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The Empire of Rome a thousand years, THE BOOK OF ROMANS forever....

I walked to the window and viewed the mountains beautiful and serene…No Charge! I opened the front door, I breathed in a rush of fresh trills of air into my lungs, so refreshing…No Charge! I step outside and song birds singing catch me away in a songster lullabies of peace…No Charge! I seek God, I pray and praise God, and blessings of God rain on me…No Charge! All of these benefits belong to the freedom “to be”. Then there is another freedom which is the freedom “to Know”. Such is a freedom leading to the state of being luminous as in belonging to a whole shining and not being divided into parts.

Walk on the fretted fingerboard, walk there until the song comes. Read the book of Romans until the claw of the beast withers. Beware always lest you fall within the limits that common mortals live. Whistle and own a specified capacity that puts the whit-bit mentality behind you. Get the parts of your thoughts together so your thrust can act as one force of endeavor. Put your hand on the Body Ministry plowshare and proceed with a determined disposition. Since every star is numbered by which mortals in their once angelic pose were fitted…learn what is the number you express.

The deep-sighted Church Fathers have been dead for a long time and the church has been wearing the Widow’s Veil. But a new Manifester Fatherhood is risen and it is time to remove the Windows Veil. Open your eyes with wonder, stop whispering, stop slouching, allow your actions to serve as evidence that you are now a rider of the White Horse and its many gaited prance ministry. Prance in the gap so those empty spaces of mystery can be filled with answers. Walk away once and for all from those person who practice presumptuous view points and then cling to them tendentiously as though received from God.

Stop preaching to God about what Am is to do for you, seek that space between transmitting and receiving which is meditation. Go there and wait, for there is coming a sound as of a great Inner Rain. When this Inner Rain is flowing you will be able to change every mental base element into spiritual gold. This is a Word from God that one day all things will become possible for you. When this happens a Holy Ghost telescope will be mounted in your brain so you can see beyond the beyond. Come touch this compass for it is a compass of a “to be” sweeping spiritual Manifest movement. For then shall God sweeten the juices of your spirit and flower the exercises of your altitude. Yea then, you will take quickened steps and speak with a fluency of character that will signature you are a Destinata.

Ah…THE BOOK OF ROMANS FOREVER: Romans 5:12…”Wherefore”, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned. (KJV). NOW COMES THE BOOK OF ROMANS MANIFEST ALIVE BY THE INTERPRETATION OF THE MANIFESTER:

“Wherefore”KJV (“Therefore”,NIV same value), a term when contextually used after a statement which is to be followed by a related statement which is a causation connected to the statement to follow,or as it may be said: a word used meaning that the statement of point that preceded the statement to follow is the causation for the event of the statement which follows the word “Wherefore”. The question then,

what is the statement that is a causation for Romans 5:12? The following is the collective statement:

1. God commended His Love toward the spirits who now are living in human bodies while they were still sinners and still Ophannim angels [Ezekiel 10-13, "wheels" in Hebrews "Ophannim", (for all had sinned [past tense] and come short of the glory of God) Romans 5:13 MIV.
We humans existed as Ophannim Morning Star Angels before this Earth was formed: Job 38:4-7 and Job 38:21 NIV, Revelation 12:3-7 KJV or NIV, Romans 8:19-23, Romans 8:29-30 KJV, Ephesians 1:3-5 KJV. God commended His Love through Yahvael the Christ Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the cosmos (world, stars of the heavens), Revelation 13:8 KJV, see Cosmos for world in Strong’s Greek Concordance #2886 from #2889.

2. Those angels who sinned at the foundations of the Cosmos are to be justified and saved from wrath, Romans 5:9 MIV. Compare, Romans 8:29-30 KJV.

3.Those same mortals (previously Angels) due to their sin become enemies to Yahvael (Christ) but are to be reconciled by the offering of the Son. (Romans 5:10 MIV)

4. Joy is to be given to the overcomer angels (now Mortals) who had become enemies to Yahvael the Christ Lamb. Romans 5:11 Miv. Compare, Isaiah 63:9-10, and Isaiah 63:16 KJV
So then, the term “Wherefore”, used in Romans 5:12, purposes that all of 1-4 statements above preceding the “wherefore” scripture are the causation for the “wherefore” verse in Romans 5:12. With that being said it is evident that “sin” entered into the world not as a result of anything that happened on Earth but rather because of something that was a cause exceptional to this Earth. This fact is further accentuated in 1 John 3:8 KJV: He that committed sin (past tense) is of the devil (Lucifer, Satan, the Dragon, the Serpent); for the devil sinneth from the “BEGINNING” from Strong’s Greek Concordance, “beginning”= #746 “First Estate”also see #7 5 6 = precedence. Compare: Jude 6, “First Estate” forsaken by the angels (under Satan the devil’s influence). For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.

When one considers the statement in Romans 5:12: By one man sin entered the world. It must be determined as to the meaning of “man”. When used in the english language. Man can represent both genders of male or female, such as mankind. This is a language fact and if that was not true the women would be left out of most benefits of the Word of God in the Bible. When someone says: well it is obvious this scripture is talking about “Adam”. However, the word “adam” means “man”. And the word “adam” personified to mean a particular person means at least three persons: ADAM the son of God, Luke 3:38 KJV, Eve, – ADAM Genesis 5:2 KJV, for Eve’s name was also ADAM…And the other ADAM was Jesus Christ, 1 Corinthians 15:45 KJV. This is especially interesting since in…1 Timothy 2:14 this scripture says that Adam was not deceived and did not commit transgression.

So then why did Adam, the son of God, choose to take on himself the sins of the failed messenger angels, the Ophannim Wheels, who existed before the foundation of the Earth, (Job 38:1-7,21KJV), and as well the transgression of Eve Adam his wife? First he took on the sins of the fallen angels to manifest in the flesh the extent of sin they committed and to manifest it as such. See Romans 7:13 KJV, because Adam Loved Eve and had become one flesh with her, making him Eve’s kinsman redeemer. The Bible repeats the question…Who are the mortals (what is man) that You God are so mindful of them?

Romans 5:12 continues: Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world AND DEATH BY SIN. The history of ancient bones prove that on Earth death was a common state before Adam and Eve were even created and therefore their actions had nothing to do with the cause of death as exceptional to the expectation of death for many reasons. If Adam and Eve already had eternal life but lost it due to sin, that flies crooked in the face of “The Tree of Life” which if eaten would allow continous life, but which Adam and Eve never partook of.

And so death passed upon all mortals, because all mortals as failed angels had sinned (have/had past tense) before coming to Earth. MIV THE EMPIRE OF ROME WAS A THOUSAND YEARS, THE BOOK OF ROMANS FOREVER…..



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