Wednesday, May 12, 2021


There are different kinds of love. People love their dog. They also as human beings love each other. They say: they "love" their food, and the fun things they do. But what is love? Is "love" a state of mind? Is "love" an energy?

The Bible says that God is "love", and yet we who are searchers know that God's love is pure. We also know that as humans we can only perceive God's pure love to a limited extent.

Most people know that lust is not love. Most people try to realize that magnetic attraction between males and females is more often than not far from what pure love is really about.

Is love only for intelligent life? For instance, do animals enjoy love? Is animal love really not love at all but only the driving force of nature in animal genes to propagate?

Is "love" a mystery? What is the different from brash love and sophisticated love? Is "love" dimensional? Would alien life on other planets experience "love"?

Can "love" kill? Did "love" evolve or has love always existed as a mind force? One must suppose that if all was known that should be known about love, the world would not be ready to perceive it. The last lecture on the subject of love has not been spoken. And what is traditional and formal about love is inconsistent to many sacred experiences.

There have been great moments of love that have existed even on earth but too awesome for the average mind to explore. When love becomes a personification of its own energy it scores in the knowledge realm for better understanding that the beginning and the ending of it is the true story that God is love and that the beginning and the ending are constants that happen everlastingly over and over forever again and again.

In the repeat of the continuum of the love beats everlasting, the beginning love beats overtake the ending love beats and the ending love beats overtake the beginning love beats until the a-fore love beats and the finishing love beats become written on one score sheet of song and time.

Become spiritually naked o' mortal, take off all your swine clothes. Look at your flesh until you no longer see its nakedness but only see a glistening spirit self.

I tell you by the circuits of the Most High God that as destiny has wings, destiny also has love. I adjure the dark shadows to roll away so that you can see the brightest star of love hovering over you and shining upon you healing, and fitting you to the sacred love of God.

What is love? Love is everything worthy of being real and worthy of being eternal. We are not left to exist on earth loveless, for imbued in the being of every mortal are fragments of God's love provided from the transfiguration of the bread loafs and fishes. These fragments of God's pure love are expressions that the human flesh can speak, that the human spirit can speak and that one's spirit Soul can speak.

God so loved the wandering royals of humankind, He gave AM's love in increments for sharing with each other and for sparkling each life until that instant of the most glorious happening of the ultimate love gathering of eternity.

God has put the light of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, in every soul. This was so that you could mentally metaphor the Heavenly Pure Love of God while in mortal bodies. The angels of God, were sent to write the message of The Invisible, in materialized sequences of messages that could be seen and felt.

The Lord's willing, someday, I the Manifester will say more on the subject of God's love. Until then, may the flourishes and the sweepings of the Holy Spirit of God's love be your Star Rise, forever and ever. Amen!


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