I am free of all past guilt and punishment and also immune of any personal acts done under the anointing and call of God.  This is the brightening that has no shadows; this is the brightening of regeneration and reingeneration; this is the brightening in Jesus Christ that washes you day by day in the river of life and in the Spirit of Truth.  And where I personally may or may not have done error or wrong, I daily seek forgiveness for what I believe I know and for what I do not know.  I am washed in the Life of Jesus Christ, not because I am good but because “I know in whom I believe”  (compare 2 Timothy 1:12 KJV) and I know if I ask of AM with my heart sincere, I will receive life abundantly not only in this world but in the world to come (compare Mark 10:30 KJV).

These things are not only pleasant, beautiful, and real to believe, but they are precious in the deepest parts of my mind.  Tell me, if you must, that these things are not true and that there is no such God.  Mock me, taunt me, put me down as ignorant and wrong if you insist; but I will not trade this happy belief for what you apparently do not have, nor for your anger against God and your grief for things gone wrong in your life or for some tragedy in your family or for some judgement you have made that has spun you to face a backward walk.

So you say the faith in written records and acts of God are not credible or perfect.  How do you know what is credible or perfect, being neither credible nor perfect yourself?  And since the ages of time will go on and on and eventually the human pagan mind will greatly advance, why choose this session of life to condemn anything or anyone?  For the Scriptures clearly say ”judge not” and that “every person will get a time and a chance” (compare Matthew 7:1 and Ecclesiastes 9:11 KJV).

If you say this Jesus is a myth, a story duplication of other persons in history, then I say, “Yes, life, if a repeated parable, and the story of Christ has appeared in many generations and forms throughout the ages in different degrees according to the state of the people.  Jesus Christ is always leaving and always coming again; He is Alpha and Omega.  Don’t play with the burnings of your guts because fire can harm you.

I invite you to be free of burden; I invite you to look beyond the mirror of what seems to be.  This will be my spiritual Will and Testament:  I forgive all others who have done wrong against me; I pray, God, in Jesus Name: forgive all my sins and errors.  I commit all negative things to the land of forgetfulness.  Therefore, “forgetting those things past I press toward the mark of the high calling” (compare Philemon 3:13-14 KJV).  I grant readership of the Manifest things I have written, as I believed I was led by the Holy Spirit, to all hungry or curious for the Word persons.  This Earth world is not my home (compare John 14:1-4 and John 17:14 KJV), but I thank God for its purpose and time. I am thankful for life’s instructions, including the difficult things and the harsh things.

“I am a bridge for others to walk over”, and I do not complain that I have been walked over many times.  I am from before as all humans are from before; and I will always be, though in the course of time I move across one transition to another.  That is not saying I am better or higher in rank than anyone else.  I am a worker bee in the hive; this is my role and not the first or the last role in the course of life I will have. My testament is that I have come to the Love of God, Love for God, Love for the missions of God, and Love for those who God gives me to commune with.  This is the beyond the mirror I am pleased to confess is my bliss, my honour, and happiness.

The Manifester Yada

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