Wednesday, May 12, 2021


The world is plentiful of minds who function in a continuum of repeated levels of thoughts. The repeater episodes they live become primitive due to their lack of new perspectives.

Anatomy wise the cerebral hemispheres of the human brain are separated from each other and that is biological. But in another perspective, a hemisphere is only half of a sphere and half of a terrestrial globe, the number is 180 degrees versus 360 degrees. In other words a half circle instead of a full circle.

Without much research one can easily see the power of the internet web. As spider web as it sounds the internet web is a medium of circuits. And very effective too!

The brain has an neural network, and how that is connected and used can mean all the difference in a person's potential for new perspectives.

Once a person can obtain getting their neural network on mental line their outreach potential is exponential. This is especially spiritually so if you can connect to your "God Spot" and the Kingdom of God within you, and that opportunity is available when you will discover how to connect and how potential for advance you are.

Too often, too many persons, linger in the leisure centers of their minds and hang on false hopes. People often diverge ignorantly away from transparent material seeking only to converge with common things they can in their minds and eyes plainly see.

There is a middle passage to new perspectives the which is available to every person.
The human body is capable for all kinds of conversions. It is known that the retina converts light into ganglion cell pulses from which visual images are made. There is an optic crossing where the optic nerves meet in the thalamus where the vision tracking of the eyes relay the information received by their switching left and right eye visions of their received signals messages to be in synapses to cells that have similar response properties of their ganglion cell inputs. This explanation of course is too simple to fulfilled the whole of this intrinsic operation.

But the idea is, the human brain and body is made to function in conversions that advance the best applications of knowledge for the benefit of the brain and body. The thought process greatly affects, and moves this process.
The ancient writ of expression: "AS A PERSON THINKS, SO IS THAT PERSON', has much to consider about. You conscious voluntary actions can result in major decisions of long time affect to your health and direction of life.

According to your way of viewing matters the flow of everything, including time can be affected. Your perspective of mind and spirituality for use in the present advancing world is more adventurous and far more potential to every human being who is willing to be loosed from the bound positions of old traditions not fit anymore for the new evolving world of knowledge and spiritual insight.

That is why NEW PERSPECTIVES of Holy Spirit Bible interpretation is a massive must. For such interpretation reveals the Bible to be a living word that is both ancient and modern at the same time, and therefore in a constant of the Alpha and Omega God.


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Songs of the Manifester


A Celestial Journey with Rassouli

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Seven Thunders Speak

Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis


  • In the long of very long ago...
  • Before the Genesis of this present world...
  • Seven Thunders rose from seven past universes.

Revealed to THE MANIFESTER by insights beyond this world, this is a story of pre-existent universes...

This is book one of seven writs Included is new revelation on the Holy Grail, the Ark of theCovenant, the Urim and Thummim, early Jesus years, and insights to overcomers and life after death.

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Peace Manifest Bible

Over 2500 Pages and 40 Years in the Making

cover pmb275

The Peace Manifest Bible is a Spirit to spirit Holy Spirit contextual interpretation... There is presently no other Bible like unto this Holy Pesher Bible with its many levels of transcendental writ.

It contains Threefold levels of insight to Scriptures that answers questions so distinctly that hearts become content who read it.

Ordained by Angels and prepared by a scholarly team of Spirit-filled School of the Prophets for Holy Spirit contextual-architect presentations.

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